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Melted Plastic on Chrome

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Trying to remove a melted stain off my wife's chrome plated exhaust pipes on her motorcycle. She touched her hot exhaust pipes with her nylon motorcycle rain pants and it melted right to the exhaust pipes. I have tried everything I know to clean this up with no luck at all. Don't want to use anything abrasive that will damage the chrome exhaust pipes. Any ideas or suggest would be helpful.



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By Ray V.09/03/2015

WOW.. this site is awesome... I had burnt micro fiber and a plastic bag on the highway melted on my exaughst and with a little elbow grease and ez off my chrome is clean and shining brite again....THANKS GUYS!!

By colinsadowski08/28/2015

Also try the Easy off brand liquid grill and oven cleaner. I painted on applied with a paint brush whilst crome was warm to hot. 15 Minutes on.

Use the softest cloth you can find. Cotton baby diaper or high quality soft tee shirt. NO micro cloths as they are too rough. NO paper towels either.

By Steven Craig T.03/16/2015

(Thank Gawd I am not the only guy that does stuff like this!) Tried to wipe my hot exhaust with a microfibre drying cloth (Simonize brand) - instant plastic on my pipe! Read this site, tried the Easyoff Oven Cleaner (Yellow Can - Extra Strength) on warm (not hot) pipe, let sit for 3-5 mins, dislodged most of the resulting muck off with a wooden paint stir stick, wiped down with a clean, damp cotton rag and BAM - shiny pipes and no scratches or abrasions! Time overall - 15 minutes. Remember: Do outside, protect surrounding parts from over spray, wear gloves and a mask (There is no such thing as idiot-proof, we will always find a way).

By dpratter05/26/2014

Tried 2 types of nail polish remover and that was useless. Tried the EZ off oven cleaner twice and it did not work. Warmed up bike at idol and retried oven cleaner and it made some headway. I got about 85% of it off with some work. I have not tried the CLR yet.

By winddawg04/10/2014

I used C.L.R. and it came right off with no effort, even with pipes on my Shadow VT1100 only slightly warm.

By Juan Marquez07/06/2010

I have a new Honda VTX1800 Bike and yesterday one of my saddle bags touched my chromed pipe after riding (hot pipe). Well, needless to say, it left a long black/brown mark, I tried cleaning it with a microfiber towel while still the pipe was smoking hot and it made it worse (it melted the towel). So after reading this blog I used easy-off, the blue top and to my surprise the white residue that the towel put on my pipe came off, however, the brown stain from the saddle bags did not. I tried all different products and finally remember that my wife uses a lot of those Mr. clean magic erasers (sponge) so went to the kitchen got one of those, wet it and started on the motorcycle pipes (cold). Amazing, within 2 minutes it had removed the brown stain. Hope this helps

By Heather M. (Guest Post)02/06/2009

I tried both the blue can and the yellow can of oven off. I left the blue on twice for ten minutes a piece. That didn't work, so I switched to the "Heavy Duty" yellow can. I left that on for another ten minutes and it started to come off. It isn't all off yet, but it was pretty thick. I am hoping a couple more applications and it will all be off! Thanks so much to everyone. You saved me from buying new pipes!

By Kevin W. (South Africa). (Guest Post)01/11/2009

My NEW bike (Roadstar 1700) with only 50km on the clock. Eager to keep my bike really clean, I used a detailer cloth on the bike's hot pipes directly after riding. Being mostly polyester, the cloth just clung to the pipes leaving a large brown melted stain. After finding this website, I tried oven cleaner on a damp cloth with the bike idling to ensure the pipes remain hot. To my amazement, with a bit of rubbing, and not even that hard, I was able to remove the entire stain with no damage to the pipes. Many thanks for this tip.

By Rodney J. (Guest Post)11/28/2008

E-Z Off did the trick in cleaning the plastic off my Chrome Rinehart without any damage to the Pipes. Followed the instruction from one of article and it worked fairly easy.
Thank you, RJ

By (Guest Post)10/18/2008

Easy off really works. I tried it. I removed 100% of melted backpack material on my exhaust pipe. Thanks to this website.

By Sean (Guest Post)09/22/2008

I just got back from Bike Week in Key West and while there I had a plastic shopping bag melt to my pipes. I was told to use Paint lacqer thinner. I`ll try the Easy Off tonight and let you guys know if it worked for me. Otherwise, I`ll try the paint thinner.

By Dan (Guest Post)08/26/2008

I tried oven cleaner on my chrome exhaust to remove plastic deposits left from my bike cover that had melted onto the hot exaust. It was so abrasive that it left swirl marks when I went to wipe it off. How do I polish the chrome again?

