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Cooking When the Power Goes Out

power outage kitchen

Inclement weather often results in power outages. One inconvenience of the loss of power is that cooking may be impossible. This is a guide about cooking when the power goes out.



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Tip: Can Cooking on the Deadwood Stove

Can Cooking on the Deadwood StoveSave your valuable cooking fuel for winter or emergencies. I saw Polish sausage marked down today to $1 each (from over $3.50) so got one and can cooked it with a pack of beef wieners with a few drops of Worcestershire sauce. Because the can cooker is so tightly sealed, you don't even need to add Hickory chips. It flavors itself from whatever's inside.

I soaped the bottom and was getting a whole lot of smoke so tossed in a handfull of 4 or 5 black walnuts so the smoke smelled a little better. I wouldn't have had to but . . .

I will use it again soon.Something a little more like roast, corn on the cob, little carrots, potatoes and maybe some bell pepper with some BBQ sauce. It's going to be good.

By melody_yesterday from Otterville, MO

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Question: Cooking When the Power Goes Out

I am moving into a home thats total electric which means my stove is electric. Any advice on what I could use as an alternative to the stove for cooking if the electric is out during inclement weather?

Onesummer from GA

Most Recent Answer

By k w (Guest Post)02/07/2009

I always keep something to make sandwiches with in case the lights go out & a gas cooker out side to fry fish with. It can also be used when lights are out, good luck.