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Dog Potty Training Problems

My Min Pin, Rocky, is 2 1/2 years old. I got him when he was one, and the lady that had him first never trained him. No matter how often or for how long we walk him, he still insists on doing his business in the house, usually on a rug. I'm at my wits end! Also, he insists on barking at everything and everyone. Even if it's me coming in the door. Any help would be SO greatly appreciated!


Corrin from Chicago, IL

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March 24, 20090 found this helpful

I have an 8 month old chihuahua/rat terrier mix. We got her when she was 4 months old and decided to go with crate training. It seemed to have worked at first, but then she gets to excited when it's time to go out and piddles on the floor. Then we decided, no excitement just open the door, and take her out. That seemed to work. Then when she would have accidents in the house, we would rub her face on it or give her smacks on her bottom and say NO! For the most part she has gotten it pretty well. But now, she is starting to go in her crate.


She is walked first thing in the morning. Fed, then walked again. Is in her cage, gets play time, then off to the dog walker she goes. When she comes home, she has already gone potty, then we feed her, let her play a bit, then take her out about 45 min later. then back in the house, play time, and she usually naps with our other dog which is totally potty trained. before bed (usually 10pm) she is walked again and the put in the crate, and the cycle starts all over again. when we arent going to be home for a few she is always taken out right before and then put in the crate and as soon as we come home take her back out again.

We just can't seem to put our finger on it as to when she is in fact peeing in her cage. Any suggestion in how to get her to be 100% outside potty trained like the our other dog? We are moving to a new place shortly and are afraid that she will be going everywhere and there are hardwood floors! PLEASE HELP!

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April 29, 20130 found this helpful

I rescued a 2 year old Pitty mix who has had only a shelter life. Of course he has issues; not leash trained, we're using a Gentle Leader on him and he's doing great. He had food aggression issues for 1 day! He has learned sit, stay, down, wait, (as in his food in bowl right in front of him,) then I say get it. I can walk away and my boy will sit there til I give that command.

However, he will not stop peeing all over my house. It's not a medical issue; he's been checked. Its not that I don't take my boys outside. I have 5 dogs (all potty trained) and they are outside whenever they want. I am home with them all day and my animals are what I do! I walk him with each of his brothers every morning so that he can get accustomed to walking better with another dog. Their daddy walks them at night.


I am honestly at the end of my rope. I don't know what else I can do. I know how to potty train dogs, or so I thought. I am writing this because he is gone beyond just territorial marking or anything like that. He walked in the house today, came into the room where I was, lifted his leg and peed all over my foot. We've had him since Feb 15th. I refuse to give up on this little guy. What am I missing? Please help!

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November 20, 20080 found this helpful

I can't potty train my puppy. She will pee and poo w/out letting me know she has to go. She will be 6 months the middle of this month. She is a precious Minpin.

At times when I take her out and while I am sitting outside with her she goes back in the house and goes! I have swatted her bottom w/a newspaper to no avail. I also have a male dog who turned 2 last month. He does fine. I got him when he was 8 months. I take their food up at 7:00 pm.

I have gotten worms because of the pee in the carpet. I have bought a shampooer so every time I see a spot I whip it out.

Please, any ideas?

luvmy4grandkids from Huntsville, AL


Dog Potty Training Problems

I have potty trained two active Jack Russell puppies. When they were puppies I decided it would be kindness and gentleness training only and keeping them to a schedule, including regular walks too. I am home with them all the time so if you are gone during the day it will be much harder. Anyway, I took them outside often and had them confined to a side porch not giving them access to the whole house right away. I took them to the same spot always and praised and petted them. They had regular feedings and no late night meals. If they made a mistake I did not make any comments or punishment, just ignored that it happened and immediately took them outside to "the spot". They are like real babies and they can forget. Giving a dog a bath will often make them need to go, the running water, etc. Always take them out after no matter if they went before the bath. After they were about 9 months old they were trained enough to be left in the rest of the house, still following the schedule every couple of hours. Now they are 1 1/2 yrs old, I can't remember the last time they had any accidents and they are a joy. Love always wins don't ya think? It did for my two fur babies and nicer dogs you will not find. (09/04/2006)


By NellieMary

Dog Potty Training Problems

Crate training should work. Crate the dog overnight. Take the dog out first thing in the morning (pick him up if necessary and take him outside). Feed and water him, then take him out again. The key seems to be to set up a regular routine and the dog will eventually get with the program. There are lots of references on the internet that will help. (09/07/2006)

By Claudia-MD

Dog Potty Training Problems

My English Mastiff, Crash, will be 6 months old Sept. 8th and weighs 110 lbs. Every morning he will go out and pee and try coming back inside. I know he'll poo in the house right afterward if I let him in. I redirect him from the door and walk out a ways with him and say "poopie for treat" (I use the food reward method, could that be the reason for his size?lol!). I hope the neighbors don't hear me or they probably think I'm crazy! After he does it (about 95% of the time) I say "Good Poopie!" and he comes in, goes to where the treats are, sits, gives me a "high five" and "takes nice". This is our routine. I am very consistent with it. I always praise him and give him treats and say "Good (whatever it is he did, Good Sit, Good Peepee, Good Wait, Good High Five, etc.)" In the beginning, I let him out every 30 minutes and started keeping a log of his food intake and potty schedule. I am home with him and let him out about every two hours and immediately after he wakes up from a nap. He sleeps through the night in his crate with no accidents. Now I am working on teaching him a way to alert me when he wants to go out. He hasn't caught on to my Great Dane's "dance" yet!

