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Reusing Pet Food Bags

Pet Food Bag

Pet food bags can be reused in a variety of ways including crafts. This is a guide about reusing pet food bags.


Solutions: Reusing Pet Food Bags

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Tip: Craft Organizer From Cat Food Bags

A while back a fellow TF reader mentioned making a organizer from a catfood bag. That got me going and here is the one I made.

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Tip: Outdoor Pillows from Pet Food Bags

outdoor chair with pillows covered with bird seed and dog food bags

Instead of watching my outdoor upholstered pillows on my many chairs become faded and mildewed, I decided to stuff them into recycled pet food bags!

I simply used the waterproof bags like giant pillowcases and filled them with my aging, faded outdoor pillows, older bed pillows or blankets. I taped up the tops but if you are more energetic than I you could always whip stitch them closed pretty easily.

Great if you have any big waterproof bags from animal feeds or even grass seed bags!

    By Donna [296]

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    Tip: Craft: Recycled Wrapping Paper Organizer Shoe Bag

    Recycled Wrapping Paper OrganizerI made another project from some recycled bags. These came from empty bird seed bags that a friend gave me. They are colorful and the pretty birds made them nice and bright.

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    Tip: Reuse Pet Food Bags For Household Waste

    If you buy pet food, feed, or flour/sugar/salt in large bags, save those bags when empty. They are just the right size for a kitchen trash can and are very sturdy - more so than the plastic trash bags.

    We usually empty 2 large bags a week that I recycle into trashcan liners. That is a savings of 104 trash bags a year, which amounts to several dollars. (In my area, at the store, a bag of 20 trash bags is $4.98).

    I save smaller bags for the bedroom and kitchen wastebaskets.

    By mom-from-missouri from NW MO

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    Tip: Reuse Pet Food Bag Under Litter Box

    I always keep newspaper under the litter boxes in case of "accidents". I found by cutting off the bottoms of the food bags, washing them and laying them flat; that they work well under the newspaper to keep any moisture away for the flooring.

    By hoptownracer1 from USA

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    Tip: Making Cat Shelters from Recycled Materials

    I am a volunteer taking care of stray cats, so I buy 12 bags or 18 lbs of cat food a week. I use all the empty bags to build shelters and food stations, after opening them up, washing with warm water and laundry detergent, and hanging to dry.

    Of course, I use structured material I get for free like strong cardbord boxes, bottle crates, coolers, or something else good I eventually find. I place it in the area I use to take care of the cats. The rest, I place in any woods I pass by, so some other animals can have some nice shelter with straw beds. Even those made with cardboard boxes can last a long time!

      By Sandra G. [1]

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      Tip: Dog Food Bag Rug

      Dog Food Bag Rug

      Free material to craft with is almost anywhere you look, if you look intently enough! We have a big dog and we get these empty bags all of the time.

      Dog Food Bag Rug

      I decided to cut one to use in crochet. It was hard work. It's not as quick and easy to cut as a grocery sack into plarn. And it's even harder to crochet! I wished after starting that I would have woven it on my loom instead.

      It is part paper (on top) and part "unknown material" underneath, which lines the bag. After it's all cut (there will be a little waste), roll it in a ball until you're ready to begin. There are other ways to store it, but this is my personal favorite.

      Dog Food Bag Rug

      Depending on the width it's cut, determine what hook size you will use. Refer to sites such as YouTube or others to learn to crochet.

      My bag was cut into one continual strip,about an inch wide. I wish I had cut it a little more narrow. It is quite strong and was very tiring to my hands. I can add to this, or I can leave it at this size and slip it under a potted plant out on the porch. I could continue with it and make a bag.

      No matter what becomes of this item, it has been altered, reused, recycled, up-cycled and given a new life and a second chance!

        By melody_yesterday [228]

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        Tip: Dog Food Bags to Help With Recycling

        I use our empty, large dog food bags to hold our cardboard recycling such as pizza boxes, pop/soda cartons, cereal boxes, etc., anything that comes in cardboard. This saves space in my recycling bin, plus the bag gets recycled as well.

        By alibeth05 from Michigan City, IN

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        Tip: Pet Food Bag Sleeping Bag or Bedroll Tarp

        Sew a few bags together to make a 3 1/2' x 6' rectangle. It can be used as a moisture barrier under bedrolls or sleeping bags. A 7' x 6' rectangle can be folded in half to cover both the underneath and top of a bedroll; helps block moisture and wind.

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        Here are questions related to Reusing Pet Food Bags.

        Question: Craft: Recycled Pet Food Bag Tote

        Are the pet food totes machine washable? Thanks.

        By Debbie from OH

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Tina 6 03/14/2011

        You can also sew pockets into them. I read somewhere where they took them and made pockets in different sizes and hung them on the wall for storage. I love your idea a lot. We women can always use a new bag.

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        Question: Reusing Dry Dog Food Bags

        What can I do with the empty dry dog food bags?

        By Joy from FL

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Jacquelyn Valentine 13 190 12/14/2011

        Sew several bags together to make a "sheet" to go under a dog's bed clothes. Often animals lay on blankets that can get wet from the ground, etc. Just put this under the blankets and keep them dry.

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        Question: Uses for Dog Food Bags

        What are some uses for cat and dog pet food bags? I used some pet food and litter bags this week as weed blocking plastic. I just pulled the bulk of the weeds, laid down the bags (with the bottoms cut out and opened) and covered with mulch.

        Do you have any other ideas for using pet food bags?

