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Feces Smell on Shoes

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My son stepped in feces at school and I cannot get the smell off the bottom of the shoe. These are brand new shoes wore only once and they are black. Any ideas?

Crisco from Creedmoor, NC


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By Walter (Guest Post)12/30/2008

If you take a cup of urine and mix it with a half cup of blue Windex, you can scrub it off with a Brillo pad and it will not smell like feces.

By Lois (Guest Post)12/07/2006

Bury them in a bag of clean kitty liter and let set for a few days.This takes the odor out of almost anything.

By Claudia-MD (Guest Post)12/07/2006

Try using Clorox Cleanup straight from the bottle. It has worked for me when I invariably find the only 'landmine' in the back yard with my feet!

By (Guest Post)12/06/2006

I would scrub them with a strong solution of vinegar and water. Rinse the soles and let them dry the vinegar smell with go away. Or go to Walmart and in the cleaing aisle there is a product called pets n kids or kids n pets. This took out the cat urine and dog diarrhea from my carpet. It is a beautiful product and one I shall always have on hand now. Best $4.59 I ever spent.

By rosa (Guest Post)12/06/2006

Try rubbing the bottom of the shoes with full strength vanilla ,this should work, or you can get some charcoal , put in a bag , seal and leave them sit for a day or 2. this might work too. Have you tried rubbing the bottom ofthe shoes with full strength pine sol?? That may work too. This is all I can think of that may help. If all else fails, call and animal hospital and ask them if they can suggest something. Or maybe a shoe repair could suggest something too ?? rose

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