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Cute Recycled Windowsill Planters

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With the cold weather, I do my gardening indoors. I use cute planters from thrift shops like coffee mugs, porcelain creamers, or ceramic pots that strike my fancy. I drill drain holes in them using glass/tile drill bits that I buy from a tool outlet or home/garden centers, fill them up with potting soil and plant small houseplants in them. Perfect for my window sills in every part of the house! Planters can be made out of many recycled items.y Recycled ceramic planters from coffee cups and other dishes.

By Renee from San Diego, CA


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By Karen [6]01/30/2012

Very nice & vibrant for those cold winter days. And it makes other things useful too & more interesting to look at. I do that too. You can plant in just about anything! The possibilities are endless.

By HAPPYINHARNED [14]01/30/2012

Your flowers look very pretty!

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