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Asking a Guy To Winter Formal


you can paint your nails with the guys name then "SADIE" on the other hand

By meagan

Balloon Surprise

So my freshman year, this guy asked me in the cutest way. In each class, I got a random balloon and in the upcoming class, I got a bigger one and had to carry them around school. Then afterwards, I still didn't know who was asking me so I went to practice and there was no one there. Then this guy ran by me and ran in to the storage room and came out with 5 guys screaming and yelling and one gave me flowers and then ran past me the other direction. When I turned around, there was the guy with a sign that said "Will you go to Homecoming with me?" it was so cute!


By JUST helping those who need help


i just asked my guy friend the other day. I took a blank puzzle, and wrote "Will you go to winter formal with me?" and then my name under it. Then I had various people hand him some pieces during each class, and hid one in his notebook, and one in his violin case, etc ,etc. Finally he had the entire puzzle, except for my name. I found him in the hallway after school and gave him the pieces with my name, so he could finally fit it together. it was super cute : )

By kayla

You make a poster and write something fun on it and then you cut it up into a puzzle and put in a brown bag and give it to the boy. I said "Roses are Red and Violets are blue, I would love it if I could go to Sadies with you."

Ask On A T-Shirt

What I'm thinking about doing is getting a big box and then a t-shirt then I'll use those iron on letters and spell out his name on the back with a ... Then on the other side, spell out "Turnabout?" Then you can either get into the box and close it up or put the box over you and have it sitting on his porch. Have one of your friends ring the doorbell and make sure his name is on the box and say something on it like "Open right away" so he'll answer the door and see the box. When he opens it, he will see you with his name on the back of your shirt and then turn around and say "Will you go to Turnabout with me!


By Lo

I asked the guy that i liked this way

I made a shirt that said "___________ will you go to Sadies with me?"

I wore it under my jacket that day and when we were walking out of class together, I took off my jacket and showed him and then he said yes and then he hugged me.

By kaylie

You can get a plain white t-shirt and write on it 3 girls names (yours is one of them) in washable marker and write yours in permanent marker and say "to find out who is asking you to (name of dance), wash this shirt." Decorate it and do whatever you want to make it look festive.

By lindsay

Crime Scene

Have one of your friends lay down and outline them with tape on the guy's floor, put caution tape and orange cones around and leave a sign that says "It'd be a crime if you didn't go to Turnabout with me" OR "I'd die if you didn't go to Turnabout with me!"



I have an idea that you could all use. Go to the guy's house, when he isn't home, and put caution tape all around the outside of his house and the driveway. Then in the driveway, draw the outlined shape of your body in chalk. When he sees it, walk out with a sign that says "I'm dying to go to formal with you" It's both cute and original.

By Richele

Toilet Paper Rolls

Okay, this is for all the girls who want to ask a guy in a cute funny way. I did this for my guy friend because it's nothing romantic but it made him laugh:)

I went over to his house late at night and Tepeed it with tons of toilet paper then put all the left over rolls on his doorstep. I made a huge sign that said "Will you roll with me to winter?" He cracked up but it did take a while to clean up, haha!


By courtney

Fortune Cookie

Last year my boyfriend and i went out to Chinese with a few of our other friends and I had previously bought a fortune cookie and had replaced the existing fortune with one of my own. At the restaurant, I made sure he had gotten the fixed cookie and when he read "Johnny, will you go to Turnabout with me" he was really surprised, and of course he said yes.

By Lauren

I did this one to ask to winter formal. I got a fortune cookie and pulled out the piece of paper and slipped my name in it, then decorated his front yard with lots of fortune cookies and chop sticks and Chinese symbols and wrote "I would be fortunate to go to winter formal with you?" then gave instructions to break open the fortune cookies to see who the date was.


By cyndee

Two Thoughtful Ideas

Okay, this was to turnabout but here are some things I did. Last year, I asked my boyfriend by giving him a CD with every first letter of the songs spelling out t-u-r-n-a-b-o-u-t and then I wrote him a note with a message in it saying to take the first letter of every song. He liked music and always loved when I wrote him notes.

And then this year, I asked a crush to turnabout. He's in band with me and I got his locker combination from my band director. I put a poster in his instrument case asking him to turnabout.

If you don't know a locker combination, you can always put a sign in a binder or folder if you're in a class with him, or slip on into his locker or onto his desk before his class if you're not in a class with him.


