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A Nice Green Lawn on a Budget

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I am on a very limited budget. How can I get a nice green lawn. I've planted grass seed, but it never seems to grow, but the weeds sure do. The location is hot and sunny. If there aren't weeds growing there, then it is hard baked earth. Any suggestions would be helpful. My zone is 4.

Hardiness Zone: 4b

Thank you.

Amelia from SD



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By jtay12302/15/2012

The thing that give me a clue that the correct preparation of the soil prior to seeding has not been done is when you state that the only place the weeds don't grow is where it is 'hard baked earth'. Good soil preparation and the correct seed mix for your needs is the key for a successful lawn.

By Candace (Guest Post)07/12/2007

Do you mix any water with the Miracle Lawn Tonic?

By Carol in PA (Guest Post)04/03/2007

Dont worry about the weeds. They'll stay nice and green.

Are you sure you're not cutting the grass too short? The grass shades seeds of weeds and prevents them from growing.

Look for writings by Jerry Baker. You can find him online.

Dont spend a lot of money on your grass. Grass is over rated. (rofl)

Good luck

By Amelia (Guest Post)03/28/2007

Thank you all for taking the time to respond. I have heard about Bob and forgot about his suggestions. I do have one other question though. Where do I find the Canada Green Grass Seed. Is there a catalog that sells it or a particular store?

Thank you.



The Miracle Lawn Tonic Recipe


One can of soda - not diet
One can of beer - not light
1/2 cup liquid dishwashing soap (don't use anti-bacterial soap!)
1/2 cup mouthwash
1/2 cup household ammonia
Mixed in a 10 gallon hose end sprayer
*Apply every 3 weeks
Mow lawn in evening then make application

By (Guest Post)03/27/2007

Need recipe for, Goofy Lawn Tonic
consist of soda, beer, mouthwash, dish soap & ammonica.
Thanks Colleen

By cokie (Guest Post)03/27/2007

Sounds like Bob has found a gold mine. Does anyone know how much to measure out for each ingredient ? And what kind of ammonia should be used ?


Here's an article out of Las Vegas, everyone there swears by it! Hope it helps.

Vegas homeowner swears by miracle lawn tonic

June 26, 2006 01:36 PM

There are people in Las Vegas making their neighbors green with envy. They've got the nicest lawns on the block and you might not believe what they're feeding their grass to make it green.

We first showed viewers this a couple of years ago, but Dana Wagner found a local guy making it work. We talked about an amazing lawn tonic that was working to keep lawns green in Denver, where they're also fighting a drought. Well, we found a guy here in Vegas that swears by it.

"I did everything. I put the turf builder on it, the seed and it wasn't getting green. It was nice, but it wasn't the golf course green you want to see, right?

Vietnam veteran Bob Palochick was ready to try just about anything when he heard about a goofy lawn tonic on Channel 3 , using soda, beer, mouthwash, dish washing liquid, and ammonia. But to Bob, it just didn't add up.

"I mean, put ammonia on your grass? Beer? Dish washing liquid? A can of soda? No way!"

But Bob was desperate, so he gave it try. He turned from skeptic to believer when his lawn turned lush. "People stop me and say 'man is your grass doing great.' We use it religiously. I tell people about it and they tell me I'm crazy, but it works. I'm proof. You can come to my house. You can see it. It's great, I love it," says Bob.

Bob says his lawn used to look brown and spotty in places. He had weeds. Now he's got the best lawn on the block.

The pop and beer are food for grass. Ammonia promotes growth and turns the lawn green. The soap is a wetting agent, allowing the formula to penetrate to the roots. And the mouthwash kills bugs, plus it makes your lawn minty fresh.

Put it all into a hose end sprayer that you can pick up at Lowe's or Home Depot and apply every three weeks. Then, water as usual. And your blades should never look better.

This lawn tonic may also save you some water this summer. While you can water your lawn any day under current rules, Bob only waters three days a week and he says his lawn has never looked better. So if you're lawn is having trouble you might give it a try.

By grammaoftwo (Guest Post)03/26/2007

Be sure to rake the ground you are going to put seed on. Then,buy Canada Green grass seed,it grows very quickly and it kills out the weeds as it is maturing. I just made sure to water it at least 3 times a day for the first couple of weeks,then only once or twice a day since. The grass was actually coming up with a few days and it is starting to thicken and spread. I bought a 4lb bag but have lots of seed left. I was amazed that it actually did as the advertisement said it would. Good luck :-)

By Carol Churchill [18]03/25/2007

I read somewhere on the internet that Epsom Salts may be used as a fertiliser. I suggest you google: Uses for Epsom Salts or Uses for Epsom Salts in the Garden and check the results.

By Jess (Guest Post)03/25/2007

Before you put grass seed down, make sure to rake the area you are treating. Also, you need to weed and feed your yard. You can buy a product that does both that attaches to your garden hose, but I like to use the dry granular "stages" fertilizer. I use the store brand. It is much cheaper, and does just as good as a job.

By gwgeiger (Guest Post)03/25/2007

We do have a nice sod lawn which was put in about 10 years ago. It started to die in parts. My husband bought a metal aerator for about $20 which we used to poke 2 inch deep holes all over the lawn. It was kinda fun and really worked. It breaks up the soil so that water can get down to the roots. Our lawn hasn't looked so good in years.

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