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Using Powdered Milk

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Powdered Milk

Powdered milk is a less expensive alternative to fresh milk and is sometimes called out specifically in recipes. This is a guide about using powdered milk.


Solutions: Using Powdered Milk

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Tip: Use Dry Milk for Cooking

For the past several months, I have been buying organic milk, which is more expensive then non organic milk. Since I use milk in many of my recipes, gravy, baking and sauces, I now buy the least expensive dry milk available and keep it on hand for everything else.

There is no difference in texture or taste when used in baking, sauces and gravy. I keep the more expensive store-bought milk for drinking and to use on cereals only. The dry milk is good to have on hand. I find the container with the pour spout is less expensive then the packets and easier to measure exactly what I need.

By Bobbie from Rockwall, TX

Tip: Making Powdered Milk Taste Better

Think about it. What is lacking from powered milk? (Answer: Fat) So, I add heavy cream to the reconstituted milk. My formula: 1 pouch powdered milk, 3 3/4 cup water, and 1/4 cup heavy cream. You can play around with it to find the mixture that suits you best. I even poured it into the regular milk jug without telling anyone. And guess what? No one could tell the difference!

By Monica from Bon Aqua, TN

Tip: Save Money Using Powdered Milk

I find this tip not only convenient, but it also reduces my food bill. I use skim powdered milk for all cooking and smoothies. You could also use full cream, but I find I can use the skim for everything like custards, white sauces, cakes and muffins.

By Melinda

Tip: Use Non Fat Dry Milk for Coffee Creamer

Coffee creamer that is actually good for you. Use non fat dry milk as coffee creamer. There is no need to pre-mix dry milk with water, just use it as is. You can use as much as you like, without the fat. Your coffee will taste just as good as coffee creamers that have questionable additives like high fructose corn syrup. Canned "no fat milk" is also good, but it is more expensive. If you're big on coffee, like me, this will also help keep off the pounds. Enjoy!

By suzyspinkmoon from Clinton, TN

Tip: Storing Powdered Milk

Fill an ice cream pail with dry milk and put a 2/3 cup sized measuring cup in the pail. It takes four scoops of the 2/3 cup measuring cup (equals 2 2/3 cup) to make a 2 qt. pitcher of milk. It is a lot less messy to measure it out from a plastic pail than measuring it by pouring it from the box. And having the right sized measuring cup scoop makes reconstituting it easy.

Other advantages of dry milk are that it is about half the price of fresh milk. It is fat free so it doesn't add cholesterol from butterfat to your diet.

By Judy from North Dakota

Tip: Add Powdered Milk To Skim For A Better Flavor

You don't like 1% or 2% milk? Add 1-2 Tbsp. of powdered milk. This will add the whole-milk flavor without the fat.

By Cajun62234 from Collinsville, IL

Article: Making Powdered Milk Taste Better

Mix Whole Milk With Powdered

When my son comes to visit, he always buys whole milk at store. As soon as possible, dilute it half and half with powdered milk. I have an extra whole milk bottle and mix it half and half with 2 percent and powdered milk. If it stands a half a day, it tastes just like whole milk and a lot fresher. I have been doing this since he was a child, he is now 40 years old and a lot healthier for it.

By Janene from Navarre, Ohio

Add Vanilla

When I was a kid, my mother would reconstitute the powdered milk and add some real vanilla (not artificial vanilla) flavoring. This would be served ice cold after a few hours. Shake well. Putting it in a glass refrigerator container might make it taste better than keeping it in plastic. If I can tell the difference between iced tea in plastic as opposed to glass, then reconstituted milk may also show the difference.

I purchased some nice reasonable glass refrigerator beverage containers at Bed Bath & Beyond recently. Or, you could even re-use the glass bottles that the grocery stores have for organic milk.

By Holly

Reduce Fat In Milk Gradually

I have used dry milk for over 40 years. At first it was because it was free. Then it was because I thought that the low fat was better for my kids once they were no longer babies. Whole Fat Milk 4% rate (8% of total calories) seems like overload.