By Brooke

Pizza Or Muffins

I wanted to ask someone to Sadies and my friend came up with two ideas: Have a pizza delivered to his house saying nothing would "pizza" me more than to go to Sadies with you. Or make a bunch of muffins and have a sign that says I'd love "muffin" more than to go to Sadies with you.

By Rachael

Build A Bear With Voice

if you need a cute way to ask a guy to sadie then here's a sure fire way to ask him. You could get a bear from build a bear and record you voice and put the voice box in the bear. Write the guy a note telling him to push the bear's hand or whatever and the guy will say yes in no time.

By Brittany

All The Fish In The Sea

Get a paper lunch bag and draw an ocean on it with markers. Fill it with Swedish fish (the candy fish) and write on the bag: "Out of all the fish in the sea, will you go to (name of dance) with me?" it's a really creative way to ask, and he will probably say yes, because everyone loves Swedish fish!

By danikaskye

Fortune Teller

I got the cutest idea from a friend. First you make a "fortune teller" and where the fortunes are suppose to go write "Will you go to __dance name__ with me?" Then have the guy you're going to ask play your fortune teller game.

By Katlyin

Make A Wish On A Star

I was going to put stars all over his room "suspended and on the floor" of all shapes and sizes. When he woke up and went to his door there would be a star that said "close your eyes and make a wish" and when he opens the door, hold a star that says "I wish you'd go to Sadie with me!"

By kristin

Here's a cute one if you talk to your boyfriend or girlfriend on the phone at night. Talk to them and ask what they are doing. When they ask you, say that you are outside laying on your lawn looking at the stars. While you are talking to them, drive to their house and lay glow in the dark stars from their doorstep to the lawn. Now say, "Hey I think you should go outside right now and look at the stars." When they go out, they will see you lying on their lawn with a sign saying, "Make a wish and go to ________ with me!"

By mak

Banner At School

My friend did this for Sadies last year. We have big glass doors as you go into school and so she made a banner and hung it above the doors that he went through in the morning saying "Sadies With Me?" It was adorable and everyone else saw it, it was so cute

By Paige

Sports Posters Or Signs

if your friend is in a sport and goes to games away on a school bus you can use this idea.

My friend is in soccer and so, for away games, his team rides the bus after school to another school. i got another one of my friends on the same team to get the guy I was going to ask, to sit next to the window. On the freeway or the streets, I got his attention from a car my friend drove me in. We drove right next to the bus, and I started pulling out cute posters that said, "Will you go to Sadies with me?" When the bus pulled up at the school, he came out, hugged me, and said yes. =)

I was really nervous, but I'm glad i did it. it was my first and last time asking anyone to Sadies. So a note to all: take chances, I promise you will never regret them. remember, it's just high school right? =)

By jesus freak

Hey people! I just asked my awesome boyfriend to Turnabout and this is how I did it. He is a swimmer and so I went to one of his meets with many of my friends. While he was swimming the race, I had all my friends hold up signs that said TURN-ABOUT-WITH-(your name) and then I had one of my friends hold up an arrow that was pointing to me. When he finished the race, we all yelled his name and he looked and saw. It was cute.


The guy i like and i have this "special spot" on top of the football bleachers. so what I'm gonna do is get his locker combination from my friend who he shares with and put a note in there that says "meet me by the bleachers." When he gets there, I'm gonna have my friend blindfold him and then walk him up to where I'm sitting and take off the blindfold and then look across and I'll have a few of my friends holding up posterboards that say SADIES?

By Ashley

Hide It In The Trunk

I had a really simple and easy way of doing it. My friend and I wanted to ask our boyfriends together. So one night we went out to dinner. and after we were done eating, we walked back to my car and I said, 'Hey boys, can you get something out of the trunk for us?' and when they opened up my trunk i had a sign in there that said "_____ & _____ (insert names) will you go to the G.A.G (girls ask guys) dance with us?" I also had balloons and streamers in the trunk,too. Of course they said yes :)

By maggie

Top Ten Reasons

These are really awesome ideas! Another one is to take a poster board and make a top ten reasons why you should go to _______ with me!! It works!!

By Lisa

Melting Heart

Here's a cute idea. Get a piece of pretty paper and write "My heart will melt if you don't go to ____ with me!" then laminate it so it won't ruin in water. Find a heart container and fill it up with water and put the piece of paper in it, then freeze it!! One of my friends asked a guy that way and he LOVED it! Good luck!

By Kim

Rock His World

The person i want to ask plays the guitar so I made him a guitar shaped cake and a sign that says "It would rock my world if you went to Turnabout with me." I had my friend put it on his front step and ring the doorbell. He answered the door, called me on my cell phone, and said "Of course, I'll go to Turnabout with you.

