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Craft Uses for Unflavored Gelatin

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I have a ton of Knox unflavored gelatine and wonder what should I do with it? I know I am not going to make jello. Is there a craft my kids can make with it? Any other use?


By Mindy from Terrebonne, OR


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By geminisinger [2]11/08/2013

TheFrugalCrafter has a recipe and video for making a gelatin plate for monoprinting. Here is the link:

RE: Craft Uses for Unflavored Gelatin

By cookie17 [4]10/09/2011

You can mix it like says on box, mix birdseed, peanuts, sunflower seeds, a cup of peanut butter. Pour in any old containers for birds. Makes great suet for them. Good Luck.

Cookie 17

By June09/29/2011

I don't know about crafts, but you make a lot of things besides just jello. Check out

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