At first, I had to mix with whole milk, but gradually reduce fat milk to 2% and then 1%. After my family became accustomed to the taste, they quit complaining. Took about 10 weeks of the gradual reduction of mixed in fat. However, the last two kids just drank it always like everyone else. When they went to school and were given whole milk for lunch, they complained about that. LOL

If milk is to drink, always make it at least 12 hours in advance and refrigerate. It doesn't seem to make so much difference on cereal and no dif at all in cooking, unless the recipe needs the fat.

Use Warm Water In Powdered Milk

Same here as far as mixing with whole milk when you're starting to use it. I also found that mixing the milk using really warm water helped it dissolve better and, after chilling, it tasted a lot better.

Add A Carrot

A friend who had been in the Navy told me that they had to use powdered milk when out on cruise. They mixed the milk, put a fresh peeled carrot in and then chilled the milk. I was told that this made it taste like fresh milk, plus added beta carotene to it. I tried it, however, and although it did improve the taste, it was still just so-so. It would still be cheaper to try this way than to mix half whole milk.

Use Non Dairy Creamer And Artificial Sweetener

I use powdered milk daily for my cereal. I don't care for whole milk to drink. I mix 1 cup powdered milk with approximately 1/3 cup of powdered coffee creamer and 1 package artificial sweetener to make 64 ounces. My sugar is restricted. You can use a small amount of sugar. Thoroughly chilled and made ahead of time, it tastes great to me.

Add Flavored Mixes Or Banana

If at all possible, I'd add hot chocolate or strawberry flavoring mix to it for kids drinks. In cereals, I'd also use a banana with COLD powdered milk. Try to buy it from a newer or better store so it is not OLD. Old will taste bad because it isn't fresh dried. In foods, one cannot tell the difference.

Letting it set overnight works for us, AND mixing it exactly as it suggests, not too strong, and with ICE WATER. Try finding a better brand than the cheapest. I find that canned fat-free milk for cooking is more reliable, but haven't compared the price. Powdered milk really isn't that cheap, the best I recall. I keep it only for emergencies mostly. I will be using it this next month if given any, because I have NO money for food, guaranteed.

By Lynda

Tip: Stretching Fresh Milk

To make milk stretch further, I use both regular (refrigerated fresh) milk and powdered milk. My family did not like the taste of powdered milk alone, so I split a gallon of fresh milk in half (best way is to take an empty milk jug and pour from the full one until you think it is half, then set them side by side on the counter and check), and use half fresh milk and half powdered milk.

This will make one gallon of milk stretch to two gallons much cheaper. This works really good if you have several children, or a big family (I do). When I use half fresh and half powdered milk it tastes much better than just powdered milk, and your milk will go a long way.

By C B

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Here are questions related to Using Powdered Milk.

Question: Recipes Using Powdered Milk

I have several bags of powdered milk. My family does not really care to drink it so I am looking for ideas on how to use it. Thanks a bunch to all who can offer some suggestions!

Ashley from Heart of Amish Country, PA


Most Recent Answer

By William G.04/20/2013

Fresh ground peanut butter and powdered milk mix both together whatever ratio you like. Delicious and full of protein.

Question: The Price of Powdered Milk

I would like to hear from ladies who use powdered milk and what you usually pay for a pound. Here in California, it is $4.50 a pound. This is from a bulk bin at a discount grocery. This seems high to me. How much milk do you get from a pound? All the recipes I see go by cups. The price of milk is so high I want to switch but I don't know if it is worth changing. Milk is $3.20 a gallon for comparison.

Joy from Visalia

Editor's Note: A pound of dry milk is approximately 4 cups.


Most Recent Answer

By Lacy from IL (Guest Post)04/08/2008

Recently I decided to try powdered milk in place of liquid because I read online elsewhere that it's cheaper., so I bought a small box (they had either small box or large box) of Carnation to try out. After chilling over night, I drank some and could not believe how GREAT it was! WOW I like POWDERED milk! So anyways, we drank all that, then I went back to buy more, and got to thinking. That box that cost $4 (give or take a few cents) made a gallon - That is the same price of a liquid gallon!! Actually, the powdered was a little more. So.. how is that saving money? (I checked the price of generic and it was still the same price as liquid milk!!)

