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Discontinued Wall Border: Hearts and Crafts

I am looking for a discontinued wall border, Hearts and Crafts, #WTG#IOUYZXRPV5102B. Can you help, I need about 4-5 rolls.


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By mariebal (Guest Post)06/02/2008

I have heard people have had a lot of luck searching EBay - I haven't used it but that's what I've been telling people for hard to find/discontinued items. Good Luck!

By melody_yesterday [213]06/02/2008

i searched a little while the other day but gave up on finding a "discontinued wallpaper locator"

there was another post recently wanting to track paper down & I wanted to help.

I have a LOT of locators/finders but not THAT one

Maybe if someone knows of such a "locator/finder/matcher" they will post it -- that would be GOOD !!!

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