Removing Carbon from a Pan Bottom


How do I clean thick carbon off a thick bottom frying pan. It's old but fab, the type your gran had, but it's covered with 1/8 of an inch of thick black hard carbon. I think thats what it is!

Samantha from Kent, England



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By Theresa 27 03/28/2007

Most likely it is a cast iron skillet. Mom used (and still does) to get a pile of leaves burning and toss her skillet into the fire to cook that mess off. Just make sure there is not a burn ban first.

If it is something else, let us know. Usually I use brillo pad to get burned on foods from other pots and pans that don't have Teflon.

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By Marty 7 60 03/28/2007

if its a cast iron skillet, just throw it in the hot coals after grilling. It will burn all the gunk off. Wash it well after it cools and reseason.

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By Janice Dittloff (Guest Post) 03/29/2007

I have not tried this but people say it works-- take a garbage bag and put the pan in and add ammonia and leave this set overnight (probably in the garage) may have to do it more than once. Can't hurt to try it. janiem

Editor's Note: Don't try this with an aluminum pan, it may discolor it.

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By Carolyn (Guest Post) 04/01/2007

I would try oven cleaner. It works on a lot more things than just ovens. Hope it works!!

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By Kate 1 09/05/2007

Pour some cola into the pan bring it to the boil and let it cool, is usually comes off in one piece, sometimes you may have a few little bits to scrub but it usually comes off really easy. I've used this method lots of times and it works! Strange but true.

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