Question: Christmas Gifts Using Dried Milk

I have recently found myself with an amazing amount of dried milk. Being a person who believes that any food can be used, I am on a quest for Christmas gifts I can make with dried milk. I believe I have exhausted the hot chocolate or mocha recipes gifts. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Thanks and God Bless-


Most Recent Answer

By Beverley [4]12/10/2004


Here is a great recipe for Cream of Anything soup which uses dried nonfat skim powedered milk... And if your dried milk is full cream, it wouldn't matter either.

Healthy Cream of Soup/Casserole Sauce Mix
(Use instead of canned cream soup)

2 cups nonfat dry milk powder
3/4 cup cornstarch or clear gel
1/4 cup instant reduced sodium chicken or beef bouillon granules
1/2 teaspoon dried crushed thyme (optional)
1/2 teaspoon dried crushed basil (optional)
1/4 teaspoon ground white or black pepper

Directions: Combine ingredients. Store in an airtight container.

To prepare as a substitute for one can of condensed cream soup in recipes, stir together 1/3 cup dry mix and 1 1/4 cup water in a saucepan or microwave cooking dish. Cook and stir until thickened. Mix makes the equivalent of nine cans condensed soup.

As you plan your company dishes for this holiday season, why don't you mix up a batch of casserole sauce mix and cook up a healthy holiday meal. By sharing your healthy version of the family's favorite dishes, you just might encourage other family members to try the casserole sauce mix too. Of course, you could always mix up a batch and give it as a gift using a recipe card as a gift tag.

By the way, I didn't use the pepper in my batch because my children don't like pepper in anything...

THis is what was saved in my email recipe folder. I should actually save it on my hard drive, but with so many weeks until Christmas, it's not going to happen.

Hope this helps.

Bev in Australia

Question: Reconstituting Powdered Milk

I have a container of skim milk powder, but no instructions of how to reconstitute it. Can anyone give me a rule of thumb?

By Chantal from Queensland, Australia

Most Recent Answer

By metroplex [81]06/04/2010

Redhatterb is correct.

But when i make mine, I add more milk because the milk becomes thicker, almost like whole milk.
I always make it this way when I cook with it and my husband does the same for eating cereal. It has more body and flavor I think. I always have some in the house, though. Especially for hurricane season.

Question: Can You Substitute Sweet Dry Whey for Powdered Milk?

I would like to know if I can use sweet dry whey in recipes instead of powdered milk. If not, what can I use it for? It is so much cheaper than regular powered milk. Thanks and God bless!

Velsgal from Seymour, MO

Most Recent Answer

By Lynda (Guest Post)01/18/2008

Although Whey is sold as "high protein", it is actually the GLUE in milk, and causes mucous like mad in those who are prone to sinus infections, and/or are lactose intolerant.
I'd go with non-fat milk, and not use it too often. It's worth paying attention. God bless you. : )

Question: Is Nonfat Dry Milk Skim?

Is non-fat dry milk the same as skim milk powder?

Ellen from CA

Most Recent Answer

By Joey (Guest Post)03/07/2007

Is milk powder the same as real milk?

Editor's Note: Milk powder is dried milk, so it is made from real milk but has all of the water (and quite often fat) removed. If you mix it with water, you will get something like skim milk.

Question: Substitute for Nonfat Dry Milk in Recipe

A recipe calls for 1/3 cup of nonfat dry milk. What can I use as a substitution?

By Lakisha C.

Most Recent Answer

By Tonya [4]07/13/2012

In a cookbook I have it says that if your recipe calls for water you just substitute milk for the amount of water it calls for.

Question: Substitute For Powdered Milk

I am baking soft rolls. The recipe calls for milk solids is there a substitute?

By Andrea from FL

Most Recent Answer

By Jill [4]04/12/2011

Substitute milk for the liquid in the dough. You may need to add just a touch more to get the dough to the correct consistency, but you should be fine doing that.