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Homemade Swiffer Wet Pads and Solution


Using a wet Swiffer mop can get expensive with the wet replacement towels that cost about $4.00 for a dozen. It adds up really fast! To combat that, I decided to try using some old thin bath towels cut to size.

I dampen them them with a cleaning solution of about 2 Tbsp. Murphy's oil soap to 2 quarts water, place them on the mop as I would the Swiffer cloths, and clean my laminate and tile floors.

Cloths can be washed and reused over and over. I save the cleaning solution in a container and it lasts a really long time. The cost is pennies compared to what I was spending! (Flannel cloth can work great as well.)

By Debbie from Fisher, IL



By Ingrid (Guest Post) 01/31/2008

We do this too. And you can use a cheap and safe-for-the-environment vinegar/water solution on linoleum floors, as well.

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By Stacy Emberson 30 01/31/2008

I use a microfiber cloth on mine, after reading about it on another forum. I also refill the bottles with whatever cleaning solution I'm using at the time. Sadly, you can only do this a few times before the bottles start leaking, so I'm still looking for a reliable and easy way to reuse the bottles.

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By Kerry Browning 2 165 01/31/2008

Mine leaked also. So now I spray a cleaning solution from a hand-held bottle. Not as convenient, but does the job.

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By dar (Guest Post) 01/31/2008

I have found that paper towel's also work well and last pretty long. You can also spray Endust on and off you go. Everything on the towels easily come off and you can use them again. This is great if you can't seem to find any rag's because husband's somehow seem to get a monopoly on these things. dar

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By carol (Guest Post) 02/01/2008

Hey! Great Idea - Thanks!

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By klee (Guest Post) 03/22/2008

I really like your idea it's very cost effective. I also have a friend that uses womens pads. You just peel and stick. If you can get past the fact that it's a pad! She swears that they work great!

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By Samantha (Guest Post) 03/25/2008

And better for the environment too! Thanks so much for the great idea!

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By d from staten island new york (Guest Post) 11/18/2008

Help! I have owned my clorox mop system for ages. I have been unable to use it for a long time as I can not find in any stores in my locations.
What store chains carry refill bottles?

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By Michal 1 04/27/2009

I tried different types of cleaner, but the Swiffer refill is best. Is there anything that will clean as thoroughly as that? My floors weren't as clean with other liquid cleaners so I re-mopped with Swiffer and the pad was brown!

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