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Paper is Stuck to My Iron-on Transfer

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I have just done my first iron-on transfer. Some of the paper is stuck to the transfer. What can I do to remove it? Did I try to take it off too soon? I waited until it was just warm to the touch. Or did I wait too long? It was about 3-4 minutes after pressing. It's a small 3x5 inch transfer. I pressed it for about 60 seconds. Thanks for any help.

By Kathy



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By Vicki [24]10/11/2011

If the paper is still on there, it didn't "take" just right. The best thing to do is do it again. Put the remaining paper back on there and press it again mainly on the area that did not "take".

If you have thrown it away use a sheet of copy paper or otherwise unlined / uncolored paper. The new modern irons don't get that hot, if you have one, in the future press down a longer time. It sounds to me that you did most everything right, by the way.


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By Angel S.

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By Robyn [369]11/23/2011

I have never done this but I have found this info.

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Blessings, Robyn

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