By (Guest Post)07/25/2008

Ok, I love sites like this. I had use a microfiber towel a little too soon and melted some of it on my pipes. I followed the advice of using oven off because my wife is not here and I don't know where her nail polish remover is but did find the oven off. I did not spray it directly onto the pipes. I sprayed it first onto a damp rag to prevent over spray from getting on the other parts of my bike. I used the rag to wipe the oven off onto the pipes and waited a couple of minutes. I had to use a little rubbing but the pipes came clean after a couple of minutes of rubbing.

By Evolution2001 (Guest Post)06/12/2008

I found out that a microfiber towel is not actually cloth, but a plastic of sorts. I went to wipe down my hot exhaust and melted the cloth to the exhaust. Acetone did absolutely nothing on it's own. I used very fine steel wool ('000') used for polishing surfaces. After some aggressive rubbing, it came off the chrome and didn't leave any scratches or swirlmarks. I did this while the pipes were cold. FYI, a hairdryer doesn't get hot enough to melt heavy plastics or rubbers that are on exhaust pipes. (Exhaust gasses are MUCH hotter than a hairdryer can get.) Either run the bike and let the pipes heat up normally or use a heat gun.

By Fast Eddie (Guest Post)02/25/2008

Well I got some great advice of this site. Ez Off oven cleaner did the trick... who would have thought.

By Gus (Guest Post)01/29/2008

The Acetone nail polish didn't do anything. I used Easy OFF. I turned on the motorcycle and after about 5-10 minutes it was really rubbing off. My motorcycle PVC cover melted on it. It was so thick i couldn't even scratch it off with a key just to even test. I had to keep re-heating up the bike and use Easy Off constantly scrubbing for about 45 minutes. I got about 98% of it off. Easy off is super useful. Thanks for your advice guys!

By Stu (Guest Post)08/25/2007

Use a product put out by Homax called OOPS it's available in hardware stores. Just used it and it took five minutes to get my rain gear cleaned off the pipes.

By Michelle (Guest Post)07/23/2007

My dad did the same thing to my bike. He melted his nylon jogging pants to my pipe. I had this big brown burnt spot on my pipe. While the bike was really hot we used a towel and tried to wipe the burnt stuff off. A lot came off but what was left turned into a dull smeared mark across my whole pipe. I bought something called Road Rub. You can get it online too. It looks like a travel size deoderant. You just rub it on the marks and it takes it right off. It took some elbow grease and 2 sticks to get it off my bike but it was worth it. Hope this helps!

By Serhan Yengulalp (Guest Post)01/07/2007

Easy-Off (blue canister) took it off after leaving on the spot for 2 hours. Thanks...

By Plissken (Guest Post)09/25/2006

I had the same type of problem with an entire plastic bag melted onto one of my Mustang's exhaust pipes. The easy cure: Easy-off oven cleaner! Let the pipe heat up by idling the engine. Shut the engine off and spray the EZ-off on the stain. Wait a minute or so. It should wipe right off with a damp cloth. Warning!: This stuff is very caustic. Make sure you cover any painted surfaces or coated metal. Also, do not try this in windy weather and protect your eyes. It worked for me.

By lucy (Guest Post)09/24/2006

this is still alot of work...not all of the plastic wants to come off...should the exhaust be cold like this or warm it up?

By Carrie [2]09/11/2006

The nail polish remover has to be the kind with acetone. Nail polish remover without acetone probably won't work, as it didn't for Steve.

By Carrie [2]09/11/2006

The nail polish remover has to be the kind with acetone. Nail polish without acetone probably won't work, as it didn't for Steve.

By claudia (Guest Post)04/27/2006

I had a melted plastic bag on the bottom of an aluminum kitchen pot and I tried the nail polish remover idea and it worked like a dream! thanks so much

By Steve (Guest Post)02/15/2006

I used Easy Off as told from the above post. It work great! The nail polish remover didnt work with my situation.

By DnK (Guest Post)10/31/2005

Trying to melt it off is dangerous since many plastics emit cancerous emmissions. Smoke is not good!

By chiprdjob (Guest Post)10/19/2005 Try what this guy says it worked for me.

By Carrie [2]10/01/2005

Forget the hair dryer, that's for wax.

For plastic on metal, use nail polish remover, and I suspect the kind with acetone in it. Don't know whether it was stainless steel or chrome or plated. Apparently, it glides right off.

Plastic on a coffee pot, use petroleum jelly. don't know why, maybe it's glass.

Found this by googling plastic melted metal. I originally heard this on PBS by Haley with the book about how to clean things.

Here's a motorcycle link for you:

Report back how you did.

By Carrie [2]10/01/2005

I read about that somewhere. First, I would try a hairdryer to melt it off. I will get back to you.

By Ed (Guest Post)10/01/2005

Have you tried getting it hot and wiping it off with a rag???
Good luck.

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