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Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

Olive oil is a great moisturizer. I remember watching a television show with Sophia Loren. She said that was all she used on her skin. Apply it after you have cleaned your face. Let your skin absorb the water then immediately seal it with olive oil.


Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

This is the only moisturizer I use!

By Nicole

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I clean my face with baking soda & water and follow with olive oil every day.

Never going back to "commercial products". (05/22/2007)

By Terry Lynn

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I heard this tip from a friend, who'd met a woman with lovely skin. My friend told her so. The lady's reply was, "I use olive oil as a moisturizer." My friend was just amazed. (05/22/2007)

By badwater

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

May I know whether this is the normal cooking olive oil that is used?
Editor's Note: Yes, but probably the better the quality the better the results. Also you might consider buying organic olive oil although it is pricey. (05/22/2007)



Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

Note: Always make certain that your skin is totally cleaned with a freshly cleaned face cloth, then dry before adding oils or creams of any kind, otherwise you risk getting a fungus around the nose, mouth, ears, and/or hairline. Olive Oil barsoaps are
available and are very good for hands/feet cleaning.

I avoid all bar soap on my face because if it is purchased hard, even after wet, it return to hard and can cause pores to clog leading overnight to black/whiteheads/pimples. During the day, do not scratch or place hands on face/skin unless the hands are washed with soap. Make certain that your hands are washed well before WASHING your face, regardless, because dirt cannot often be seen and contains 99% of all bacteria. Keep your nails


clean, as well, because it can transfer germs/dirt to your ears, eyes and nose when you touch or rub there. Keep all makeup applicators VERY clean as these grow bacteria EVERY time you touch them. I use a drop or two of liq. hand soap, if I have it, or bar soap if not, to keep them clean.

If you have very oily skin, I do NOT recommend Olive or any OTHER oils after drying clean skin. I recommend lemon juice, strawberry, or cucumber
sliced/peeled and wiped on dry skin for ten min. then rinse with cool water and pat dry with CLEAN

If you have a combination skin, learn what areas are the oily ones and treat separately/individually differenly from each other accordingly.

Use Olive Oil only as a moisturizer for DRY skin and dry AREAS of combination skin. Most folks have combination skin, much to most of our surprise. This is why it's important to pay attention to what kind you have.


If you have acne, or any "soreness" in a single pimple, apply any peroxide or salicylic acid based
lotion TO THE SITE WITH A Q-TIP, and only touch
it ONCE, tossing the q-tip if another place/touch is needed. Do not contaminate your lotion by touching the bottle contents with a finger or used q-tip. One
touch to the skin means the q-tip is contaminated
with whatever microscopic bacteria/virus/fungus is there.

However, after well, and all soreness is completely gone, continue with your skin routine appropriate to your skin type(s). Rmember also, that ANY squeezing or pricking can scar, and is likely to spread the contents of the sore to other tissue
cells beneath the surface of the skin, causing the condition to worsen. Better to allow it to come to a head, then with warm water and clean tissue, carefully nudge the contents to a new spot on the tissue without touching that soiled spot to any other part of your hand or skin, because most often it is contageous contents and will ALSO cause a NEW

sore wherever it touches. Use new tissue for each touch, each liquid soiling, and each nudging.

touch with your bare fingers/hands or you can risk
worse problems all over your body.

Hope this helps someone. God bless you. : ) (05/28/2007)

By Lynda

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I add olive oil to my scented lotions. Its the best moistuizer I've ever used! When you mix it, it's not as oily and you still get your favorite scents. My skin has never felt softer or looked better! (06/25/2007)

By Michelle

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I have started on acne medication which has left my face and neck dry, red, itchy, and basically on fire. I have tried many different moisturizers this week trying to replenish what I am losing to get new skin. Every single one, including a $50 dr. recommended one, caused my skin to burn and stay on fire for hours afterwards.


I live in a desert climate, so I am not really getting relief whatsoever. So I resorted to trying the Olive Oil. And to my surprise, it DID NOT burn and my skin is starting to feel at ease and less dry. I hope this helps. (09/10/2007)

By Brooke

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I swear by Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) for a moisturizer! I have extremely sensitive skin plus rosacea. Every single soap and moisturizer I used would irritate my skin - make it dry and painful AND cause acne. I started this regime:

I wash my face @ night using a Bare Essentials powder (very mild and all natural) face wash - pat my face dry (never rub!) - put on my metrogel (prescription for my rosacea) - let it air dry and then cover my face with EVOO.

In the morning in the shower I splash water on my face (but don't wash it!), pat dry, metrogel, then a spritz of EVOO gently rubbed in.

