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Tax Forms Show Different Refund Amounts

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On 1/17/09 I e-filed my Federal taxes with one site (turbotax). Early this morning 1/18/09 I logged into another site that offered free state filing. Keep in mind it was 3am, so 1/2 way through I realize it's a Federal form. The issue: the 2nd form offers $500 more than the one previously e-filed (yes, same exact info: deductions, wages etc.) I have not submitted the 2nd form, but any thoughts as to how I get the additional refund money? Thanks in advance!

Joanne from NE Pennsylvania



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By Sally [16]01/24/2009

(submitted via email)

Thank you all for your feedback! After responses were sent, I found that although I e-filed my taxes; I was still able to print them out (as if I were mailing). I did the same for the 2nd site( Although they are different sites, the printed forms are exact. I just compared them line by line and found the error was in the daycare expenses. (TaxAct words the question in a different manner, therefore I entered information I didn't need do which resulted in what appeared to be a larger refund).


By Cristina (Guest Post)01/23/2009

Turbo tax has a guarantee that their tax refund is higher. So I would call them.

By Lelia Jo Cordell [51]01/22/2009

The advice the others gave is excellent. I just have something for you to think about for next year:
The IRS website has a free program you can use. I've used it before and it's very user-friendly. Since I'm now visually impaired and am oly lately getting back into filing, I've been chicken to try it yet, but the thought is getting more attractive every day.
I'd much rather know I only have myself to blame if there's any discrepancy, than have to trust anyone else to get the numbers entered correctly!

By lynn (Guest Post)01/22/2009

Just curious what is the name of the 2nd tax site that you used? I also use Turbotax and would love to get a bigger refund. thanks in advance

By (Guest Post)01/21/2009

You can also file an amended return (a 1040x) and receive the additional refund difference in a separate check. The free filing services may not offer you this form, but it would be worth seeing how much it would cost to file, or even complete the form yourself.

By Angelina (Guest Post)01/21/2009

Compare the two returns to find the discrepancy which resulted in the difference. Check total income, credits, deductions, exemptions and the all important taxable income which is used to compute the tax. Then check amounts withheld and/ or estimated taxes paid.
A taxpayer can file a Form 1040X, within a certain period, to correct an income tax that has been previously filed. I hope this helps.

By C. R.01/21/2009

I do not know the answer for sure, BUT you might start with Turbotax. Their surposed to back up their products.

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