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First Communion Party Ideas

Your child's first communion is a very important religious rite of passage. This is a guide about first communion party ideas.


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This is a guide about first communion party favor ideas. Some families have a party for their children when they make their first communion.

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Your young child's first communion is an important rite of passage to celebrate. This guide contains first communion centerpiece ideas.

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May 1, 2009

Communion is around the corner. My tips is to Moms who want to enjoy the day, yet can not afford or do not want to cater the food for a backyard party. Make dishes such as: Chicken Parmagiana, Chicken Cacciatore, Baked Ziti, Sausage Pep and Onion, ahead of time in the chafing pan inserts. Give the dish to a friend that will not be at the church and ask them to bake the item before the party starts and to bring to the party when they arrive. The dish comes to your house hot and ready to serve!


By Teresa from Hamilton, NJ

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February 23, 20151 found this helpful

Do you have to have it the same day as mass?

By Serena

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April 27, 2011

How do I arrange a party for first holy communion of my son?



May 3, 20110 found this helpful

Much depends on time of day and your budget. If it is a morning Mass, you could have lunch or brunch, rolls with sliced meats and cheeses, salads, etc. If it is an afternoon Mass, thing cake and punch, If evening Mass, hors d'oevres or snackie things.


Remember that this is not a big gift-giving occasion, more of a religious deal, so gifts of a bible, prayer book, rosary, etc are appropriate.

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July 2, 2010

How can I host a First Holy Communion party for my daughter?

By sheebasunny


July 8, 20100 found this helpful

My 8 year old twins were baptized a week ago and we hosted a BBQ at our house afterward. We kept it simple by serving hamburgers and hot dogs, plus several salads (pasta & Cool Whip-fruit cocktail-mini marshmallows-dry Jello), fresh fruit, giant cookies, and cheesecake. We don't drink alcohol so drinks were soda and CapriSun. We had about 30 people.

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March 22, 2015

My daughter is 7 years old and will be receiving her First Holy Communion this year. We will be hosting a luncheon party after the church service. What happens at the party and what sort of prizes/games should one have? I'm new in this country and don't know what happens at one. Please help and thank you.


By Jules B.

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May 15, 20120 found this helpful

What games/activities would be appropriate for my 9 year old daughter's communion bearing in mind the dress and occasion.

By Sorcha O'Connor

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May 5, 20060 found this helpful

I need some ideas for activities for my little brother's first communion. I need some ideas quick! It is in 1 day!

Jaime from Beaver,PA

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July 2, 20100 found this helpful

Can I get some planning tips for a cousin's communion? I would like advice on games for children as well as adults. Thank you.


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April 30, 20100 found this helpful

I am looking for First Communion celebration ideas.

Sandra from Weston, CT


First Communion Party Ideas

I copied the cake my mom used to make for us, it is my favorite. It looks like a chalice with a host on top. Using a circle cake you cut it off center, about 1/3 down, this makes the top and bottom of the chalice, with a cupcake in between to complete it. She then used a pan from our easy bake oven to make the "host". The first communicate got the honor of having their own cake (the host) and loved it and felt very special. I made cupcakes with the extra cake batter. (03/27/2007)


By Amy

First Communion Party Ideas

Try considering a real cheap backyard type Mediterranean feel. Just like Jesus. Serve breads, cheeses, wines (grape juice for the kids), fish if you want ( fish sticks for kids), and maybe a few lunch meats for some of the men. It is fun. (04/01/2007)

By Sherri

First Communion Party Ideas

We had our daughters first holy communion last year and another one doing it again this year. Her dress was beautiful so we took her for professional pictures and what a keepsake. The day of the professional pictures I brought her home and took our own pictures which I used in her invitations and her thank you Hershey bar candy wrappers.

I converted a pink baby announcement to a communion invitation which was pink so we went with a pink and green theme. We rented tents and I tied tulle around the legs of the tent with pink flowers on each. We ordered round tables and each table had a picture frame from the dollar store on it with again the pictured we had taken along with a vase of pink roses and balloons. All the table cloths were pink and the tableware was green. It was beautiful.


The cake was ordered from a bakery and it was an ice cream cake which worked nice because I didn't have to buy ice cream separately. We also had a party tray of finger desserts (eclairs, cookies, etc) and a chocolate fountain that you could dip strawberries, cookies, and pretzels in.

