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Five Year Diary

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Does anyone know where I can find a simple Five Year Diary at a reasonable cost? I have been wanting one for a while to track events in the garden, weather, and my life! My Grandmother had several throughout her life. I thought I'd be able to find one inexpensively and have had no luck. I did a web search and the least expensive type was $23 plus shipping and handling! Is this product a thing of the past? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

Amy from Wheeling, IL



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By Linda I.06/18/2013

There is a market for 5 year parents, college students, newlyweds could easily log events. My grandmother did this and we all cherished her diaries. I want diaries for my adult daughters and my own "senior years".

By cartkids07/07/2011

Here is a link to one you can download and print. It has the dates on each page and room for a generous paragraph each year.

By Cheryl (Guest Post)12/28/2008

My mother has kept one of these forever, and it's amazing. She solves many a dispute in the family when it comes to remembering when certain events took place, who was there, etc. I cannot find one anywhere, and believe me, I look in every store I go in. We used to get them at dime stores and good gift shops. They're small, about 6 in. x 5 in. and each page has a few lines for each year. The cost was no more than $8 or $9. I am thinking about "publishing" them myself. Last year I had to buy her a regular small journal, and she put her own dates/years in -- not nearly as handy. I have a large five-year diary, about 7.5 in. x 11 in. -- by Doreene Clement, but it's not what my mom wants, plus it was $25.

By Pearl (Guest Post)12/20/2008

I am from Canada and need to find a 5 yr diary..cannot find one here either. Any Canadian stores?

By Judy (Guest Post)10/31/2008

I thought I was the only one looking for one! No luck so far but maybe closer to Christmas. Tuesday Morning used to carry them.

By Jan (Guest Post)03/09/2008

Collins does a nice one with gilt edged pages and a lock :)

Avoid spiral bound

By Tracy (Guest Post)10/06/2007

I found a five year diary here for only $15.65 and free shipping when I bought two.
The same diary is on for over $16

By Crazimom (Guest Post)08/08/2007

I found a place in Omaha, Ne that carries 5 yr diaries. Village Stationery 402-397-5111 they will be approx $18.00 with tax and shipping!
Hope you enjoy!

By Amy (Guest Post)01/08/2007

I ended up getting a 5 Year diary at It was much more than I expected to pay (about $25). If I average the cost over 5 years, it's not too bad...and the price will definitely motivate me to use it as intended!!!
Thank you for all the great feedback - I am glad I am not the only one in this boat!

By Anita Campbell (Guest Post)01/08/2007

If you find out where to get them, I'd love to know!! I have kept one for over 50 years, and my daughter is now keeping one. We can't find them anywhere except in the UK, and that would be incredibly expensive. Don't they make them here in the States anymore?? I, too, have searched the WEB from one end to the other with no luck.
Anita Campbell

By (Guest Post)12/03/2006

Did you ever find a cheap 5 year diary? We make them here in UK and we could make up one for $10. plus shipping to US from UK. e-mail: john I'll send you a picture. john

By Meari [8]10/31/2006

Why not get a nice blank journal, or a spiral bound notebook and put your own dates/entries in them? There's lots of pretty and inexpensive ones on the market.

By Diana (Guest Post)10/30/2006

I've been looking for them to
Since mine is full
I use it to record the "not-so-memorable" events like first daffodil of the season, deer, visit to the pumpkin patch, etc.
Good luck

By Rose Anne Hutchence [4]10/26/2006

I'm with mobo on this one, Amy. My Sister and Nieces have pretty much given up trying to find them. They've chosen other alternatives, instead. Office supply stores carry hard-coover notebooks. My neice Amy likes to write a lot so she chose a binder and looseleaf. My other niece used her computer to design her own pages: she wanted to record specific things each day and uses the headings as reminders (during gardening months, different things in the winter). The most inexpensive is likely the binder and looseleaf.

Good luck!

Rose Anne

By melinda10/26/2006

Just a thought----I think our local Dollar Tree has them.
If you have a dollar store nearby, check that out.
Or visit a bookstore.
I've been using a journal for such events. Its not dated, but I can record anytime and how much I want to write.

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