My skin has never looked better. No acne, no redness, no dryness. My skin hasn't been this soft since I was a teenager! I highly recommend it. (02/06/2008)

By Meg

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I'm Olga from Greece and I 'd like to say that olive oil is so precious to us, not only for cooking, we use it as a moisturizer too, that's why our skin is so beautiful. One advice from me? You should never use on your face something you cannot actually eat! (03/22/2008)

By Olga

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

In the evening, I apply pineapple juice to my face and let it sit for 20 minutes before washing it off. Then, I apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil to my face. I have gotten a lot of compliments about my complexion, and I will never have to spend thousands of dollars on useless products again!

Note: I apply EVOO in the morning too! (04/02/2008)

By Theresa

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

In my search for safe alternatives to commercial skin care products, I came across this site about a month ago. I've used olive oil on my kids skin since they were babies, whenever they had dry spots - so I decided to give it a try for myself. I also came across another site that recommended olive oil as a face wash, so I've been doing that too - mixing it with a little powdered milk dissolved in a few drops of water. It cleanse amazingly well! Once a week or so I add a little sugar (home made microderm abrasion facial!) After washing, I pat on olive oil to moisturize.

The results have been amazing! My skin is SO soft. I always thought I had combination skin, as my t-zone would become quite oily by mid day. But since I've been using the olive oil regime, this no longer happens. My skin looks like my pores have tightened, and my complexion is so much more even. I will never buy a commercial face cleanser or moisturizer again! (04/26/2008)

By Julie

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

This really does work well as long as you don't break out too easily. If so just leave the olive oil on for about an hour then rinse well with warm water. (05/24/2008)

By FlaGuy

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I began using Origins Clean Energy as a facial cleanser years ago. It was my first use of an olive oil based cleanser. It completely turned my normally oily completion into a perfectly balanced masterpiece. I've since begun using organic EVOO straight to moisturize the rest of my skin. I'm going to try the other reader's recipe of olive oil, powdered milk and water. Sounds incredibly moisturizing.

I even apply a light amount directly to my hair and scalp before washing it - just a couple of drops in the palm of your hand, rub together and apply to dry hair. Let it sit for about 10 minutes and then wash as usual. Your hair will be incredibly soft.

Olive Oil - What a fabulous addition to my daily skin routine and cosmetic's drawer. (05/24/2008)

By Pam

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I am thinking of using this formula to help with my existing, and to prevent future, stretch marks.

1/2 cup virgin olive oil -
1/4 cup aloe vera gel -
liquid from 6 capsules of Vitamin E -
liquid from 4 capsules of Vitamin A.

I also get psoriasis. Hopefully the olive oil will help both problems as moisturizing is meant to be a key treatment for both.

However I was wondering if you can you add essential oils to the olive oil? Mostly to give it some scent. Wanted to add lavender and / or peppermint oil. Cause I like the smell and because it helps with my headaches :)

Thanks everyone (05/25/2008)

By Deb

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I'm 26 and last month I had chicken pox and now, the marks are still there, predominantly on my torso and thighs. They're small but scattered everywhere like freckles. I'm wondering whether a daily topical application of EVOO will help in diminishing those marks? Can someone please tell me if this method will work?

I figured out this is a better remedy than OTC scar creams since it's all-natural and olive oil is rich in natural vitamin e. My chicken pox marks are still reddish and they're not pitted at all. thanks so much. (06/07/2008)

By Gabriella

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I think its great that people are turning to olive oil for moisturizing. I pick olives every year. My dad has about five hundred trees and we work not stop, picking, cleaning,sorting and pressing. For the amount of olives we pick we don't get very much oil. This simple fact makes me realize how precious of a product it is. I add it to food daily use it as moisturizer and even take a tablespoon straight up from time to time. Keep up the olive oiling!! (07/15/2008)

By Gianni

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I read Marilyn Monroe used Olive Oil as Moisturizer, If someone as beautiful as her did it, It must be GOOD!

I've used it in my hair and on my skin and it dulled my stretch marks better than anything else I've used and I've spent thousands on creams and body wraps!
I can't bring myself to swallow a spoon full a day though so I have flax seed oil tablets instead and use EVOO in all my cooking when oil is needed. Olive Oil is fantastic! (07/28/2008)

By Vanessa

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I am 61 and my skin is age appropriate and has lost much elasticity. I started using small amounts of extra virgin olive oil as a facial moisturizer about a week ago and already notice a difference in the way I look. have read that adding a few drops of essential lavender oil enhances the olive oil. I bought some today and will try that, but at any rate I am happy with the effects of the olive oil on my face.