We really had a wonderful day and plan on doing it again this year for the other daughter, but her colors are going to be lilac and yellow. Hope I gave someone some good ideas just as I have gotten from other people here. (04/19/2007)

By Lisa

First Communion Party Ideas

Here is another nice centerpiece idea. I dug out my child's baptism candle. Then I placed both her baptismal candle and first communion candle on the table. We lit both. You may want to add photos of those special days next to the candles. A great symbol of both sacraments. (04/24/2007)

By Kristin

First Communion Party Ideas

My daughter's 1st communion is next weekend so I am busy preparing, like you. Her colors are pink and green. One idea we had was to spray paint lots of small (2.5in) flower pots pink and stamp a cross (that matches the invitations I made). We will plant a variety of small pink flowers in the pots and use them to decorate our house and yard. When the party is over, each guest can take one home as a memento of her special day. (04/27/2007)

By Michelle

Your child's touch

I am a catechetical leader at a Catholic church. The children in our parish draw a picture of themselves as they think they will look on their First Communion Day. We turn these creations into blank notecards that can be used as invitations or thank yous. My daughter is celebrating the sacrament this year and created her own "holy card". She drew a beautiful picture of Jesus on one side, and her favorite scripture verse, along with her name and date of first communion on the other side.

A word of advice: Do not ruin it for the kids by making your parties too big, too much. The focus on the day needs to be what happens at the church. (05/01/2007)

By Mary

First Communion Party Ideas

I am just amazed at what I am reading. I am glad that so many parents want to celebrate the event, but it just seems that it is all about the party and not about the sacrament. Yes, this day needs to be special, but it is not about catering and cakes, but about the child and his/her special relationship with God. Don't get me wrong, I have seven kids and we make this day a big event, but everything is in perspective. The main event is the First communion. The party afterwards focuses around that, but is simple and relaxed. (03/16/2008)

By M

First Communion Party Ideas

Keep it simple, make the gathering (not a party) about receiving the Body of Christ and don't make it a source of stress and anguish. (04/30/2008)

By Lisa

First Communion Party Ideas

My son is making his First Communion this Sunday and we are keeping things pretty simple. He understands that this is a gathering of family at our home and not a huge party. We are going to have around 30 guests. We are doing a few simple pasta dishes, one of which I am making myself. A friend of mine is making the cake and making some chocolate covered Oreo cookies with blue crosses on them. Other than that we are just doing chips and soda.
I wanted to keep this gathering as simple as possible, as people have posted before me I wanted this day to be about his Communion not about a big party. (05/01/2008)

By Erin

No party no guests

My 2 children are having their first communion this Sunday and they know we are not having a party. They will have a cake and no guests. They are the focus in the mass. As a gift they will have a nice rosary and a book like an album for their pictures and memories. I was taking pictures during their classes and meetings at the church. Like a scrapbook. (05/02/2008)

By Ali

First Communion Party Ideas

Thank you to all of you who brought the focus back on Christ. I was beginning to get carried away on the whole party thing and was thankfully brought back to the real reason of this celebration. We will fix our eyes on Jesus.
Thank you. (09/06/2008)

By Tracey

First Communion Party Ideas

My daughter will be celebrating her first communion in December and I want the main focus to be Jesus. We are having a gathering in our home after the mass. I will be making a dinner the night before and will set up in the backyard. I will have two buffet tables, and one drink table, which will have wine and soda. (We live in Florida). I also plan to have the chimney in the yard lit up.

Our theme will just be silver table cloths and candles. The invitation were printed at Hallmark for $40. The cake will be from Publix for $40. I'm planning to spend about $200. in food, drinks, and paper goods. As gifts for my guests I have purchased Yankee Candles at $6.00 each from Ross Stores (9 in total).

My daughter's dress was purchased at David's Bridal ($100.) and I'm planning to surprise her with a scrap book with things collected that she has made in regards to her learning. We will have the play room set up with Wii and play station (14 kids under 10 will be in our home) and no games other than that are planned. It sounds expensive, but I have limited a lot and I just hope that everyone has a nice time.

