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Work From Home: Lifebushido Reviews

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Have you ever heard about a company called Lifebushido? Is it a scam? I've tried researching them and I'm already suspicious. My research is getting mixed results. Help!

By JustPlainJo from Springfield, OH


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By rrun111/25/2014

It is hard to say how Steve decides who he is going to be decent with. I enjoyed working at Lifebushido immensely. Most of the people were great to work with, but Steve is into power tripping so he favors some people over others. Someone reported that a client got a bad phone call and the origin of the call was unknown.

I explained several reasons why it would not have been me, or could have been someone outside of our company altogether but I was suspended for a month just because of heresay and because a couple of people who were intimidated by my hard work and improvement had Steve's ear.

Then he asked me to come back to work and there was no apology and no explanation about what happened with the bad call. I was calling for Real Estate companies but I was also calling for the company itself, so we could get more clients. I was working some really nice leads and had developed good relationships with dozens of the prospects I was calling. None of that mattered.

If you are an introverted person who likes to focus on work and not get involved in the High School type politics, but would rather be judged by your results, this is not the company for you. If you are less reliant on talent and more on your ability to be political, you might have a chance to make a go of it. Gossips and judgmental Church ladies thrive at this company, even when they are not very organized, generally unpersonable and mean, and can't keep meetings they set.

By Sandi [6]10/16/2010

Many work from home offers are scams. I would suggest you call the better business bureau to see if there are complaints et. Never give credit card/bank card info out if you feel uneasy. Good luck to you!

By Lelia Jo Cordell [49]10/15/2010

Thanks for the confirmation, Deeli, my dear. I couldn't help but notice the number of grammatical and typographical errors in all the Lifebushido material. The founder is supposed to be American, but everything sounds composed by folks who don't speak English as their first language. I contacted another company today, Infocision. I'm expecting an application via email by next Tuesday. From what I've learned about this company from various sources, it'll suit my situation and skill set much better. Thanks again!


If you notice the good reviews they are made by Lifebushido or made by Lifbushido on other sites to promote good reviews. Personally, whether this is a joke site or a scam, I would run for the hills. ;-)

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