Dried Blood Stain on Cloth


How to clean dry blood from cloth?

Earl from TN


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By Michelle 6 08/19/2006

If the cloth has not already been washed and dried you can pour peroxide onto the blood, when it stops foaming add more peroxide, continue to do this untill the blood is gone........this works GREAT!

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By carla bledsoe (Guest Post) 08/21/2006

I saw this guy on one of those PBS specials do this: wet the area with peroxide and sprinkle on baking soda to make a paste. Pound it in with a brush. Don't scrub back and forth. Do this from both sides of the fabric adding more peroxide and baking soda till the stain is gone. If the fabric is wool or silk, you may not get it out without damaging the fabric.

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By Ann (Guest Post) 08/24/2006

I would sincerely like to thank everyone on this page. I had a blood stain on a dryclean only white down comforter and tried the peroxide. I used a cup underneath it to drain through and I am so happy with the results. It took quite a bit, but it really does work. Thank you so much!

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By Pat Giles 958 08/19/2006

Soak the artiicle in cold water until the stain fades; then rub with stain remover before putting in a cold water machine wash.

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The Hydrogen Peroxide works! I've used this method many times with great success. Try it!

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By 1bigmama 2 11 08/19/2006

I agree about the hydrogen perioxide. I would put the cloth in some water and put several drops of it in the water and leave it to soak.

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By Sharon 1 08/20/2006

I agree with the hydogen peroxide. I just did this on some sheets. It took repeated times untill all of the blood came out, but in the end, it worked!!

I used it straight from the bottle.

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By katrina (Guest Post) 02/24/2007

Just pour a little hydrogen peroxide on a cloth and proceed to wipe off every drop of blood. Works every time!

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By elizabeth (Guest Post) 11/19/2007

if the stain is not old, or even if it is, fels naptha soap, an old type of solid bar laundry soap, will take out any stain that has set. iIhave not used it on laundered dried fabric but it practically dissolves blood no matter what color fabric. good luck. elizabeth

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By (Guest Post) 02/09/2008

I tried the baking soda and peroxide as suggested by Carla. It most definitely minimized the dried stain. It might have rid the sheet of it completely had I caught it sooner (although it was still dry). At first I thought, another not-so-cheap sheet ruined but I decided to give the peroxide a try. I had used it before on another, fresher blood stain. At first, I just poured the peroxide on the sheet and nothing happened as opposed to the bubbling with the fresher stain. Then I tried the baking soda/peroxide paste and a toothbrush.

It's important to note that it doesn't work instantaneously, but after a few minutes I started to see the stain lift! It takes a little work but I was amazed! I did the baking soda/peroxide thing for about ten minutes before getting lazy BUT what a difference! Before shooting the stain with a little Zoot upon throwing it in the washer, the stain was CONSIDERABLY smaller/lighter. Who knows what it would've looked like had I kept brushing it with the paste. I can't tell you the full results because it's washing as I type but I'm certain my sheet is no longer ruined. Thank you!

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By Julie. (Guest Post) 03/25/2008

Please help me! I LOVE my comforter!!! MY friend had an accident on my comforter about the size of my hand and i dont know what to do, we got most of it out but there is still some left. HELP

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By Judy (Guest Post) 04/19/2008

Thank you for your tip on using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda to remove dried on blood stains from sheets. It worked perfectly.

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By danger (Guest Post) 06/18/2008

Is there anything but hydrogen pyroxide? Please, I need it gone by tonight, badly!

Editor's Note: Soaking in Salt water also works.

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By Glyn (Guest Post) 08/14/2008

It takes a little bit of effort but its worth it, i removed a bloodstain from a sheet that was weeks old. p.s. for those who dont know, baking soda is bicarbonate of soda

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