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Make Dry Shampoo With Baking Soda and Baby Powder

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I mix baking soda with baby powder as a great dry shampoo. I recommend the lavender/chamomile baby powder. The baking soda cleans off build up, and the baby powder soaks up the oil. It's absolutely great when you don't have time for a shower, and gives your hair great body!

By Dorinmoz from Sugar Land, TX


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By Lisa Austin [20]09/13/2009

Please I also would like the ratio of soda to powder and how to keep it stored. I have used baby powder for a quick dry shampoo but wasn't that satisfied. Never thought of baking soda although I use it on my face, teeth and put it into my regular shampoo! Thanks for the tip.

By Lynn Marler [39]09/11/2009

Thanks for the tip; but I too would like the ratio of how much baking soda to how much baby powder, please. And do you just store it in a small plastic shaker, salt shaker, or what?

By Bernadette09/11/2009

I love this idea. I've used the dry shampoo b4, but didn't know how to make my own. Now, if I only had the ratio for the baking soda and baby powder I'd be "up-town". GBY

By Janet [7]09/11/2009

You should be careful not to breathe in any talc baby powder. It is made of ground up talc stone & can lead to lung problems such as cancer.

By Jaime Nasdeo09/09/2009

Great idea! I'm sure the soldiers could use this idea when it comes to missions and they need something to take with them for a quick clean up. Rub this on their skin and away they go when they don't have time for major relaxation.
Sounds weird I'm sure. lol

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