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Geranium Not Flowering

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I have a gigantic geranium, but it isn't flowering. The foliage is huge and healthy, but no flowers. What kind of fertilizer? or does it need it?

Hardiness Zone: 9a

By Linda from Vista, CA


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By marion davidson [22]03/29/2011

You could be feeding them too much, thus encouraging leaf growth. This often happens when the soil is too rich.

By Nathalie03/28/2011

I use just normal Miracle Grow once every 2-3 weeks and I use it as a "liquid feed" (in other words buy a container, mix it with your water). You can buy general "flower" granules (they like phosphorus) buy water before and after putting the granules on (read the container, too -use as directed). Once they start blooming, you know you have to "dead head" them to keep them blooming or they'll stop. Blooms that are going past their prime, cut them off to keep the plant blooming. You'd think you'd cut more than they bloom, but they catch up. If you feel guilty throwing away mostly big pretty blooms, use a pair of scissors and cut off the bad parts of the blooms and put the remaining good part in a glass of water inside - they're gorgeous!

By Kathe03/23/2011

I'm actually not too far from you in San Marcos. I have three Geraniums. One is in the shade and has tons of flowers. The other two are in full sun and have NO flowers. I'm writing this on 3/23/2011. Perhaps they like shade?
Good luck!


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Question: Geranium Stopped Flowering

My geranium stopped flowering. It's only a few months old and I recently repotted it thinking it may be root bound. That's not the problem. Is there something else I'm doing wrong?

By Donna

Most Recent Answer

By Bob35 [29]12/31/2011

Are you watering the geranium too much? When you repotted it was the soil wet? Mine like the shade and are blooming now in a limited fashion.The Miracle Gro is excellent for them too. Hope they start blooming soon.

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