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Advice For A Puppy With Parvo


I got my puppy at the shelter she has parvo and I took her to the vet they gave us all these shots, IVs and medicine for her. Are there other natural things on top this we can do to help her? She is walking around now, drinking water and no blood is or has been in her stool.

Wondering what all can be done...

Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/01/2005
I am a veterinary assistant at a pet hospital in WA state. Parvo in pound puppies isn't uncommon and fluid therapy and antibiotics are really about all that can be done to help. The good news is that if your pet is drinking water and moving around more and not pooping blood then it sounds like she might be getting better. Keep your fingers crossed still as parvo is very bad for pups.

On a side note, do be careful with any natural remedies for pets, some of it is great, some of it is not. Always consult your veterinarian before using any natural remedies. If you really like natural remedies then maybe seek a veterinarian who is familiar with them.

But as far as the pup is concerned it sounds like you are doing all you can. :)

Good luck,

By David in WA (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/01/2005
Give her love, love, love. They can really do a lot better when they know they are loved... sounds like she is on the mend, Good Luck!
By Diamondee
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/02/2005
Stay with the vet and his/her advice/treatment. Parvo is a serious and possibly fatal disease. I know because I lost a puppy to Parvo. Don't goof around with your own, frugal treatments in this case. You don't want to lose your pet!
By Mary (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/07/2005
When I lived in a rural area, I worked at a hospital and one of the nurses was sitting around talking about a stay puppy with parvo. One of the "country" ladies said they bought a package of chicken livers from the grocery store boiled them in water & fed the livers and water to the pup. He was cured. She did this only no other medication as her husband wouldn't let her because the puppy was a stray and money involved. I am not an animal person, but remembered this for many years because I was impressed with the outcome.
By guest (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/22/2005
We had a round with parvo at my house about a year ago. We had to put the puppy to sleep to keep her from suffering. After talking to several vets and others I get a different answer to all of my questions about Parvo i.e. how long is your yard contaminated? I have gotten a wide range of answers to this question. We have waited a year and we just got a dog from the pound and now he is sick and I immediately jumped and said it was Parvo. Almost all of the symptoms were there and I just knew that's what it was. I do not have the money at this particular time to take my dog to the vet, either. I called a lady who lives in my neighborhood that works in a vet office (she has several years of experience so I know she has learned a thing or to). She came over to see my dog and brought some Kaopectate and gave him 1cc and told me to give him 1cc about every 3 to 4 hours. She said that it could be the food that I have been feeding him. I am giving him the medicine and he already seems to be doing better. I am also giving him a little Pedialyte to help replace what he has lost from the diarrhea. I still don't know if this one has parvo and probably never will, God willing that he gets better. But I do know that he already seems to be feeling somewhat better. All the vet would do for your dog is give him liquids and observe him anyway and charge you an arm and a leg. Parvo is a virus and has to run its course. Antibiotics will not do any good, They are only for bacterial infections not viral ones. Good luck with you dog!
By Karen (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 07/18/2005
If anyone suspects that their puppy has Parvo, and can not afford the treatment from a vet, please email me. I may be able to help! robvanderark @ (remove spaces)
doing my part to help another pup survive the deadly Parvo-virus.
By Rob Vander Ark (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 12/14/2005
Dear Guest,
It seems like if they live through the Parvo they can lead healthy lives after that. If you get another pup, it may have the same problems because the pet store may be infected. Hope Tyson comes back good as new.
Susan from ThriftyFun
By ThriftyFun
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/12/2006
I had a dog that lived through parvo the vet said nothing could be done for him. The best advice vet could give was he needed fluids and pepto bismol for stomach.

So I mixed a table spoon of pepto in 1/4 cup water with a little sugar and used a syringe to put a few drops in his mouth every hour day and night. The 3rd day he got up and drank water and threw up so we let him have a little water and held him so had to stay quiet. This went on for a day or two the next he got up hungry gave him an egg scrambled, he ate that down so the next meal got some soft dog food. Grew stronger from there was ok after that.

Hope your puppy can recover.

By Tommy (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/12/2006
You should never buy from pet stores. The pups are from puppy mills. If you are unsure what that is, google it and see the horrible conditions these pups are brought into this world in. The person responsible for puppy mills does not provide vet care or anything to these pups, badly bred, suffer health issues, parents are never health tested or temperament tested so often can have behavioral issues.

So I would NOT get another dog from this pet store. If you want another dog, rescue from the pounds or breed rescues or find a -reputable- breeder, who health tests their dogs, shows their dogs either in conformation or some other field, be it obedience, hunting, herding, you name it. Something to prove the dog can do what it was bred for before it's bred. Remember, they will tell you -anything- to sell this puppy, so do not believe them.

As much as the pet store claims the pups are from breeders around the area, trust me. It's a load of lies. NO respectable breeder will hand over their pups to someone willing to sell them to -anyone- with money. Responsible breeders will screen potential owners to make sure they will treat this dog as a family member and the dog will have a wonderful life.


I hope you precious pup makes it and I hope you can understand that buying from pet stores is only causing his mother at the mill to produce more sick puppies, heat after heat, for a heartless person only interested in money and not the health or well being of the precious angels they bring into this world, many who suffer from health related issues that if screened before hand they wouldn't have had.


