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Acne on Forehead

I have tiny pimples all over my forehead. Anyone have any advice for getting rid of them?

By Horseluver123


Acne on Forehead

WITCH HAZEL. You can find it near the alcohol or peroxide at the store. It has no odor, isn't drying, and feels like water, but works great on cleaning the face. (07/30/2004)


By Tawnda

Acne on Forehead

I am 61 now; but, I use to be a teenager and I always dabbed whole milk and let it dry on my face and after it dried I gently washed it off with warm water and patted my face dry, every night and it gets rid of zits, etc. most of the time. By the way, I have people thinking I am in my early forties because my skin is so nice and smooth. (07/30/2004)

By sshep

Acne on Forehead

If you have oily hair & bangs, the oil from your bangs could be causing it. I had long hair and my back would break out where ever my hair touched. Would it be possible to pull your hair back? I got my hair cut shoulder length & now my back is clear. (07/30/2004)

By Cheryl from Missouri

Acne on Forehead

I use 70% concentration rubbing alcohol on my face, applying with a cotton ball, several times a day in summer when it's hot. About three times a day the rest of the year. Works very well, hardly ever get pimples, and doesn't dry out my face because I do lotion once a day (07/31/2004)

By Ann

Acne on Forehead

I have horrible skin, I get acne all over my body. That being said, you'd never be able to tell as I've worked out a routine to take care of it and now I'm clear. First wash you hands in antibacterial soap. Next I use Johnson and Johnson all over baby wash, the important thing is that its not heavily scented or colored, was your entire face and neck. Then apply a sensitive skin astringent on to a cotton ball, it doesn't have to be expensive mine costs 2.99. Use a circular upward motion until entire face is done, then do your neck. You can use the same cotton ball. The apply moisturizer so you don't dry out. I use a generic brand of Oil of Olay. When all that's done apply a thin layer of a 10% benzyoil peroxide acne treatment only to areas where you get acne. And by thin I mean thin, don't slather it on you just need a tiny amount. It sounds like a lot but it takes 5 minutes. Good luck (08/24/2004)


By Suzanne S.

Acne on Forehead

Baking soda on a wet cloth works very well for me. Use gently. It can also be used with lotion. Follow with a good moisturizer. (08/24/2004)

By lorac456

Acne on Forehead

Hair gel makes it worse. and hair products, so try using less of them, or just using it at the ends, and wash your hair before bed. Then just add the styling products in the morning. It should help stop them from showing up. (02/15/2005)

By miss annabelle

Acne on Forehead

These things have helped me:

  • never touching my face/keeping the phone away from my skin
  • drinking lots of water. didn't think it would help until I actually tried it. It did help.
  • go to health food store and buy Witch Hazel. It is a natural astringent AND moisturizer in one. Cleared up my pimples WHILE improving skin texture/dryness. This stuff is great! Thayers is a good brand. Get the Witch Hazel Plus Aloe Vera kind. Might have a website. Ok found the web site,

  • About 1 year ago, my boyfriend tried an experiment to control his energy levels (he used to be really hyper and then really tired/no energy and this was a big problem - he's plays Division 1 Soccer). His doctor recommended he cut out all sugar, most dairy, and refined wheat products from his diet. So Patrick started eating only fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, yogurt and whole grain braid/whole oatmeal. The first couple days were weird. He was kind of grumpy and tired. Then, after maybe 3 days, he started having tons of energy all the time. And his mood was insanely good. Like he was happier than I've ever seen him. The weirdest thing was, for some reason, his skin really quickly just cleared up. That wasn't even the goal of the experiment/diet-change but that happened and it was so dramatic.
I had no energy problems, but I did have pimples. I went on the same diet and MY skin also cleared up. It took about 1 week but my pimples just started disappearing. Anyway, I talk about this non-stop to anyone who is suffering from acne. It's amazing to me that people don't talk about it more. So try it, even just as a 1-week experiment. It is pretty amazing.
My cousin is sitting here with me and wants to say that the diet I described plus Proactiv worked for her (in clearing up her skin and just making her feel better overall). It'd true, her skin does look super-nice. Good luck to all of you!

By ErinMcGuire

Acne on Forehead

Fortunately, I've never had bad acne, but I do get a pimple now and then. but I now have a nightly routine that makes them almost non-existent.

First, I wash my face with a face wash. then, I use St. Ives makeup remover, and lastly, I use queen of helene oatmeal and honey facial scrub. I used to use the acne pads, too, but they really dry out my skin. Overkill, I guess. Since i've been following this routine, pimples are very few and far between. (09/14/2005)

By Gwynnetx

Acne on Forehead

I have terrible skin. Some things that I have heard that work are:

Putting lemon juice on a cotton pad/ball, and putting it on a new/inflamed zit for like 3-5 min.

Also, don't wear make-up/cover-up before working out. This clogs up pores and causes bacteria build up. (06/21/2006)

By Rachel

Acne on Forehead

Pimples are a cause of excess sebum (oil) production mixed with bacteria. It's important not to dry out your skin with witchazel, alcohol or any other severe method such as overdosing on BHA's and AHA's or even using cleansers that dry out the skin including soaps. If you excessively dry out your skin, it will in-turn produce even more oil as a defense mechanism, to keep it soft, nourished and supple. After all the skin needs some oil to function properly as an organ.

So to help the acne problem you need to use a recommended percentage of BHA's and AHA's, where it is required on the area of your skin only. In fact, keeping your skin moisturized with a good moisturizer (such as a hyloronic based moisturizer, oil free and light) will help to make the skin supple and soft, and the skin will not have to produce excess oil to protect itself. Moisturized skin also help the breakouts to come through less painfully. Otherwise there are other ways of helping it, such as oral contraception, this helps to reduce the androgen hormone (male hormone) levels in your skin which produce excess sebum, resulting in acne (see your doctor).


Lastly the only other thing I can say is that generally if your experiencing breakout on your forehead only, this could indicate disrupted digestion. According to chinese facial readings, the forehead can indicate the state of a part in your body, and the forehead relates specifically to digestion.. so consider what your eating... hoped i help. If you want extra info just let me know. (07/10/2006)

By Ally (Therapist)

Acne on Forehead

I'm a guy and I used to have this problem. This works for all your facial acne issues. Buy a bar of clinique facial soap, rub it into a wet rag and scrub your face with it in the shower under hot water. When you get out splash really cold water on your face and proceed to shave.

What this does is, when the water is hot (when you're washing your face in the shower) the pores in your skin open up allowing you to deep-clean your skin. When you get out and splash cold water on your face the pores close cutting off all the dirt, dust, and other pollutants in the air. Don't use lotion on your face because it creates a sticky surface that attracts dirt, don't touch your face because the oil on your hands will make you break out, and be careful to rinse or wipe off any hair gel or hair products because these will also make you break out.

Cold water on the face may seem a little shocking at first but it has a lot of benefits. First, it stimulates skin making it tighter and even-toned. Second, it closes pores blocking out the stuff that makes you break out, Third, since the pores close, the hair follicles close, so when you shave you won' t shave too close making you develop in-grown hairs. Forth, it moisturizes your skin. After the hot shower your skin will absorb the cold water like a sponge.

Cold water is like toner, lotion, and moisturizer for men. Take it like a man with a cold splash of water and you and the ladies will notice a big difference. Believe me, I know from personal experience.

One other thing, check your diet. If you eat bad food (junk food, fast food) it'll show up on your face. You really are what you eat. (02/16/2007)

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