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Armpit Odor on Clothing

How do I get armpit odour out of clothing?

Wendy from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia


Armpit Odor on Clothing

Certain Dry Deodorant will stop the smell from even getting on the clothes. I have a son that no matter what he used, he had armpit odor. (yuk) However we heard about Certain Dry and it works amazingly well. I know Walmart and Meijer's carry it. If you can't find it just ask the pharmacist. This really does work.



By lLnda from Arrowsmith, IL

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I have 2 sons. One works on cars and the other is in an office all day. Both come with wonderful smelling arm pits. I have found something I swear by. It's called Grease Lightening. It's great for cleaning and using in the wash. In fact I use it in place of bleach, on both colored clothes and white clothes. It helps get the grease out of my son's work clothes, that's how good it is. It's sold by the half gallon at Home Depot and at Walmart in spray bottles which is great for pre-treating and it's cheap. The other uses for it are never ending: cleaning, degreasing, wash, soap scum, on and on. But give it a try. (04/07/2007)

By Nancy J

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I noticed that washing my armpits with feminine wash eliminates odor completely. (04/30/2007)

By manja

Armpit Odor on Clothing

Use white vinegar to wash your clothes (approx 1/2 cup and add 2 tbs spoons of bicarbonate of soda) as this helps to neutralize sweat and takes the smell out of the clothes. For this I use a spray gun with white vinegar and spray the sweaty parts of my clothes. Leave for approximately 1 hour and wash. Rinse thoroughly on a prolonged cycle. Always spray the white vinegar on dirty clothes even if you're not washing them straight away. It won't harm the clothes and the BO smells come out from the clothes. (07/30/2007)

By Suzi

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I smell like a skunk sometimes. What helps me is to wipe my arms with alcohol after I shower, than I wait until it completely dries and then I apply Mitchum deodorant gel and wait until that dries before I put any clothes on. I use a hair drier to dry my armpits quicker. (08/20/2007)

By Petra

Armpit Odor on Clothing

You're all somewhat right, the smell is actually caused by a condition called hyperhidrosis. If you go to the dermatologist they can prescribe a medication to use at night a few times a week that keeps the smelliness at bay. I will be trying all of your suggestions for getting the smells out of my clothing. I had spoiled several shirts before I knew what the condition was. (09/13/2007)


By Courtney

Armpit Odor on Clothing

Thank all of you for your ideas! I'm gonna go soak my clothes in vinegar, now! I'm a fitness trainer and I wanted to stop the armpit odor for good so instead of using deodorant, I switched to baking soda. I works great. I just splash it on after my shower and after a full day, my pits are odorless. But I just had the problem of the old musty odor in my clothes, so thanx! (10/26/2007)

By Fit Guy in TX

Armpit Odor on Clothing

One thing you can do is go to Sally's Beauty Supply or try Wal-Mart or Target and look for those empty small travel size spray mist bottles. Then put in one part vinegar and one part water and shake it up and mist your arm pits after each shower. Dab off the excess mixture and let the arms pits dry, do not rinse the solution from your arm pits. Also, buy yourself a regular size empty plastic spray bottle and pour in one cup of white vinegar (clear vinegar) and pour in two cups of water and shake up the solution/mixture and keep it in the shower.

Take your shower or bath as normal. Then right before you get out of the shower mist your arm pits and your penal and pubic area or if you are a female mist the vaginal and pubic area with the solution. Dry yourself off and you will have no body order. Make sure to mist between your upper thighs/inner thighs. If the solution stings a bit just add some more water to the spray solution. And just pat those areas dry, do not rinse the solution off, just pat it dry.

You will stay dry and smell nice under your arm pits and your penal/pubic or vaginal/pubic area will stay drier and smell fresh. I used to work with patients in the medical field and I used this solution on patients and also the public can also use this solution.

Best regards. (02/24/2008)

By Gloria

Armpit Odor on Clothing

Try Simple Green. I work at REI and several hiker/climbers have reported success w/ it. (04/22/2008)

By Nancy

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I have sprayed the inside of my brother's shirt at the armpits with Lysol spray (I think it was the "rain" fragrance, when I took them out of the dryer and they still stunk. I then threw them back in the dryer on the delicate setting until they were dry.)
I had put vinegar in the wash water before, but I guess I didn't add enough.
The Lysol spray worked very good.
Try it, you might like it.
Thanks for all the tips from everyone.
Years ago in Prevention magazine there was an ad that said "Don't stink! Take Zinc." (05/03/2008)

By Therese

Armpit Odor on Clothing

Instead of using deodorant. Spray hairspray in your hand then wipe it under your armpit. Then if you want you can put on deodorant. Hairspray works. (07/02/2008)

By Rendarla

Armpit odor

For armpit odor, I finally found an antiperspirant with witch hazel and tea tree oil in it. Both of those help inhibit bacteria growth. I can't remember the name of it, and only one of that brand's types has the witch hazel and tea tree oil! It is a stick with a blue stripe in the middle of it. Sorry, I am not at home right now.

