Buying a Generic Brand to Save Money


Shop around for a generic everyone likes. We discovered the Food City brand Dr. Wow in our area tasted just like Dr. Pepper (just a bit more carbonated). Dr. Pepper sells at $4.29 for a 12 pack of cans while the Dr. Wow sells for $4.89 for a 24 can pack. That is double the quantity for a fraction of the cost.

Every store now a days is toting a generic brand: Food Lion, Kroger, Ingles, Safeway, Food City, etc. You just have to find one that tastes good to everyone, that is at a good price. Of course buying in bulk is usually cheaper anyway. I just never expected this soda to be so much cheaper and taste good to boot.

By Suntydt from Tazewell, TN


By Lilac 20 1,333 08/23/2011

No matter how cheap you buy soda, even if it is a penny a can you are wasting your money and are not frugal. There is no food value in it and in many cases it is harmful to you.

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By HAPPYINHARNED 14 193 08/29/2011

I think Big K (Kroger) drinks are made by Coca Cola. I love the sav a lot drinks, but not Bubba Cola, I do love the Mt. Holler from sav a lot.

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By Nancy 6 37 08/31/2011

Coupons are a pain - *unless you come across one that's for a brand you already use or want to try.* These "coupon queens" or whatever they're called spend a lot of money on newspapers and a lot of time putting it all together. The end result of what they pay on a grocery trip is very deceiving after all the time and all the money they spent just to get to that point.

So, I say stick with generics and you'll be OK. Actually at Demoulas Market Basket where I shop, I've found that most of the store are *far* better than the brand names!

P.S. I hate those coupons where you have to buy 2 or more of the product to get the "cents off!"

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