By Katie

Go Or You're Grounded

Hey, I have the cutest way ever to ask a guy to Tolo! Go in his backyard and get all of his family members to lay on the grass and spell out T-O-L-O and when he comes outside everyone chant "You better go to Tolo with ________ or you're grounded because we are on the ground!" it was soooooooooooo cute!

By Ashley

Balloons With Notes Inside

This is what i did to my boyfriend and he LOVED it I filled up his car with 40 balloons. In each balloon, there was a note saying why I liked him and in the last balloon, there was a note asking him to Sadies. Then I numbered each balloon and taped a note on his car window saying that he needs to pop each balloon in order to get to the surprise at the end. It took him forever to do but he loved it!

By Shelly

Ask A Prince

Get on of those big clear balloons and put a stuffed frog in it with a crown and get a bunch of balloons and have them numbered in order he has to pop them: 1. Will 2. you 3. be 4. my 5. prince 6. to 7. ball 8. - ?) and one letter per balloon to spell out your name. I am doing this very soon! hope it works

By bekah

One thing I did that I thought was cute was I made him a crown out of construction paper (or you can buy one, it might look better). On the inside, I wrote "Will you be my Prince Charming at Homecoming? "so you can write something that involves asking him to be your Prince Charming, be creative!

By Elizabeth

Wrong Flower

Put an unopened bag of flour on their front porch and a note that says there is a special surprise for you inside. In about an hour (after they have sifted through the flour and obviously found nothing), leave a flower on their doorstep (rose, etc.) and a note that says something like "oops wrong flower, will you go with me to morp anyway?!"

By girl

Ideas At School

I thought up some good ideas for sadie hawkins:

He's in my weight training class, and I could wear a t-shirt that says : "Hey Matt" on one side, then on the other, "Wanna go to Sadie Hawkins?" Or since sometimes in class we play flickerball, which is played with a football, I could get a spare football, and decorate it, then write on it, "Matt, how about Sadies?" and pass it to him. Or since i know his locker combo, I could go in early before school, and decorate it, and put a little poem that says: "Matt, I don't want any kisses or hugs, just to go to sadies with one of my best buds <3 (insert a picture of me)"

<h3>Think Pink

I used this one for winter formal. First go buy a bunch of pink stuff like balloons, confetti, just anything pink. Then go throw it all in his room with a pink poster that says "I would be tickled pink if you went to formal with me!" Make sure you put your name somewhere, like in the balloons. It's soo cute!

By ashley

Ask With Flowers

A way to ask a girl to a dance....

Get a dozen red roses and one yellow rose and put them in a vase filled with water. In the bottom of the vase, have those little marble stones and write your name (a letter on each stone) and mix it up with all the other stones.(We used fingernail polish so it wouldn't rub off). Then make a sign saying "Roses are red, sometimes they're yellow,
would you go to (dance) with this fellow? To find out who is asking you
look through the vase to solve this case." Then they look through the rocks and spell out your name! Very cool and girls love flowers!


Scavenger Hunt

Last year I wanted to ask my boyfriend to Sadies in a really cute way. So I sent him on a scavenger hunt. I called and asked him if he wanted to hang out, so he came over and on my doorstep was a balloon that had "Will" written on it, with a CD attached. On the CD it said something like, "listen to the clue, it will tell you where to go." On the CD, I burned "YMCA". So he went to the local Y and there he found another balloon with "You" written on it and another CD. The song on there was "Candy Shop" and I put the name of the mall he needed to go to on the CD. I continued with different songs telling him to go different places, and on each balloon I wrote "Go", "To", "Sadies" "With" and he ended up at my house with me holding a balloon that said "Me" on it. He really liked it and it was really fun setting it up. Hope this helped!

By Spring

This is what my friends are doing since both of their dates are best friends,

They made up riddles that told them to go to the beach in our town and taped it to the windshield of the car. When they got to the beach, there was another riddle telling them to follow the arrows to the next clue. The arrows lead to a plate of cookies that had "will you go to winter formal with..." then another note that told them to follow the giant candy canes to see who was asking. At the end of the candy canes were two giant boxes with their names on it, so they unwrapped the boxes that had their names on and the girls popped up and had shirts on that said "me"