Have you had her stool sample examined by the vet? You should have her on some sort of heart worm preventative (I use Sentinel which controls fleas as well). These are not that expensive and control other types of worms (Crash had Roundworm when I got him at 6 wks of age). I pay only $24 a month for enough preventative for both of my "giant" dogs, it's worth the peace of mind! A MinPin would be much much cheaper.

We still have occasional accidents, but he's growing out of it pretty well. They are really like having babies aren't they?

JoAnn in Elkhart, IN (09/07/2006)

By washburn6394

RE: Dog Potty Training Problems

Dog Potty Training Problems

Hi. I have a Shipoo and he'll be 3 months in just a few days. He actually has been doing GREAT in the potty training department. I tried the crate thing with my other puppy, as well as, the training pads and neither worked at all. The only method I have actually found to work with a shipoo is keeping the puppy in the bathroom with a blanket and toys while I am away. Then taking him out right away when I get home. I was actually told by my vet that keeping the puppy in the bathroom while you are away allows him more room to walk around and play. He is less likely to go in the house or in his cage out of spite, they are true accidents when he wets the bathroom floor. And then when I am home I leave the back door open onto my deck. He goes out by himself when he has to. I really like the bathroom training technique, though it's not talked about in training books! Hope that works for you like it has for me if you try it! (08/26/2007)

By Alex

Dog Potty Training Problems

Crates are a SUPER method for house training a puppy if used properly. Several key points must be followed to make the crate a useful tool:

1) Size must fit the dog. If the crate is too big the dog will go to one corner and potty in it because he/she is able to get away from the mess. The dog should be able to stand up and lie down comfortably, but not wander around.
2) The dog must be on a schedule. Dog is in crate at night, comes out first thing to go potty. Then has breakfast, then back out to potty. If dog pottys outside then give dog 15MINS of playtime outside the crate... then back outside to go potty. If dog goes, then gets 15 mins more supervised time out of the crate, if doesn't potty then goes back int he crate. Continue the routine until dog routinely goes potty EVERYTIME taken outside.
3) YOU MUST GO OUT WITH THE DOG EVERYTIME! If you don't go out and take the dog to the potty spot, how will you know if they went? Also, praise the pup and give a tasty treat when they do go potty.
4)After eating, naps, play the pup will need to go pee and poop, so be sure they go when taken outside or back into the crate they go.
5) If an accident happens, chalk it up to the fact YOU didn't follow the schedule and whack yourself with a newspaper. If YOU follow the schedule and provide true supervision, you should be able to prevent 99% of accidents. Hitting and nose rubbing only teach the dog to go hide and find a place to potty, it doesn't house train.

Sheila (01/10/2008)

By leshia27

Dog Potty Training Problems

There is a new innovative dog potty called The Pet Loo. It has perforated synthetic grass to create a urine drainage system. The urine then flows through a tray that is slightly slanted. The tray is slightly slanted to create a gravity force that pushes the urine through a small hole and into a small catchbucket. The catchbucket is then emptied by using the handle to remove it.

For more information, please visit - (05/31/2008)

By Dog Service Network

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September 3, 20060 found this helpful

I have a 7 month old cockapoo puppy who is having some house training problems. All in all, he is pretty much potty trained, I have even taught him to ring a bell when he needs to go out (he learned that in a day) yet every once and a while, he will still have an accident in the house. I can't figure out what is going on, but it almost seems like he all the sudden realizes he can no longer hold it and then just squats on the floor because he doesn't have time to get to the door.

For example, today I took him outside and then gave him a bath. It couldn't have been more than 30 minutes to an hour after he had peed when he went bolting out of the bathroom and peed on the couch. So I took him outside again, he went potty and then 15 minutes later peed on the floor again.

Does this mean he has bladder control problems or could it just be that he is still young? It doesn't happen often, but when it does it is very frustrating. Can anyone help?



Dog Potty Training Problems

He does still seem young which could be part of the problem, but I would take him to, or at least call, the vet and ask. He could possibly have a bladder/kidney infection that would have to be taken care of asap. (09/08/2005)

By Maryeileen

Dog Potty Training Problems

Could be a urinary tract infection, or could be the beginning of a male pattern of "marking". Now that he's old enough, having him neutered may help. He should be neutered anyway due to pet overpopulation! (09/08/2005)

By Linda

Dog Potty Training Problems

He is very young and will have small accidents because his bladder is not as large to hold it for very long. Patience and rewards when he does do his business outside. Patience is the best key and repetition of going outside often. (09/09/2005)

By Sue

Dog Potty Training Problems

Thank you for all of the feedback. I did actually have him neutered about three and a half weeks ago. I know that they have a lot of accidents afterwards due to hormonal changes etc but thought it would only last about two weeks at most. Could that be part of the problem?

Thanks again!

(the dog's name is Charlie Bear!) (09/09/2005)

By CharlieBear

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