        Hardiness Zone: 6b

        By C from USA

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Chris 12 42 04/27/2010

        Can't wait to use the pet food bags for putting used litter in! Great idea! I have some of the plastic style bags that are made of Duraweave. I love coming up with ways to use them; such as making bags, organizers etc, as they are so indestructible. The bird food bags are really pretty also and make gorgeous bags and items.

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        Question: Disaster Assistance Options for DuraWeave Pet Food Bags

        Ever since Purina began using of the large size polypropylene "DuraWeave" bags I have been saving them, certain a good use would arise and they would not go to waste. In particular, my first thought had been how well these might be used for sandbagging in flood situations, or passed out to victims of tornado or other disaster for salvage/clean-up efforts.

        I now have roughly 500 of these, mostly the 16-18lb cat food size, but also a number of 25-33lb as well, and to my surprise, as yet have found no one interested in them. I have even contacted Purina in regard to this, and they knew of no outlets except that of their being a #5 recyclable material. Unfortunately in my location I have found no options unless I wished to pay for them to be taken for recycling. Anyone here have any good ideas along these lines?

        By David

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        Most Recent Answer

        By gcOrlando 1 01/14/2014

        Donate some to a local girl scout troop to make Sit-Upons.

        Check to see if they are interested in them.

        A scout troop can use them. Turn the edge over and install a drawstring. Very handy to keep camping stuff and firewood dry.

        Insert an old bed pillow; baste closed. Put into and old pillowcase for a pet bed. Rescue organizations can use these in cages and kennels.

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        Question: Making A Purse Out Of A Dog Food Bag

        How do you make a purse out of a dog food bag?

        Tammy from Crescent Springs, KY

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        Most Recent Answer

        By Sam (Guest Post) 05/27/2008

        I found another crafty site that gives somewhat directions.

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        Below are photos related to this guide.

        Cold Sack From Cat Food Bag

        Recycle a small cat food sack into a cold sack. Cat Food Bags are plastic coated and have multiple layers. Turn them inside out, wash by hand and you have a cold sack that really works great. A half gallon of ice cream slips right in. Just fold the top down, put a clip on or large rubber band and your ice cream will still be frozen when you get home.

        By Ann from Loup City, NE

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        Thrifty Fun has been around so long that many of our pages have been reset several times. Archives are older versions of the page and the comments that were provided then.

        Archive: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        <div align="right">

        <img src="" width="300" height="274" border="0" hspace="7" vspace="0" alt="Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote">
        Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        <img src="/images/articles/winner.jpg" width="72" height="77" align="right">I recycled this dog food bag into a tote bag. I sewed the sides and boxed the bottom then I attached a band around the top and added straps. I can use it for groceries, vegetables, or grass clippings.

        By Patty from Turbotville, PA


        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        Very niffty idea. We use ours to pick up doggy doo-doo in the yard.

        By LITTLE SUZY

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        I use mine to tote things around as well. I've attached handles to some but have never needed to attach anything to the bottom because they're strong enough as is.

        FINALLY a craft idea that isn't wasting time and money! For a "thrifty" site, there's a ton of info on buying junk to create cutsie junk that you'll have to discard quickly.

        By NY MOM

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        Great idea! I have thought about sewing several together to make plastic sheeting for my dogs to lie on in their dog houses in the winter. I would put it under the blankets that I already put out for them.

        It could also be used for a first layer under piddle pads for puppies. Just some thoughts, sure some better ones will occur to me when I've posted this! ;-)

        While I value all the things on this website and realize that different things are needed by different people at different times, for me, I tend to agree with the other poster who was glad to see something useful made from something free! Those are what appeal to me the most also.

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        Love this. I am going to have to try it out thanks:)

        By tinkluvspan

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        You could sell these to pet shops. They are adorable! I think they would sell very well!

        By RobinLynn

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        This is a great idea! Not only thrifty but ecological, too!

        By Deeli

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        This is a fabulous idea!! I am so going to make one of these I have two dogs and they eat the same dog food lol and I have cats the bags they use for the food are so sturdy and I hate throwing them away good idea!

        By amberina

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        You can use this even if you don't sew. I just turned over a 2" edge and glued down each layer. I used the old "peg" style clothespins (not the kind that you pinch open) to hold the edge down. I let it dry for 24 hrs. Then I used an ice pick to punch a pair of holes on each side (about 8" apart) and used a screw driver to widen the holes. Put macrame or clothesline cord through the holes and tie together on the inside. One cord for each side. I used 18" of cord for each side. Works great.

        By Osa

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        Excellent idea! I am going to save my next one and do just that!

        By Elaine

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        I love this idea. I have cats and will be trying it with the next bag when empty.Thanks for the idea.

        By Susan

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        Lovely idea! I'll have to give this a try

        By teely68

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        Cool idea I have a cat and will be doing this as soon as the bag is empty. Thank you(b)(/b)

        By Craftslady2008

        RE: Craft: Recycled Dog Food Bag Tote

        Wow. That is the coolest idea. My "grandpuppy", Bogie, eats a lot, so I will be making several of these. What a conversation piece. thanks.

        By Bonnie.

        Archive: Uses for Dog Food Bags

        What are good uses for the bags that dog food comes in?

        Archive: Craft: Recycled Pet Food Bag Tote

        First you sew the all the side pieces together. Lay right sides together (printed side) and sew a straight stitch down the bag. Do this for all four sides; until all of the sides of the bag are sewn together.

        Archive: Reuse Bags And Containers For Household Waste

        I buy dog food in 25-40 lb bags. When they are empty I use them as garbage sacks. I also reuse the small plastic grocery bags to line small trash cans around the house.