The main focus is Jesus, we are Latin and I did not want this to turn into a loud, "birthday" like party. I hope this is helpful. I thought it out and I hope it all goes well. (11/07/2008)

By Maribel

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March 13, 20070 found this helpful

I'm having a First Communion party and I don't know where to begin. Theme, colors, favors, food, etc. I can't even find anything online for First Communion. I'm having about 60 people (adults & children). It's in May so there is a possibility of having an outside party. I really appreciate any help you can give me or point me in the right direction.



First Communion Party Ideas

The First Communion parties I have attended have carried the religious theme. The cakes are decorated with the person's name and maybe a cross. The cake could also be in the shape of a cross. The colors could be ones pleasing to the person celebrating their First Communion. The same with the food, honor the person celebrating their special day. Napkins and paper plates with the First Communion-religious theme can be purchased at various places, especially around Easter. Good luck and have fun planning such a special day! (02/23/2005)

By Mitch

First Communion Party Ideas

We are facing the same dilemma. I think that we may give it a spring/religious theme. I have tried to find a cake online, but that's not happening. I will probably get some ideas and give them to my bakery. Also, since it is a girl, I am thinking of pink tablecloths, with bouquets of lilacs on the tables.
Perhaps the cake will say Welcome to God's Table. (03/23/2005)

By Patricia C

First Communion Party Ideas

I'm doing a First Communion party for my son this weekend. Since we are on a budget, I bought plain white tablecloths (the ones that are paper lined with plastic), plain white Chinet paper plates and plain white napkins. I wouldn't spend the extra money on theme plates and napkins -- I never notice them at parties, so I doubt many people do.

As for food - My son wanted barbecue (of all things, but I guess it's better than pizza! And since we live in Texas, there are a lot of inexpensive bbq joints that can help us out there), so I"m going to order the bbq and make the sides.

For table decorations -- I looked at party stores and Catholic stores, but everything was so expensive, so I'm just going to run some gold or white ribbon down the tables and put a big white candle in the center of each with maybe some ivy around it.

I ordered the cake - it has white icing and will be decorated with a gold chalice with greenery around the bottom and the host coming out of the top. I asked them to write (quote)First Holy Communion(/quote) and my son's name.

I say the simpler the better. I know it's hard, but try to focus on the joy of this event and the sacredness of this time in your child's life! Just make or order the kind of food that she wants and she will be thrilled. Save some money on the party and take that money and buy her a special cross necklace that she can cherish forever. You can make very simple, yet beautiful, decorations without buying all those ready-made cheap (yet expensive) decorations at the store.

God bless you and I hope it all goes well! (03/30/2005)

By Julie

First Communion Party Ideas

I was on this site looking for some ideas as well for my daughters upcoming communion that is also in May. Your question sounded exactly like my situation even down to the number of guests.

At this point, since the girls appear to be like little brides, I am taking my inspiration from the wedding department. I will be using whites, off whites and probably pale pink or peach to give it not such a bright white appearance. I will more than likely use white table cloths and make a few low bouquets of the same colored roses for the tables. I also bought some soft tulle and battery operated white lights that I may use either on the serving tables or the guests tables. In addition, I have purchased some silk flower petals in the same color scheme that I will scatter around. I will probably order some balloons in the same color scheme to use about since that is always festive and the kids favorite.

As far as food, I too will be barbecuing but have hired someone to do that as well as someone to help me serve and clean up. I know that that is an added expense but as someone else mentioned, you really want to enjoy the day. Try to cut back somewhere else financially and use it for this purpose and I can guarantee you will be so very glad you did.

I also am making my own goodie bags with the thank you included so that I do not have to do it after the event. I do not know if this is proper but I am a procrastinator and this will solve that problem. I bought, again in the wedding department, of a craft store little white mesh bags with a drawstring tie in which I will include bubbles, chocolate and a pocket coin. The pocket coin I found really inexpensive on line. The saying I chose read, "Knowing you is a prayer come true" In addition, I found a cute picture on line that I have scaled down and I will print out on card stock. I will then have my daughter sign each on and attach it to the outside of the bag with some pretty ribbon. That will be considered that Thank You Card, and thank you gift.

