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Knitting Board Patterns

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I just recently received a knitting board and I was looking to find a pattrens to use on my board, especialy a sweater pattern for a child and an adult. I am looking for a free patterns or a fairly reasonable priced one. I want to make sweaters and other gifts for my family.
Thank you in advance for any help that I receive.

sew sweet



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By ms (Guest Post)01/28/2007

check out It has patterns and how to book!

By loom knitter (Guest Post)01/17/2006

Check out this site:
good patterns that can be made on a board.

By Amanda (Guest Post)08/18/2005

There's a free pattern for a sweater to do on a knitting board here:

By lmr5140 (Guest Post)07/03/2005

Also - try your local newsstand (or thriftier - your public library) and look at the knitting magazines. I know Vogue Knitting contains at least one machine knitting pattern per issue if not the machine variation for several hand-knit patterns.

By lmr5140 (Guest Post)07/03/2005

Try the Decor Accents loom site - there are quite a few loom patterns (free and for-purchase).
Also, do a google for 'knitting board' - many knitter's blogs and supply sites have free patterns.

By Robbie06/12/2005

By Carol05/15/2005

This site has alot of good issues to what you are searching for...hope it helps.

"Never stand between me and my coffee. "

By Carol05/15/2005

Hope some of these will help you find what you are looking for!

By Nancy [1]05/10/2005

I have tryed These patterns are for hand knitting with needles. I appreciate your responce. Thank you.

By mairmie (Guest Post)05/10/2005


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