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Home Repair Assistance for Senior Citizens

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Where do I go for help in getting home repairs done for a senior citizen living in Alabama? She is 84 years old and disabled. The home is in very poor condition and about to fall in. Please let me know if there is help for her out there.

By Dee.B


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Call your local government town, city, county offices and they most certainly should be able to direct you who to call for help if they don't have a help program available themselves.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]12/29/2011

Um...humble...and boy am I?

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]12/29/2011
This is just one of the sites you get when you google "alabama energy assistance".

However, keep in mind that she might have to wait. The other problem might be that once inspected, the house might be deemed too much in disrepair for her to continue occupancy. If I were you, you and the friends/neighbors/family might go in and fix what is the worst problems for now, then keep fixing it up as the money and weather permits. You can ask your local lumber yard to donate some wood, recycled windows, etc.

Advertise on CL that you need help and most likely the wonderful people in that part of the "southern hospitality" country will come forth in droves. I sure wish you all well and hope this humbler opinion helps.


By ilovesophie [20]12/29/2011

Try your local Council on Aging.


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Question: Home Repair Help for Senior Citizens

My father's home desperately needs some repairs. I can not afford to have contractors or repair people come in. I barely make 15,000 a year. My father now in his mid 80s and cannot do the work himself. I am willing to help wherever I can. He is in need of making his home more accessible for him and it needs some repairs. Do you have any ideas that may help me?

By Tammy A from sandy, utah

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By Laura03/18/2014

This may be a place you can start and ask questions. Call them and if it is not the right place they will give you another number to try.
Good luck and God Bless you and your Dad.

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