By Cinthia
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/13/2006
I have had a few run ins with Parvo...I do know it is very contagious to other animals... My pup got it from a back yard of a house we had moved into.. the previous renters had buried their pup that had parvo in the backyard... vet told me bleach the yard, one year to put any other dogs back there and shots get your pups their shots. I was told for many years after this happened that shots and puppies are so important. I make it a rule that it is the first visit my puppy makes no matter where you buy, rescue or get given a puppy. I also have this last bit of info that more then one vet told me... Parvo is in that puppy for life, the pup is a carrier, ask your vet about this. You have done the right thing with your pup... good luck and blessings to you and Ty
By cg (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/13/2006
I would suggest finding a new vet, since after 2 visits you haven't gotten the full scoop on Parvo yet from the one you've got now. I hope you've also done your own search on the internet to find out all you can about parvo and other puppy hood diseases. That would be a more productive way to get good advice on such a serious matter. Don't dispair... parvo is a fairly common virus in puppies, esp. those not cared for properly prior to your ownership. Even in the most sanitary conditions, puppies can become infected with the virus.

No one plans for their pets (or children) to get sick. Pets are indeed a commitment. Serious health issues are the unexpected ones, and the most expensive to deal with. I don't think any one here has mentioned shirking that responsibility.

By marinewife5
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/22/2006
NO NO NO. Do not listen to these people telling you to treat your dog at home, especially the one who says the only thing the vet does is rip you off. Parvo puppies need IV fluids, not just by mouth. They need antibiotics to help prevent any bacterial infection (parvo is a virus but can leave them susceptible to infections), and other supportive care. It's not as simple as giving them a few drops of liquid every few hours. It will easily die from dehydration if that's all you do. If you don't care about your pet and want it to suffer, then leave it at home, and be ready to bury it. If you want to give your pet the best chance, find a place where it can be hospitalized. Some vets will work with you on payments. DON'T MESS AROUND WITH THIS! THIS IS NOT, REPEAT, NOT LIKE A SIMPLE COLD TO LET IT RUN ITS COURSE.
By Melissa (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 01/31/2006
We have a dog that is 1 yrs. old and he came down with parvo at 3 months we took him to the Humane Society and he tested positive for it and told us that we could have him put down or do the home remedy and take care of him at home so we took care of him night and day and gave him the iv ourselves and the shots. Today he is a healthy visula/dashound mix.
By kelli (Guest Post)
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 02/01/2006
PARVOVIRUS CAN SURVIVE IN YOUR HOUSE OR OVER-WINTER OUTSIDE IN A COLD CLIMATE FOR OVER A YEAR. Some kennels will not provide a dog to someone for 3-5 years if they've had a dog with parvo. Bleach everything, even the grass. It's the only way to kill the virus and even that is not guaranteed. Shame on anyone who tells you to try and treat parvo at home. If the bowel telescopes, the puppy might be saved by surgery.

Don't take a young puppy anywhere other dogs have been until after a complete parvo shot regimen. Carry puppies into the vets and watch while they clean the table. Fully vaccinated adult dogs can contract parvo. You can carry it home on the bottom of your shoes. Parvo is nasty and can run through a community. Read up on this devastating virus.

By Vicka
Advice For A Puppy With Parvo 02/20/2006
I agree with many of the posts about taking the puppy to the vet and most of the vets will take a down payment and work with you. If your puppy survived without treatment then you are blessed because it is a horrible virus and don't kid yourself extremely painful. Sometimes although you do all the right things, shots etc... they will get the virus , just like when you get a flu shot and GET THE FLU.

As far as affording a vet, I have 16 dogs! They all have there shots and I really do not have a lot of money. I go to the local "co-op" and buy the 7 and 1 and every year every county in America has a "rabies " day, where you get in a line in your car and drive up and take your dog out and pay anywhere between $5-$9 for each shot and they vaccinate your dog or cat. Contact your animal shelter and ask them when these events will take place. Rabies is not only deadly for your dog but deadly FOR YOU!!! Has anybody ever went through Rabies shots? I did , it has been many years but then it was 30 days of shots in your stomach and there is no guarantee you will survive if they think that you have rabies. Do you know how they check a dog for Rabies? They chop their head off and test the brain matter... I know this is a bit raw but these a truths. You CANNOT AFFORD NOT TO VACCINATE YOUR PETS! And if you still can't afford it I agree with everyone else, you need to find the pet a home. I have 3 pets that I purchased and the others were rescues or saved from being put down while I was at the vet. And because I have so many the vets will cut you deal. They will or find a teaching vet, one that is teaching students to be a vet or assistant. Contact your local colleges. Your pets require so little and give so much. Mine range from 1.5 lb. to 130 lb. and they are babies!!! from 5 weeks old to 15 years old , so I have many different needs from many different breeds and they act like my children.

If I cannot fix it they go to the vet, the end. So what I won't get that new pair of shoes or that new dress I wanted, it can wait. It is all about sacrifices. It will be worth it all in the end.

Good Luck to all of you struggling with vet bills, ask around you will find some help and if you can't email me and I will find somebody to help you if I have to call every vet in your area!!!

This is Sassie Anne she is a year and half old and is smaller than my puppies!! She weighs 1.9 lb. and thinks that she weighs 200 lb.!! She is a mess, and the love of mine and my husbands life!! She keeps all the other dogs in line. She is so funny. There isn't anything I would not do for her.

By sassieanne

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