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Keeping Slipcovers on Sofa

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I recently put slip covers on my sofas. How do I keep them from slipping or getting messy after sitting on the sofas? It's a pain to adjust them every time someone sits on them. Many Thanks!



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By Chris [12]12/27/2012

Thank you Amber! I have some wooden dowels, so I am going to try your suggestion also. Thanks so much!

By Janette [91]01/19/2009

I use the liner that keeps rugs from sliding under my slipcovers. Works like a charm. ~Janette~

By Paulette Gulakowski [7]01/19/2009

Twist pins - available at fabric stores and elsewhere. I'm sitting on a chair that has them now - they've been there to hold on the slip cover for over a year and I sit on this chair every day!

By dede smith [19]01/16/2009

To save some money, try rolled up newspapers instead of PVC pipe.

By Amber (Guest Post)01/15/2009

I had the same problem. I took one inch diameter pvc pipe and cut it to the length of the couch. I put the slip cover on and worked the pipe into the back under the top cushion. It seemed to keep the cover in place longer. Try a wooden dowel also.

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