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Restoring a Wedding Bouquet


Does anyone know how to restore a wedding bouquet? it's 40 years old with red cloth roses, little crushed ribbon that have yellowed and leaves falling off. it's a little rough. Any ideas on how to give the flowers life and take yellow out of white ribbon?




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By Sharon Shearer 84 23 04/21/2005

Why would you want to restore it? If this were my wedding bouquet I'd buy a clear glass or plastic box to put it in and keep it forever, or better still a small MEMORY BOX with little momento, napkin, etc from my wedding. In my glass covered memory box I have things from my Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary and even dried roses from their funerals.To change the origional bouquet would defeat the purpose ok keeping it.

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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 04/21/2005

If you have a little travel clothes steamer, you could steam it up a bit and try to reshape the bouquet back the way it was. About the yellowing, I really wouldn't worry about it. It is old, after all. Try to get it back in its best shape without changing it and then put it into a clear box like MamawKC says.
Susan from ThriftyFun

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