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Getting Coupons in the Mail

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Getting Coupons in the Mail

Find the best way to get coupons for products you want by US mail. This guide is about getting coupon in the mail.



Here are questions related to Getting Coupons in the Mail.

Question: Mail Order Coupons

Does anyone know of a website that I could go to that has coupons that will be delivered to my door? In my area, they do not allow on-line printed coupons.

Thank you,
Sarah from Winchester, VA


Best Answers

By melii06/07/2012

These places have sent me coupons so far for complimenting them:
Carl Buddig (2- $1 off of 4 packs)
Colgate-Palmolive (17 coupons for various products)
Campbells soup (2- $1 off coupons)
Mission Foods (2- up to $1.99 free off any product)
Anthony's pasta (got email saying my coupons will be delivered soon!)
Lofthouse Cookies (2- $.50 off any packages)
P&Geveryday (requested a coupon book with over $25 in savings)

Many websites you can ask for samples and they send coupons within the samples. Here are some sites I use and love everyday:

Hope this helps. (:

Best Answers

By Sarah Miller (Guest Post)11/22/2008

Yes all you need to do is look in your cupboards at any food item, go to their website click on contact us email them a request for coupons by mail. They will be there within the next two weeks and you can do it as many times as you like. I do it all the time and yes it works. Sincerely, Sarah
Email me sometime rattie05 AT

Best Answers

By Heather [25]04/08/2007

Well if you are going to "buy" your coupons, get a newspaper subscription! The cooking club coupons sound like a rip off, I am sure they get the coupons free from companies and they are charging you (a lot) to make profit. There are a lot of businesses that take advantage of at-home people. The shopping shows are a big one. My mom spends money on those products (on qvc, hsn), she is handicapped and can't drive. She thinks she is getting these "great" products that you can get for a third of the price at the store. It causes me much disgust to think of all the people out there getting ripped off, and scammed! They even make it seem like they are your friends visiting when you have their show on. Yuck!

Ok I kinda got off subject, sorry if I upset anyone.

P.s. I have been rejected once for coupons online, by nabisco. You are probably better off calling their toll-free number

Question: Coupons by Mail

How to get coupons in the mail? I'm having trouble with my printer.

By Ralph


Best Answer

By Shop With Coupons09/21/2011

If you go to CVS or Ralph's or whatever your local store is, you can have them put you on a physical coupon list. Trust me, they will be happy to do so. Don't give up on the online stuff. There are too many good deals. Go to the local library and try to print a few off if you can. Good luck.

Question: Getting Coupons Through the Mail

How do I get coupons through the mail?

By Keisha

Best Answer

By Linda Hawthorne B. [6]08/05/2011

Write or email companies telling them how much you like their products and ask for couponsthey want you to buy their products, so are happy to do this. Sometimes you will receive coupons for free things!

Check out all the couponing sites online. Extreme couponing is so popular right now and there are lots of websites telling you how to do it and where to get coupons and freebies. I like to send off for at least one freebie a day to keep my mailbox busy! If you're on Facebook, if you "like" a company or product, you can get access to coupons that way. There are also "coupon trains" where you swap coupons with other couponers via snail mail. A lot of companies offer coupons that you print out, so if you don't have a printer, you should get one. Walmart sells them as low as $29.

Check Online or Join a Coupon Train

Question: Coupons by Mail

I have been embarrassed by printing coupons and getting to the store only to find that they were counterfeit. How to I get on mailing list for coupons in the mail only?

By Christl B.

Best Answer

By Melanie Jackson [1]06/19/2011

I don't know of such a program, or I'd join it myself...and I subscribe to a lot of frugal mailing lists. :)

If you want legit internet coupons, you can't go wrong at the Smart Source and Red Plum web sites (they're the companies that print coupons for Sunday newspapers). Also, printables are legit.

Something else you can do is just call the companies whose products you like, comment on them, and they'll usually offer to send you some coupons for the product. If they fail to do so, just ask for a coupon. I've saved lots of money this way!

Question: Getting Coupons by Mail

How do I get coupons in the mail?

By Yolanda

Best Answer

By cj [15]11/16/2011

You can get coupons by calling the 800 number they have on product. You can also go to website and print out coupons for products and use them the same way.

