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Homemade Children's Toy Boxes

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The cost of children's toy boxes are so expensive and they are so small for all the money you spend. Here's a way to make some big toy boxes for a lot less:

Buy an extra large Rubbermaid storage container ($13 for 50 gallon container at Wal Mart), enough fabric to cover the container (I got the end of a bolt for $15 enough for 2 toy boxes), and some spray adhesive that will stick to plastic (around $5 a can).

Cut the fabric to fit. Spray the container and place fabric over it and smooth it out. In less than an hour you'll have a beautiful toy box that's safe (cover won't fall on little fingers) and so much cheaper and bigger than the expensive toy boxes that you find at stores.

By HDBoston


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By Chris [12]06/14/2009

Great idea! I was even thinking of doing this with a large sturdy cardboard box or even a bought storage box. The ones they sell for file storage etc. even come with a lid and are fairly sturdy just for storage. I think they'd be cute covered in fabric, and I wanted to use them for storage of sewing supplies, fabric, hobby supplies, throws, etc... I also get the scoopable kitty litter in a large box and figured with some packing tape I could make the lid more secure and cover the box and lid with fabric; would make a pretty box for sewing storage; just have to be sure to use a fabric that covers the print on the box without it showing through.

By Becky (Guest Post)02/13/2007

Wow! What a great idea! I have bought so many pop up toy boxes and stuff like that for my daughter's toy's, and I just can't seem to find one that is the right size! You have given me a great idea, and I love crafts, so I am excited about having a new project to get into, thanks so much!

By HDS [3]08/20/2005

Hi Fran,

I did spray the top of the lid and fit the fabric, the cover still snaps shut. The best part is that the lids are not even a safety hazard like some of the toy boxes. I have to push the ends for them to close tight. She can't fall in it because they're packed, and if she did, I have the peace of mind in knowing that she wouldn't be stuck in it and nothing will slam on her fingers. I'm going to have to make another one soon! I hope to post a picture of one of them soon.

By Fran (Guest Post)08/10/2005

I think that is a great idea, and I think I will make one for my craft box. I will also cut a large piece of fabric for the lid and just glue the lid in the center of the fabric and let the fabric hang down on the sides.........Thanks a lot for the great idea.

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