My daughter has patches of eczema on her face and neck and we bought the DHC deep cleansing olive oil and their olive oil moisturizer and are giving it a few weeks to see if it helps her but I know the basic oil has certainly made my face feel softer and look less parched. (08/15/2008)

By Deborah W

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I have scars and very little acne. I use olive oil after showering only. It gives my skin a glow and makes it look healthy. It doesn't cause any more acne as I dry it carefully with a cotton after i massage in the olive oil. I do this twice a week. (08/16/2008)

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I went into one of those beauty chain stores and got a make-up lesson from a make-up artist. Her skin was glowed. I asked her what product she used and to my surprise she said olive oil. She said she applies it all over after she showers. (A bottle is kept in her shower)

She also mentioned that she uses it as a facial moisturizer or anytime she has skin irritation.
I was concerned about oily skin or smelling like a salad. She told me not to worry. Apparently she got this tip from her 86 year old Grandmother, who passes for a 60 something! (09/12/2008)

By Lisa

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I have just started to use olive oil and really think its worth trying. I would love to encourage all women to stop spending a fortune on over priced skin care that never keeps the promise of youthful looking skin. I would love to start a campaign of boycotting overpriced commercial products. (09/27/2008)

By Rosemary guest

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I am a licensed Esthetician and have used many professional products. I tried the olive oil and my skin feels and looks great. I use Pompeian Classis Mediterranean Olive Oil. It does NOT smell and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. I put it on my face and had my husband smell my face and he said there was no odor. It's also good for your nails. Stay away from the eyelid although it didn't bother my eyes and I am sensitive to some lotions, even hypoallergenic. (10/14/2008)

By Carol

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I get really dry skin in the winter, but every heavy moisturizer I have used made me break out. I read a story about some 90 year old woman with fantastic skin the other day, and she said the only thing she ever put on her face was warm water and olive oil. I figured what the heck, wiped my face with with a warm towel, put a few small drops of Organic extra virgin olive oil on my finger tips, and lightly massaged it all over my face.

It has been two weeks now and my face looks unbelievable. My pores are invisible, no red patches, no dryness, my skin literally glows. I am a self proclaimed addict to expensive skin care products, I love them, I love the packaging, and the smells, etc. But I have to admit, olive oil works better than any of them ever have, and that includes La mer.

I know it has antioxidants in it, which must kill free radicals on the surface of your skin, and the oil moisturizes your skin but is not synthetic so doesn't clog your pores or cause reactions. Organic olive oil is a tad more expensive, but worth it, because of the olives not being treated with chemicals. do this do this do this, it works so well!

Don't waste your time with moisturizers that include olive oil, it just has a bunch of junk it in that you don't need, that might cause a reaction anyway, just use pure olive oil. And this is coming from a girl who wanted it to not work! (10/23/2008)

By Lora

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

This is specifically talking about Extra Virgin Olive Oil and preferably organic. (11/15/2008)

By Jessica

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

OMG! I just started using organic extra virgin olive oil both as a cleanser and a moisturizer. I added a little vitamin E and essential rose oil for a pleasant scent and it works like a dream. I am constantly getting free product samples from the reps that come to my clinic and not even the high end products I've tried have given me these results. My skin has never looked better. Also for some natural exfoliation try a little EVOO mixed with sugar and lemon juice! (11/17/2008)

By Espy

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I have used olive oil as a moisturizer for 3 years now - I'm 37 years old, and I would never go back to high-end products. I can't seem to convince others to try it, everyone seems skeptical, but it is so logical. Go figure! (11/17/2008)

By jill

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

Does anyone know if olive oil is non-comodogenic? I have just started using it on my face after many years of trying to find a moisturizer that helps my dry skin but doesn't make me break out. Reading these posts has been very helpful, but I'd like to point out that although organic EVOO might seem expensive. It's peanuts compared to the price per ounce/ml for commercial creams, lotions and cosmetics. (11/26/2008)

By Deborah S

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

I believe that because the olive oil is so pure, you needn't worry about the 'non-comedogenic' labeling. Thankfully. Keep using it;you'll be delightfully surprised, I can almost guarantee it! (12/07/2008)

By Jill

Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

Hi, For all of you who are new to using olive oil on your skin let me offer my 2 cents. When I was young my mother would slather me with Crisco. I was an active outdoor kid and a competitive swimmer and to this day I am still active outdoor kid who now does sprint triathlons. At some point I graduated to olive oil and I have been using it forever. I am now 60 and although I have all the aging issues I have great skin quality. My skin is dry and I use it all over including my face.

I was raised in Europe and also spent a fair amount of time in Greece and many of the women there, as the lady here noted, used it. I just use whatever olive oil I can buy inexpensively because I use so much of it. No smell. But I spend time letting it absorb so as not to get greasy. If I overdo I will put a little cream on my body -- seems to absorb (or cover it). I use it very sparingly on my face during the day because it can cause your make up to run if you are not careful!

And finally, if you have a companion to help you, it is really nice after a shower when you are damp to have someone really rub the WARM olive oil in deeply. Cover your feet and wrap up and your skin is really velvety the next day! So this post is about as long as I have been using the OO. I have found the contains olive oil products to be not useful. Thanks for the tip about oo, sugar, lemon cleanser. Will try it. (12/15/2008)

By Paula

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