Stevia Leaves Turning Brown

Stevia Leaves

Growing stevia as a natural sweetener is quite popular, but sometimes the plants don't thrive. This is a guide about stevia leaves turning brown.



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Question: Brown Splotches on Stevia Leaves

I just bought my stevia plant about a week ago and many of its leaves are getting dry brown splotches over them. I have it sitting in a north-facing window with my other herbs, but the room is generally quite sunny as well. It's not dried out completely but was surprisingly dry 2 days after buying it so I thought that may have done it. It has progressed since I first noticed it and the patterns of it seems more random than I would have predicted with a water issue.

By Alison M.

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By Lizzyanny [9] 09/22/2014

It could be the plant is just adjusting to the atmosphere in your home. More light, more or less humidity, many things can cause a little dieback. I almost expect it with a new plant. If you have spots on all the leaves on the plant, it may be something else. Check for spider mites etc. Usually plants begin to adjust and come back after a few weeks in a new place. Good luck

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Question: Stevia Leaves Turning Brown

I am growing a potted stevia plant. On windy days I bring it inside. A few days ago, I noticed tiny little bugs flying around its base. I have checked for them every day since and haven't seen them again.

Last night was extremely windy, but I didn't bring it inside. This morning one whole stem appears to be dead. The leaves are turning brown and curling. Is this due to wind damage, pests, or something else? Other sites say that bugs aren't usually an issue with stevia plants. Any suggestions?

Hardiness Zone: 7a

By Kim from Nashville, TN

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By Cupcake817 05/13/2010


I didn't see anything specific about your brown leaf problem but it has some great info on it.

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