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Safe Product for Cleaning An Acrylic Shower with Frosted Glass Doors

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We have an acrylic corner shower with brass-colored trim (not sure if it really is brass) and frosted glass. The photo is stock, ours also has a clear Victorian pattern on the middle of the doors.

There are serious water spots, soap scum, lime? hard water? mineral? build ups streaking the glass. Every product I find for removing these problems states not to use it on frosted glass, brass, or acrylic!

Does anyone else have a shower like this? Is there a product that will work? I am most concerned with the frosted glass, as that is where it looks worst. I can mask off the other areas if I have to.

I have already tried gentle abrasives like Soft Scrub, vinegar, shampoo, etc. It does look better when it is wet. As soon as it is dry though, the streaking comes back.

By Morgan from Claremore, OK


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By Diana [38]01/20/2011

Dawn dishwashing liquid, apply with a bath scrubbie. Allow to sit for a few minutes and scrub off. Great at removing the soap scum.

By Deanj01/18/2011

Since I posted I have read on AOL that Pam makes for a good product to clean soap scum. Spray in on the glass,wait a few minutes and wipe off. Maybe that would also work.

By Deanj01/17/2011

The brass you describe is aluminum with a anodized brass coating. The frosted glass is etched so cleaning products will not harm the glass. I would use what you have been using to clean the glass with a non scratch pad. You can buy these at your local super market. 3M is one brand. They are a sponge with a non scratch coating for scrubbing on one side. After you clean the glass always wipe down the glass with a towel after each use of the shower. By doing that you will notice there will be a cleaner glass surface and much easier to clean the next time you need to clean the glass.

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