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Headphones Shocking My Ears

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How can I stop getting shocks in my ears when I connect earphones to the treadmill?

kerrymagic from Dublin



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By Louise [3]01/24/2009

If you're already wearing them when you plug them in, try plugging first, then putting them in your ears.

Maybe even try plugging, then touching them onto your hand or the frame first to earth them. Or touch them together.

Never experienced this, but I do know you need to earth them somehow.

My pet peeve is getting shocks off a car door when you get out. Happens all the time. I blame it on wearing fleece jumpers!

By kerrymagic (Guest Post)01/23/2009

There is a radio/TV connected to the treadmill, that's why the earphones are plugged in, so I can listen. i reckon its static myself. Very annoying though.

By Sandi/Poor But Proud [446]01/22/2009

You either had a short in a wire or you are sweating. You can get headsets with radio's in them for safety. Good luck!


Why are you connecting earphones to a treadmill? If you're getting shocked doing this then the 'ear shocks' are telling you something is not right :-o These are 'electrical shocks' and could be dangerous :-o You simply shouldn't be doing it :-o Get a battery powered earphone set or enjoy silence to be safe.

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