Question: Getting Coupons in the Mail

How do I receive coupons in the mail?

By Rhondah from Andersonville, TN

Best Answer

By Tammy [3]10/05/2011

You can go to the manufacturer site and request a coupon there, often times, if it is a Bricks coupon printer, you can click on "help" at the bottom right of the print page and request your coupon in the mail. Also, you can go to and request their coupon book in the mail. Kroger will also send you a coupon book about once a month. Those are the only resources I know of, I get coupons from all three of them.

Question: Getting Coupons in the Mail

How can I get coupons in the mail?

By Megan

Best Answer

By Betty Gibson [6]11/16/2011

Join a Yahoo Group called "Coupon Loop". The moderator sends out coupons to each loop on Monday. The person receiving them, in the loop to which she assigns you, looks through the envelope, takes the ones out that they want and the ones that are almost expired, puts more in the envelope that will not expire before 3 weeks, and sends it to the next person you are told to send it to. I've been a member for a few years and find it very helpful.

Locally, I run a free coupon club at the library. I collect coupons from friends and everyone I meet. I ask, "Do you get the Sunday Paper, do you use coupons, what do you do with the ones you don't use?" Most say, "Throw them away". Then, I ask to have them and that is how I get them. Also the club members bring the coupons they don't use each week to share. The library gives me the room free. We hold the club for 2 hrs. The first hour, I let them look through the coupons I bring and the second hour I teach them how to use the coupons to save a lot of money.

Question: Coupons Through the Mail

How can I get coupons through the mail?

By Tyre from Annapolis, MD

Best Answer


Just call the 800#'s listed on the packages of the products you're interested in receiving coupons for and most companies will be happy to mail a coupon to you for that product and might offer some for other product coupons they sell if you just ask too. :-)

Question: Getting Coupons By Mail

I live in Welland Ontario and would like to know how to get coupons by mail with out a catch. Would I be able to pick more than 1 item at a time?

By Sharon from Welland, Ontario

Best Answer

By Cindy [3]08/29/2011

I use the following all the time and get coupons as well as free samples, with no catch! (this is also on facebook)

Question: Getting Coupons Through the Mail

I am looking for other options for getting coupons through the mail. Where can I find some? I have a membership with and that is about it. However, it's still not enough.

By Marie-Eve from Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

Best Answer

By Robyn [369]06/25/2011

I like All You magazine. You can look in the first few pages and there is a page that tells all the coupons in the whole magazine. I always buy this magazine when I have the money for all the coupons. If there is a particular product that you like, find it's parent company and ask them to send you coupons.

Question: How Can I Get Coupons in the Mail?

My printer is broken. How can I get coupons mailed to my house?

By Delilah

Best Answer

By Frances Adams [11]05/22/2011

Go to the websites of your favorite products, and some allow you to sign up for mailed promotions. You can also write letters to the same companies, telling about how much you like a product, and they usually send something back, even if it is only one time.

Also check at your local newspaper office, and ask if they ever have any left-over coupon inserts, and what they do with them. If they just throw them away, ask if you can have one or two from time to time.

Question: Getting Coupons in the Mail

I want to start getting magazines and coupons in the mail, but I don't know how. Please help.

By Danielle T

Most Recent Answer

By Darlene Johnson [17]09/24/2013

You asked about coupons and magazines. Do you mean catalogues or paid for subscription magazines? I think you know you have to subscribe to magazines. However, when it comes to getting catalogues, you just go to the company's name online, there you will find a link if you want a hard copy of their catalogue via mail rather than viewing online.

For coupons, just Google coupons on your computer. Or go directly to the site of each product you use. Many have Facebook pages, when you "like" them they send you coupons for their products. I just did Facebook with Glade which got me many coupons including one for a complete starter kit of their new Sense & Spray. Value at Walmart was $14.99 For Windex you get a coupon for the new Touch Up - buy one get one free along with a $2. coupon. It may take some work on the computer but money can be saved!

Question: Receiving Coupons in the Mail

How can I get my coupons by mail?

