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I would like to make an upholstered x base ottoman. Does anyone know where I can find a site to learn how to do that?

Danielle from Miami, FL



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By Susan Sanders-Kinzel 9 2,498 08/07/2005

I want to make my own ottoman, something simple with 4 legs, a piece of wood and a really thick piece of foam with a washable slip cover. Doesn't this sound too simple? What am i missing? Does anyone have any advice?


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By (Guest Post) 06/11/2008


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Archive: Make Your Own Ottoman

Does anyone have simple plans for building the frame for an ottoman, especially a round storage one, which I can upholster?


RE: Make Your Own Ottoman

I have an ottoman that was made by someone else and seems very simple. It was made with a large square block of Styrofoam, where to get this I'm not sure but I might start looking at a furniture store to see if they might have some from packing. It has a piece of foam rubber on the top and has a cover with a zipper around to bottom so it can be taken off an washed. I really love it because it is so light weight and moves easily out of the way for cleaning. (03/17/2005)

By Carol

RE: Make Your Own Ottoman

I made one from an old, almost square coffee table. I cut the legs down, glued on a thick piece of foam (about 6"), and then made a slip cover for it. I wanted it to be sturdy enough to sit on as well as put my feet up on it. I also use it as a table. It works great! (03/17/2005)

By Laura

RE: Make Your Own Ottoman

I made a footstool once by using 4 large coffee cans. You can hot glue them together where they meet, cover with foam and then material. It makes a unique shaped footstool that everyone will notice. Cheap, too. (03/18/2005)


Ottoman PLUS storage

I saw an ottoman once made with an old drawer. For the lid, a piece of plywood was cut to size covered with foam, wrapped in fabric and attached with hinges. 4 legs were screwed to the bottom. Easy and nice for storage. (03/19/2005)

By Melisa

RE: Make Your Own Ottoman

I was just looking to do the same thing. I found 2 web sites, if you haven't seen these yet, here they are: http://www.upholster.com/howto/make-ottoman.html and http://www.hgtv.com do a search for ottoman, one of the results is making an ottoman. (05/18/2005)

By Emily

RE: Make Your Own Ottoman

Found a great site on DIY: http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/cr_storage/article/0,2025,DIY_13779_2270564,00.html You could easily use wheels and cover it if you didn't want it painted. (12/07/2006)

By sasadaire

RE: Make Your Own Ottoman

Cover an old giant popcorn can, works great. (09/24/2007)

By Jen Deare

RE: Make Your Own Ottoman

I made a cool ottoman from an ugly one. Ikea sells a cheap ottoman for around $15. Very basic box with an open bottom, legs, and a pillow top with a canvas cover. Awful. I flipped it over, added trim around the former legs, added wheels to the bottom (former top) and used a couple of pieces of plywood coupled with a leather-wrapped pillow (the original one that came from Ikea) for a dual-purpose top. Then I painted it all black and now have a cool storage ottoman with a soft top that can be flipped over for a flat surface. (09/25/2007)

By Lucus

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