By kelsey

Ask With Your Friends

There's this group of girls who are like best friends at my school, and they decorated white shirts and each of them had one letter on the front, "S" "A" "D" "I" "E" "S" "?" and then on the back they had the name of the guy that they were asking. Well, they blasted the music in the commons and all stood in order and did a dance in front of the group of guys and then turned around and all the guys saw their names. It was really really cute, i wish I would've thought of it! but there's an idea

By Ashley

Kiss The Ground They Walk On

A girl on my soccer team has a boyfriend at a different school, and we had an away game there. As we were walking to the bleachers, he'd put a big piece of butcher paper on the ground, and traced footprints on it. He put Hershey's kisses on the paper, and at the end of this "red carpet" he had a big sign that said "Now that I've kissed the ground you walk on, please go to Homecoming with me"

By katy

Play Hot And Cold

I'm asking a guy that just came to our school and since we both drive, I'm going give him directions to a specific place (strict directions). Along the side of the road, I'll have a signs that says "ice cold", "melting ice cold", "cold", "lukewarm", "warmer", "hot", "hotter," and then I'll be somewhere and have a sign about 10 feet away that says EXTREMELY HOT and then be holding a sign that says Sadies?

By keely

Rock My Socks

You could ask him with socks and a bunch of rocks on his porch and say "You would rock my socks if you went to____with me."


Coming up with a idea was driving me bananas. So I used bananas as my idea. I found a cute stuffed monkey and placed bananas all around it. I tied a note to the monkey that read, "I'd go bananas if you would go to Sadies with me."

By Kelsey

Rose Petals

My idea is to first get a ton of rose petals and put them on his stairs leading him to his room. On the stairs put the words *going up* "will you go to homecoming with" then put more rose petals around his bed and on top of his bed. Put a guess who game box on his bed and tape your picture on the bottom of the box. Put rose petals to cover your picture up and place the box on top of his bed and wait for him like in the closet or something.

By Emily

Post-It Notes

In the morning our school announces Sadie Hawkins Dance, I'll go to his locker and completely cover it with post-it notes saying
"Sadie Hawkins?" with my name at the bottom. How cute is that? lol

By shelbs_love of his life

Balloons, Chocolate And A Puzzle

This is what I did to ask my date to Sadies. I went out and bought a bag of Hershey's kisses, a teddy bear, confetti, glitter and a bunch of helium balloons. then I filled the balloons with confetti, a couple Hershey's kisses and notes that said "will you", "go to","SADIES", "with me!?!" and then Ic ut my name up in a puzzle and put it in two different balloons, and wrote numbers on the balloons. then I filled two more balloons with a bunch of Hershey's kisses. I blew up a bunch of extra balloons and laid all of it out on his porch with the bear holding directions for him to pop the balloons in order. Then rang the doorbell and ditched all of the stuff. mMy date said that he loved it.

By cali gurl in utah

Go Nuts

What i am going to do for our formal is: Get a whole bunch of nuts. He drives so I am going to put them all over his car, then I am making a sign that says "I'd go NUTS if you went to Formal"

By jenn

Write Him A Note

I asked this guy who was in the play with me and we went on as reporters, so he had a notepad and pencil with him. Before we went onstage, I asked to see his note pad. I wrote "Will you go to SnoBall with me?" on the pad and in parenthesis at the bottom "Don't break character." I gave him the notepad back and since it was dark backstage, he couldn't read it. During the scene ,my heart stared racing but after the scene was over he gave me a big hug and said "Of course!"

By Caroline

Tootsie Rolls

Go to his room and get a brown poster and on it write "HEY TOOTS" and then he opens his room and there are tootsie rolls EVERYWHERE and confetti and balloons (red,white,and brown) and then have another poster that says "WANNA 'ROLL' TO THE DANCE"

By Safari

Balloon Bouquet

Get a bouquet of balloons. maybe 10 different balloons. and inside each balloon put a puzzle piece. so he has to pop all of the balloons to get all the pieces and once he puts the puzzle together, it says "Winter formal?" and you put up a balloon that's larger than the rest, and put a sign next to it saying "don't pop this balloon until the very end" and inside it has confetti and your name.

By Hailey

Jar Of Pennies

Give a jar of pennies to a teacher that you both have a class together. Have a poem that says, "find a penny, pick it up, find a dime and solve the rhyme." Have the teacher give him the jar in the class you have together. Have a jar full of pennies and a few dimes that spell out your name, one letter on each. In the middle of the jar, have a fake flower that says "formal with me"

By Richele

I'm A Nerd . . .

