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Should You Use Dark Floors In Small Rooms


Should you use dark color floors in small living area

abeyola brice from Atlanta, GA



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By Jess (Guest Post) 07/24/2007

I had Navy blue carpet in a small living area and I loved it. It's not for everyone, but I thought it looked nice. I did have it with very white walls, so I feel it opened up the area.

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By Cyinda 214 1,287 07/24/2007

It all depends... I myself wouldn't, but many are. If you REALLY want dark floors in a small room, then you'll need to decorate with mostly light to med furnishings. Plus, before choosing dark flooring, make sure you have sufficient natural lighting! If you choose a dark floor, it will "go away" or "disappear" & recede which can be a good thing if that's what you want. You'd need to carry the dark floor color all around the room in small accent pieces... If you are set on a dark floor, don't paint the walls white, but a medium value color. As I said before, don't even think of using a super dark floor in a small room unless you have a lot of natural light because the dark flooring will "suck up" the light. If you want to be safe, choose a light or med color flooring product. You REALLY have to know what you're doing to decorate around a dark floor in a small room.

Have you ever watched the show: "SMALL SPACES, BIG STYLE" on HGTV?,1783,HGTV_22676_528,00.html

It's one of my favorite shows... They show you how you can "break" some design "rules" & still have a stylish small space... Great ideas too!

----> But, my answer for the dark flooring in a small space... in 4 words my answer is: I wouldn't d it! ... (but, if you do... you better REALLY want it!) & try to keep your furniture up off of the floor on high thin legs or decorate with Plexiglas furniture & above all, keep clutter to a minimum!

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By Maddy 95 07/27/2007

I would use natural tones on the floor of a small room, dark colors tend to make the room look smaller.. Get you some carpet samples from your local Lowe's or Home Depot and see what would go with that size room don't forget to check out linolieum with the wood look you can put a rug in the center of it and it would look nice too.. Whatever color you chose you then should look for some wall accents to compliment the colors you chose.. Have fun with it!

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By (Guest Post) 07/29/2007

NO NO NO...I did this in a very small kitchen area with dark wood cupboards...(one little window)...dark stained shutters...dark bar looked nice when done, but several years down the line...I am 'WHAT WAS I THINKING!" My re-do...was all white appliances, light pergo flooring, knocking down a hickory cabinets...EVERYTHING LIGHT. I feel as though I was let out of a cave!

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By Maryeileen 76 1,143 07/29/2007

If the floors are dark, then the walls, furniture, etc. should be light.

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