Hope I helped and enjoy the day! (04/07/2005)

By Kathy

First Communion Party Ideas

I am also hosting a girls 1st communion party. I am making cross cookies and will have my daughters name in each and bag them to give as a goodie to each guest. My daughter's favorite is chinese so we are having her party unlike my other 2 home barbecues at a chinese restaurant. No cleanup and no more expensive seeing that the paper goods alone will kill you. God Bless (04/28/2005)

By Cheryl

First Communion Party Ideas

For my son's First Communion party, we are using wheat and plastic grapes which are laid across a flat mirror. Also in the center of the mirror, we have a wide vase w/ a floating candle.We are also dyeing the water in the vase purple. Very inexpensive.And folding napkins to look like a bishop's mitre is also a nice touch! (04/29/2005)

By Tracey

Chinese Food

Since you're having 60 people, you may want to consider catering Chinese food. It is relatively inexpensive and I always find that I can order for about 10-15 people less than invited (depending on # kids) and there is more than enough and saves $ Instead of DJ, burn CD's of your child's favorite songs to play during event and be the DJ for an hour to play dance games, like chicken dance, hokey pokey, limbo, conga, etc. Lots of luck and God bless your child on special day.

By Denise

First Communion Party Ideas

Very interesting reading, I was actually searching for Confirmation ideas!

For my son's communion several years back I did a buffet. We did not have many people attending as our family all lives overseas. I catered myself.

I made the cake, a sponge with rolled fondant icing. I made pastillage flowers for the top. My son loved it. I made chocolate mints using the plastic moulds from the local cake store, these were great! For dessert I made mini meringues in pastel colors filled with fresh cream.

For favors and thank you gifts I bought cards from online and made bombonieres with sugared almonds and netting and ribbon, a small gold plastic cross attached to the ribbon.

All your ideas sound great and believe me, the children will think you are the best mother ever even if you served cheese toasties! (03/10/2006)

By Kay

First Communion Party Ideas

I too am looking for creative ideas to make my daughter's first communion a success. First, I am having vases painted with lilacs and tulips and will place those very same flowers in the vase and set on each table. I have also purchased very inexpensive candles and candle holders from IKEA. They are cool, the candle holder looks like an ice cube. This looks cool and sleek. Additionally, my daughter suggested having a wedding cake. At first I thought the idea was crazy! As I started to think about it and research, I thought we could get a very small version of a wedding cake. Mind you, we are having the party in our garage and yard, so I really wanted to make it look and feel very special. (03/28/2006)

By Gina

First Communion Party Ideas

I'm in the process of planning my daughter's 1st communion party. For my son 2 years ago I let him pick the entertainment and food. He chose Irish dancers (he'd just started dancing) and BBQ. I let my daughter choose the food since now everyone wants the dancers to come (!) and she chose crepes. So I'm going to have a local creperie cater. There will be CDs of Irish music playing. Wine and beer for the adults. For colors I'll stick to traditional...ivory and light pink (her dress colors). I like the idea of a "wedding" cake, just one layer, but pretty and white, and even cross cookie favors. I'm not much of a baker so I'll see what our local bakery can do.

For her baptism I had a lovely white (with lemon cream filling) cake decorated with white icing daisies. I put real daisies on the cake plate. Her dress had daisies in the bodice, it was really sweet. So I'm thinking pale pink roses this time.

Have fun! (03/30/2006)

By Kelli

First Communion Party Ideas

My granddaughter is also making her Communion in May. For centerpieces I went to Family Dollar store and purchased glass crosses about 10 inches tall for 2.99 ea. I will tie gold and white balloons to them and I bought confetti of (crosses bibles and chalices) to sprinkle on the tables at a party store for 1.99 pkg. I bought 4 pkgs. We will have 10 tables to decorate so I don't think it was too expensive. As far as favors I bought pencils(from oriental trading) that say Jesus loves Me to give to the children. Good luck on First Communion day and enjoy. (04/05/2006)

By Anne

First Communion Party Ideas

My son is having his First Communion in May. We have rented a room at a local restaurant. They ended up having a free event planner who is taking care of everything. This has proved beneficial because now I don't have to run around like a crazy women with shopping, cooking, cleaning, hostessing etc. I can enjoy the day with my son. (This ended up being less expensive than catering yourself at home plus they are providing everything. From a customized menu to the cloth napkins, plates and dessert) My son is not into cake so they threw the dessert in for free. The only thing I am providing are the centerpieces which are crystal blue & wire votive candle holders and some balloons. Blue, Gray & Pearl White. The votive holders will also serve as the favor. (04/21/2006)