This is how my brothers girlfriend asked him to formal. On our front door, she had a sign that said hey____follow the candy and you will find another clue. They both loved the candy nerds so she put nerds in a line in a maze throughout my house and it led to a clue that said "I'm a nerd" The candy led him to his room and on his door, it said, "and you're a nerd" And then when he opend his door to his room, there was nerds everywhere and on his bed there was a sign that said "So from one nerd to another, will you go to formal with me?" Then she walked out of his closet with a baloon and a sign that said Formal?

By Hillary

Box Of Balloons

Our winter formal is coming up, and i was thinking of asking the guy I like in a cute way... I'm gonna go to his house and put a big box wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper on his porch, and the inside of the box is filled with a bunch of balloons with little notes inside that say "keep looking" or "try again" until he pops the right one which will say "Finally you found it, the winning card, yes to winter formal, it's not that hard, Lauren. and then on the outside of the box, before he opens it, it will say, "Chris: open the box, pop the balloons, read all the notes and you'll find out soon!" is this a cute idea? i hope it works I really want to go with this guy.

By lauren

Boxes Within Boxes

I have been thinking about this forever and I chickened out with my homecoming idea, so I wanted to make this one fairly simple, but unique. The guy I am going to ask tomorrow loves to open presents, I mean who doesn't. I went to the container store and got boxes that are the color of the dance that fit inside each other. In the smallest one, I wrote a note that said "I could not think of anyone who would be a better date, so... ya formal?" It was on a snowflake too since that was the theme. I wrapped it 5x and moved on the the next box which Iput that present and rocks and wrapped 4x, third was 3x wrapped and had confetti, 2 had small little gifts and wrapped 2x, and the 1st was wrapped once and I made a heart out of candy canes and his favorite candy. The on on top of the package I wrote to: and his name and from: You'll have to open and see... It took more than 2 hours to put together, but hopefully it works! I am planning on either dropping it off on his doorstep or at his work.

By alexa

Program For Turnabout

My friend is in my math class and he knows how to write programs on a calculator. At the beginning of the year, he would show me all these programs and would brag and smile about them, and it sounds nerdy but it was totally cute. So I finally figured out how to make the programs and I was so excited, but I haven't told him yet. I am going to ask to see his calculator in class and make it so "Turnabout?" shows up on the screen when he presses enter! i know this probably can't work fo many people, but i think he will say yes! Hopefully!

Just Ask, By Yourself

I'm a guy and our winter formal is this friday, and I'm just letting you know, don't have your friend go up to the guy, it turns them off. Go by yourself, none of your friends go with you, just you, and go ask the guy when he's by himself as well, like... "Hey I was wondering if you wanted to go to the dance with me, I don't know if you have anyone to go with you, but I think if we both go we could have a good time." Seriously, don't have your friend go ask the guy, it's lame.

By dont even worry about it

Snow Man

So I'm asking my friend to Tolo by making a snowman in his yard from all the snow that just fell and hold a poster next to it that says, "There's Snow Man I'd rather go to Tolo with" and call him and tell him to look outside. It'll be cute and he'll most likely say yes but if he doesn't, it didn't take too much planning.

By Kathy

Three Creative Ideas

So if you wanna ask in a really cute way, this is what you do.

CARDS. make a poster of a king's card and a queen's card with the hearts on them. and then say: "Outta all the cards in the deck, will you go to Turnabout with me?"

BOWLING. buy those silly pins things, and write a buncha girls names on the pins, and then on your name, cut a hole outta the bottom and fill it with sand, and then have him bowl. and yours will be the last one standing and say: "I couldn't stand going to the dance without you"

LUCKY CHARMS. Get an empty box of the cereal lucky charms, and fill it with confetti and paper, and write, "Be my lucky charm, and go to Turnabout with me"

By jamie and maggie

Cheesy Idea

Get a large cheese pizza or a whole bunch of cheeses. Either on the pizza OR a seperate note, say I" know this is cheesey but will you go to ____________ with me"

By nik

Bake For Him

I baked a cake and wrote TURNABOUT? in frosting and then I attached a card that said "It'd be really sweet if you went to Turnabout with me!"

By madd

I made brownies and gave them to this really cute guy. I was going to put a paper in it saying "Will you go to Sadies with me.", but I forgot. so then I gave him the brownies and put the paper under it. There was a paper on top of the brownies that said "Eat the brownies to see who wants to go to Sadies with you." Well, he ended up eating the whole pan of brownies before he realized that the brownies did not have a note in them, but under them, and it was under the last piece of brownie he ate. He went to Sadies with me, and two years later, we are still together, and very much in love and planning to get married.

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