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Refinishing a Bird Cage

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An old bird cage.

Whether trying to refinish a bargain cage picked up at a sale or refurbishing your feathered friend's current digs, this is an easy DIY project. This is a guide about refinishing a bird cage.



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Question: Refinishing a Bird Cage

Photo of a bird cage in need of refinishing.I have a bird cage that my feathered friend has removed most of the painted from. Is there a safe and inexpensive DIY way to refinish the cage? New cages for that size bird are over $200 new and the cage itself is still in good condition just the finish is damaged. I don't care so much about looks but the exposed metal gets rusted and I'm sure that using her beak on the metal can't be healthy for my bird.

By chriself from Williamstown, NJ


Most Recent Answer

By Beth [25]07/08/2009

I think the idea of asking a vet is an excellent one. They certainly should know more than we do!

Question: Looking for Paint for a Bird Cage

Hi, I am building a large bird cage for my pet birds and need help. I am not using chicken wire but stronger fencing and I am wondering if any one would know if stores sell the plastic coating that normal bird cages have? Do they sell a spray paint that I can spray on fencing? I don't have a clue as to what I'm doing but I'm going for it anyway.

Thanks, Lu-Lu


Most Recent Answer

By Carol W. [5]07/07/2009

The only safe paint would be powder coating applied by a professional.

Solutions: Refinishing a Bird Cage

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