Also, I have used the "natural" deodorants (salt based) in the groin area to help with odor. Sometimes I will double the natural deodorant with the antiperspirant I mentioned above in the summer for extra help; I live in Phoenix! (07/03/2008)

By Ivy

Armpit Odor on Clothing

Secret Clinical deodorant is a godsend. I always had problems with underarm odor and sweat. Oh, and the yellow stains that you can never get rid of. Since using Secret Clinical, no more problems. It's a little more expensive, but well worth it. I've tried the other "clinical" deodorants and find Secret to be the best. (07/13/2008)

By Mary

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I've had this problem for a long time. It's really embarrassing. I've found that the vinegar does work. I've also stopped using antiperspirant and that has seemed to help. I use Dr Bronner's Magic Soap as a deodorant and I've never been so fresh. Just dab a little on a cotton ball and rub on your underarms and you are good to go! It's all natural and smells great. (12/26/2008)


By Free2BeMe

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I have tried every trick in the book to get rid of the armpit stink on my son's shirts! But recently, I learned in one of my nursing biology classes that bacteria is the cause of many odors. So one day while grocery shopping I spotted "Febreze Antibacterial" spray and wondered if it would kill the smell on his shirts.

I brought it home and saturated the armpits of his shirts and then let them sit for a bit just to make sure it had a chance to kill the foul odor. Guess what? No more stink! Now I just give the shirts a quick spray on each armpit before I wash his shirts and we haven't smelled him since! LOL I am very impressed by the results. I hope it works as well for you as it did for me.

I am not advocating Febreze itself, but the "antibacterial" component of it. Any similar spray should work as long as it's "antibacterial". (12/28/2008)

By Mamma with a stinky teenager!

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I have found a great product that gets all odors out of clothing. I t is called Odorzout. You simply add it to your wash and clothes come out smelling great with no cover-up odor! I won't ever wash without it. For underarm stains soak clothes in Oxiyclean overnight. (01/26/2009)

By Janene

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I have been reading all the great ideas and suggestions about removing underarm stains and body odor smells. My special weapon for these problems has been adding "20 Mule Team Borax" to my normal detergent and dry bleach regimen. I was on recruiting duty for the Navy for 12 years and every May through October I was in an all white uniform. Standing in the heat and humidity trying to look "fresh" was always a challenge. Sometimes I was washing them two - three times a week. The borax worked well in keeping them smelling fresh. It's also a great additive when you're washing blankets and bed linens that may have gotten musty while in storage. It's worth a try! (03/29/2009)

By Nockmoi

Armpit Odor on Clothing

My husband's towels used to stink after one or two days which I couldn't figure out because he had just showered. Then I saw a segment on Oprah with Dr.Oz who said the BO smell is from bacteria. So we switched to anti-bacterial soap in the shower and now his towels don't smell. I also use vinegar with my normal detergent and use the hottest setting possible when washing his clothes. The acidity in the vinegar and the heat help kill the bacteria. Also, washing the clothes as soon as possible helps keep the bacteria from multiplying. (05/06/2009)

By RN Mom

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I bought a designer cotton top on e-Bay, it arrived with smelly armpits (yuck!). I thought I'd try to fix the problem before complaining to the seller and so I Google/researched "removing body odor from cotton clothing" and proceeded to try each of the following methods:

  1. Washed in hot water with detergent and stain lifter (twice - still smelled).
  2. Applied paste of washing soda and water to underarms of garment and let it sit overnight then washed out (twice - still stinky).
  3. Soaked underarms of garment in undiluted white vinegar for several hours, then washed out (twice - still smelled of B.O.).
  4. Soaked underarms of garment in undiluted rubbing alcohol for several hours, then washed out (twice - still smelled of B.O.).
  5. Soaked underarms of garment in undiluted 3% antibacterial hydrogen peroxide for 5 hours, then washed out. Success! I think. I'll have to wait until garment is completely dry and heat (from iron) is applied to problem areas before I'll know if the smell is really completely gone.

FYI this concentration of hydrogen peroxide did not lift color. I've used the stuff on a Q-Tip to remove cherry, berry, wine and tomato sauce stains from cotton, silk, and rayon. It's never left a spot, or lifted garment color or distressed the fibers, but sure does get the stain out.

Wish me luck with my war on unknowingly purchased body odor! (07/16/2009)

By ResearchPitbull

Armpit Odor on Clothing

Thanks Dutch! I just went to and bought Maxim so hopefully it works as well as you said it does. If so, I am forever grateful to you for sharing. I will let you know how it goes!
Thanks again. (07/18/2010)

By angelofgrace

Armpit Odor on Clothing

I got this from another post and it worked. I actually did this yesterday. I used a small spray bottle and poured about 4-6 oz of 3% peroxide, the kind you use for cuts. I sprayed the t-shirt (Under Amour type) in the pits. I sprayed it inside and then turned it over to the outside. I let the shirt sit for about 2 hours, then I sprayed with Shout (inside and out). I let it sit for about another hour or so then put it in the wash with other dirty clothes. When I pulled it out of the washer the smell was completely gone! I will definitely use this method again since I know it works. (09/13/2010)

By ynjig

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