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Cleaning a Polyurethane Rain Jacket


I have a rain jacket that looks like fabric but is mostly polyurethane and it can't be laundered or dry cleaned. Any ideas on what I could use to sponge clean it with that wouldn't require rinsing and would make it smell nice? (It has no stains, just needs some freshening.)



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By Linda (Guest Post) 04/27/2005 Flag

Hi try 1/4 c. borax , soap, 1c. warm water , mix with a fork and dip sponge or cloth and it cleans beautifully on laundry and even small upholstry stains.

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By Carolyn C. Cooke 19 222 04/27/2005 Flag

If there are no stains, try one of these ideas: Tumble in dryer set on air dry for about 30 minutes with two dryer sheets in light fragrance; or, spray Febreeze on a dryer sheet and tumble as above. This also works for freshening jackets, etc. that have been treated to withstand rain--without removing the treatment.

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By sandy (Guest Post) 04/28/2005 Flag

I don't understand why it couldn't be laundered in cold water. it is made to withstand the rain. Just put in washing machine with cold water and maybe a little baking soda.

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By (Guest Post) 04/28/2005 Flag

how about the scented windex/?/ try that

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By Fran (Guest Post) 05/20/2005 Flag

I have another question re: cleaning a poluurethane jacket. Daughter in-law has jacket that we think got finger painted with diaper rash cream. Any suggestions on removing this?

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By richmondred (Guest Post) 02/24/2008 Flag

Got a question on this subject as well. I just received a relatively new polyurethane rain jacket and just spotted some "silver metallic paint'--partly on the shoulder and a small short line on the sleeve--broke my heart too! Wouldn't you know I tried it on and it looks KILLER on me! Please help me remove the paint stain without messing up my new jacket. You're the best! Thank you so very much.

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By (Guest Post) 12/06/2008 Flag

You know, I didn't find much help here for my newest thrift store find. Just bought an evening bag for $.25! Needs a good cleaning though.
The most helpful thing I saw was the bit about being "rainproof."
Why, of course! Polyurethene is very durable. I took a stiff nail brush and some warm sudsy water. Working away at the dust and stains, I was able to get it all clean. A couple of stubborn ones required coaxing with a fingernail, but nothing stronger.
Wiped clean and dry with a soft towel, my new bag is beautiful.

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