By asmasaleh63

Most Recent Answer

By Crafty_Witch [11]04/08/2013

If you want coupons in your mail, rather than have it printed off your computer, you would have to go to the company themselves. You can call the company or mail them asking for coupons. I have done this before and have had no problems with it as long as you follow two simple rules:

1) State that you like the product and would like to remain a loyal customer, but that it's getting a little pricey and you were wondering if there was any way they could mail you out some coupons to help keep you as their customer.

and 2) *most important* In this area, you do so much better catching flies with honey, than with vinegar (aka "be kind and mind your p's and q's).

Good luck

Question: Food Companies that Mail Coupons

Are there any food companies that mail coupons?

David from Boynton Beach, FL

Most Recent Answer

By Debbie Dzurilla [24]05/13/2006

Yes I agree that contacting companies with comments....either positive or negative can get you coupons, valuable info and recipes in the mail. I wasn't setting out to do this but saw this happen. For example, I contacted the Alan's company to inquire about whether some canned lima beans were still good....I emailed them by the way....well they ended up in the end sending me a cookbook and a case of various canned products. I've written to McCormick and gotten very nice coupons for spices and seasoning packets plus recipes. When sending an email, just be sure to give them your name & address and in most cases I think you will get a nice surprise in the mail!

Question: Receiving Coupons in the Mail

How can I start receiving coupons on products? They have to be mailed. I would like to start couponing, times are hard and money is tight.

By Connie

Most Recent Answer

By thamera02/24/2015

The computer is our family business computer. We will not add soft wear for personal business. Ie coupon printer

Question: Getting Coupons in the Mail

My computer can't download coupons and I have a big family and I like to shop and save. Can you please help me with some addresses that I can write or call.

By Mona from Washington, NC

Most Recent Answer

By Carol W. [5]11/28/2013

Some sites insist you download their "printing app" to finalize the process. I always decline inviting their spies into my browsing.

Question: Getting Coupons in the Mail

How do I get coupons sent directly to my home address?

By Dorraine M.

Most Recent Answer

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [429]08/02/2014

I don't have an answer for you except that you may want to reconsider having them sent at all. Once you get on someone's radar, they will send you every tree killing piece of junk imaginable.

Most stores now offer those you can pick and choose, then print on line just the ones you like. Also, major stores have little stations where you can press a button and a coupon spits out of the machine, ready to use.

If you love tangible coupons however, I might suggest Valpak.

Question: Looking for Freebie Magazine

About 25-30 yrs ago I subscribed to a magazine called Freebies. I can't seem to find it or anything similar to it. Can you help me find it?

By Paula

Most Recent Answer

By Marg [16]02/26/2014

Is this it?
Marg from England.

Question: Coupons in the Mail

A lot of the stores where I live in Arkansas won't take coupons printed from the computer. Why can't I get coupons mailed to me?

By Dorian

Most Recent Answer

By Lorraine [31]05/19/2013

Possibly because of time and cost of having someone sending them out.

Question: Getting Free Coupons Through the Mail

I would love to start getting things in the mail everyday. I'm a coupon lover and love to save money. How can I start getting coupons in the mail? Thanks

By Ladawn from Mount Lookout, WA

Most Recent Answer

By Melanie Jackson [1]08/31/2012

Sign up for e-mail newsletters from freebie sites. A Google search will help you find lots of them!

Question: Receiving Coupons in the Mail

How do I get companies to send me coupons at home?

By Maria

Question: Getting Coupons By Mail

I would like to receive PG coupons booklet. How do I get one?

By Lizzette from Aguadilla, PR

Question: Getting Coupons By Mail

Quiero saber donde escribir para conseguir cupones por correo? (Who knows where I can write to get coupons by mail?)

By Elizabeth from Van Grove, KY

Question: Getting Coupons in the Mail

How do I get coupons sent to my home for free?

By April

Question: Getting Coupons by Mail

I can't print coupons or use e-mail and would like coupons for free trials of soft contacts by mail. Help!

By Debbie

Question: Getting Coupons by Mail

How do I get coupons by mail?

By Tanya

Question: Getting Coupons in the Mail

I have no printer; how can I get coupons mailed to me?

By SJ from Ferndale, NY

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