By Theresa

First Communion Party Ideas

My daughter is also celebrating her first communion this May. All my family is on the other side of the country, and my husbands family are out of state and they won't make it. I will have probably only about 10 people attend. It's at noon on a Sunday. Any ideas? (04/22/2006)

By Sharon

First Communion Party Ideas

THis may work for Sharon.... try a nice barbecue in your yard or at a local park. Local park with shelter may be better so younger folks can play, and you don't have to worry about fixing up your yard/cleaning ahead of time. A friend of mine in Junior High had hers this way, informal and inexpensive, but very sociable and fun. (04/22/2006)

By Kelly

First Communion Party Ideas

We are planning my son's First Communion Party as well. We expect about 60 folks as well. We are having it at a local park (and telling everyone to bring a change of clothing). The menu is no frills - a couple of 5 foot sub sandwiches, chips and dip, fruit salad, lemonade, sodas and a pasta salad. We are making homemade ice cream and getting a cake. We also renting a snowcone machine (75 bucks for the machine and supplies for 100). For fun we are having games for various age groups: penny pick up for the young ones, a treasure hunt for the little older ones, water balloon toss, sack race and some agility type things for everyone. There is also room to play baseball (big in our family) so I expect a pick up game of that or basket ball since there are hoops near by and I will bring the equipment along with me. Also, I am putting together a couple of crafts with a religious undertone with supplies from Oriental Trading. Hope this helps. (04/23/2006)

By Sarah

First Communion Gift Ideas

What are good gifts to give for a eight year old girl who is having her first communion? (04/29/2006)

By Jennifer

First Communion Party Ideas

Jennifer, I think a good gift for a child's first communion would be a Bible along with a nice card. You can buy student bibles that are easier for kids to understand. I'm not Catholic I'm Protestant so my religion doesn't do anything special for a child's first communion. I don't know why ... I guess different denominations do different things (04/29/2006)

By Dana Sipe

First Communion Party/Gift Ideas

I am also planning my daughter's First Communion this Sunday. A small family gathering of approximately 10-12 people. My husband and I are planning a casual BBQ with homemade salads and fruit kabobs. I will make the cake myself. My daughter likes the box mix yellow cake with white frosting. I was thinking about cutting a 13x9 cake into a cross or chalice with a host. Trying to keep it simple, I'm no Martha, but I pretend I am.(Freeze cake after it has been cut before trying to frost, the first layer ALWAYS get crumbs in it...then you cover that layer after it dries) As for a gift idea for an 8yr old girl, I chose to order a silver double link chain charm bracelet with an Gaelic cross and a "First Holy Communion" pendant with a chalice and host on it as her first charms. There are so many to choose from and this makes for a great gift idea (charms) from anyone for any occasion in the future. Have a great day!


By Candace

First Communion Party Ideas

For my daughters First Holy Communion, we rented out a small restaurant and had them cook our favorite foods. We brought a cake and took our time with our friends. As far as a gift , ebay had a store that had the sweetest bracelets with a first communion charm. It came wrapped, so we didn't have to do anything. Many blessings for your family. (05/11/2006)

By Donna R

70 People

You remind me of us last year when my son and daughter had their first communion, it was easier than expected. We hosted the party for 70 people. You can buy rosaries and put them in nice fabric bag that can be find in the wedding section of craft stores, print in your computer same small tags with the child's name and date and tide this tags to the bags. You can also use a picture of the child, download it in your computer and type the information, print them and put them in nice picture frames. I found nice ones in dollar stores. I put all this on the tables so can be use also as decorations.

For centerpieces I just bought tropical flowers in my local grocery store. I also bought inexpensive glass bowls, we found nice butterflies on sticks, (meaning new life) and put them with the flowers in the flower base, that was our centerpieces.

For the cake we ordered white plain cake and we did our own thing. We bought a ceramic child and a cross which we put on the cake and we cut a couple of the flowers very short and stuck them on the cake. It looked like we paid hundreds of dollars for it.

For food, we did a lot of finger food, pasta with bread and salad. My aunt cooked meat and pork for us and we set a buffet table for the food and another one for the drinks. Good luck! (01/08/2007)

By Katerina

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