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Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

I have an 8 month old American bulldog with fleas from the neighbor's dog. Now they are in the house. I have tried the salt, Dawn, borax, flea dips, flea shampoo, monthly treatment the you put on their back of the neck, and flea bombs. Please tell me what else might works.


Melinda from Paragould, AR


Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

Go to the pet store and look for Adams (I think) flea spray, in the blue bottle. I used it on my dog when we had a bad flea infestation, and it worked when all of the other ones you mentioned didn't. Sadly, it's not organic, but if you follow the directions, it's not bad. (08/11/2008)

By GTIChick

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

There's a pill that you can get through the vet (somebody help me out, I can't remember the name of it) that you give your dog once a month and the fleas will stop living on your dog. Getting them out of your house is another problem, though. I'm sure that your vet would be glad to give you the best advice on getting rid of them. Good Luck. (08/11/2008)

By Susie

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

I have 4 dogs and I buy the brewers yeast mega tabs for them. They are outside in sandy soil all day and come in at night. They have never had a flea, they shed less and their coats are silky and soft because of the tablets. I get the tablets at www.Cherrybrook.Com. I get the mega tabs because they are big dogs and they get 1 tab per 25 pounds, I believe it is, and the tabs at Walmart you have to give them a lot more. They are smaller tabs. But I swear by this brewers yeast mega tabs. Good luck. (08/11/2008)


Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

I had flea problems in my house, got online and started searching for a safe way, found out that Borox sprinkled on furniture and carpet works, and it did, I would sprinkled it in the morning and vacuum everything when I got home from work.

Good Luck. (08/11/2008)

By Martha

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas


There is also a pill called Capstar, works wonderfully for a short period of time. Starts working in 30 minutes and works for 4 hours I believe. My vet recommended Borax in the house and Over and Out for the yard. Both can be purchased at Walmart. According to my vet the Over and Out, which is a fire ant killer uses the same ingredients that Front Line uses. (08/12/2008)

By melissa08

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

We too had this problem with fleas. I spent hundreds of dollars on shampoos, flea spray, bombed the house. Nothing worked until I got the prescription stuff from the vet. I don't know if it is called Program or Promise or something like that, but it was the only thing that worked. The way it works is that when the fleas bite the dog it makes them sterile so they can't reproduce. I gave it to my dog for about six weeks until I was sure they were all dead. (08/12/2008)

By Phyllis B.

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

What we did was get a pie plate and fill with very soapy, sudsy water. Suspend a light over the water and turn off the lights. In the morning you will have hundreds of drowned fleas. Repeat until no fleas appear. Worked for us. Good luck. (08/12/2008)

By cjB.

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

There's a trick a dog breeder taught me years ago regarding controlling fleas outside. In her yard, she would sprinkle the granulated systemic rose bush fertilizer that kills sucking insects. It's something you sprinkle on the ground, the rain puts it into the soil, where the rose bush pulls it into it's system, then when the aphids or whatever eat the bush, it kills the bugs. I don't know how this equates to killing/controlling fleas outside in the yard, but she had loads of little long haired dogs and none of them had fleas.

Also, there's a vitamin/supplement you can get at the pet store, it's brewer's yeast plus garlic. Give them according to the dog's weight as directed. Once the flea bites the dog, it dies. However, I have heard that you shouldn't give garlic to dogs, so use your own discretion in that regard. (08/12/2008)

By Dog Lover

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

You definitely must take care of your yard too. Fleas will jump on your legs or clothing and you will track them into your home also. It isn't safe to try to squish fleas with your nails. Animals get worms by biting the fleas on their bodies. When you "pop" them, you spread their eggs which might hatch, and also get parts under your fingernails. If you mistakenly put your hands by your face or fail to remove any under the nail when washing, chances are that you might get worms too. I keep a small jar with about one inch of oil on my counter. If I happen to pick off a stray flea, I drop it in the oil where it will sink and die. this is a great way to get rid of stragglers. (08/13/2008)

By susanmajp

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

The most important thing you can do is vacuum everyday and when you vacuum, as soon as you're done, remove the vacuum bag and put it in a garbage bag and remove it from your house immediately. I know it's a bit expensive to use a new bag each day, but you'll only have to do this for about a week and the fleas will be gone. The pest control guy gave me that tip. It was the only way we got rid of them. I know how you feel, we went through this once before. No fun. (08/13/2008)

By Kacisierra

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

Get one of the bombs and bomb your house. You only have to be out of it for 2 hours. Go to the vet and ask for a pill for fleas. We had a dog, part Boxer part Pit Bull. She always got fleas really bad. The pills killed them the first time we gave it to her and she didn't get them the rest of the summer. And the bombs do work. (08/13/2008)


By Cora-Sue

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

This was in my ASPCA newsletter today:

"As the festive days of summer wane in many parts of the country, one little parasite keeps the party hopping in warm, humid areas where he reigns. With nearly 2,000 species and subspecies, the flea thrives at temperatures of 65 to 80 degrees and feeds on the blood of the unsuspecting-especially cats and dogs.

Fleas are hearty and nimble pests, and when searching for a host, they can jump up to two feet, 10,000 times in a row that adds up to the length of three football fields. They can also cause troublesome health problems in companion animals, such as anemia, skin allergies and tapeworms. These legendary leapers are tough to fight, but the ASPCA offers tips that will rub your pets the right way:

Know your enemy: Confirm your pet has fleas by identifying signs such as droppings or "flea dirt" in your pet's coat, excessive scratching and scabs. What goes around comes around: Treat all of your pets, not just those who show outward signs of infestation.

Shine on, pet parent: Thoroughly clean your house, including rugs, bedding and upholstery, and discard any used vacuum bags.

Honor and trim nature's gifts: Since fleas love long grass and shady outdoor spots, remember to treat and maintain your yard as carefully as your house.

Doctor knows best: Talk to your vet about choosing the right, species-specific treatment for your pet, such as a topical, liquid insecticide applied to the back of the neck. Never use products for dogs on cats, and vice versa. Also ask your vet to recommend products for treating your yard.

"Cats especially are extremely sensitive to insecticides, and pets can die from improper use of flea control products," says Dr. Steven Hansen, veterinary toxicologist and ASPCA Senior Vice President. "Just a few drops of concentrated permethrin, present in many spot-on treatments for dogs, can be lethal to cats."

To avoid accidents, pet parents should read all product labels and follow directions for proper use. For more information about flea prevention and pet health, please read our top ten medical tips. And enjoy an itch-free end of summer!"

By OhioGirl

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

I have worked at a vet for almost two years and I tell you that the only flea product I have seen getting a good efficacy is Revolution. Seriously. Ignore the Hartz, BioSpot, anything you can get at a pet store and go straight to the vet. Not only do storebought flea medications not work, but some also contain neurotoxins designed to kill bugs, but seriously risking your pet's health.

Revolution has had 99.9% approval with our clients and they come back to get the monthly dose quite often. Good luck. (08/15/2008)

By Ashley

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

You first have to get rid of the fleas outdoors, you can use a product by Maxide that rids all insects outside, you have to sprinkle on lawn (I use a colander) soak the lawn (rain is good) let it dry then you animal can go back outside. Ttreat your house next then treat your animal. I have found that a fabric softener sheet rubbed on my dog works great to rid of fleas. I tied one around her neck to keep them off. Try it. (05/28/2009)

By sjjohnson

Nothing Is Working To Get Rid Of The Fleas

Eucalyptus oil in water in a spray bottle will cure your cushions, sheets, rugs, etc. of the flea problem. It's nontoxic too. (07/09/2009)

By HilaryC

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