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Sleepover Themes and Crafts

My birthday is coming up and I am going to have a sleepover. Last year I did a Harry Potter/girly theme. We made green goop and autographed t-shirts. This year I'm not sure which theme or craft to do. Any ideas?



- Zeley NYC


Sleepover Themes and Crafts

A spa party would be fun, depending on your age. You could do manicures, pedicures, facials, hair moisturizing treatments, and more! Do some internet research to find recipes for homemade treatment stuff.

For example: You and your friends could make a scented paraffin dip for your hands and feet as part of your manicure/pedicure session and oatmeal/honey scrub and avocado moisturizing masks for your facial session. You could also make the Kool-Aid lip gloss that was posted on this site a while back. Making your own stuff would be fun (and thrifty) and using it would even be more fun! Good Luck! (01/24/2005)

By Reba Gayle S.

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Do a craft you're interested in. Do you like to scrapbook? Take photos using a digital, Izone or Polaroid camera. Scrapbook a page, mini-albums or make cards. Do you like to garden? Paint clay pots and plant flower seeds or herbs. Do you love beads? Make bracelets. Do you like to paint fabric? Have each girl paint a design on a white pillowcase. Perfect for a sleepover and they get to take it home. (01/25/2005)


By Cheryl from MO

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

You don't say how old you are? What sorts of things do you and your friends like? You could do a jewelry party where you make jewelry from beads and findings, then model it. Or a teddy bear tea party and make dress up clothes for your teddy bears before tea. (01/25/2005)

By Linda

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

How about making a lighted potpourri bowl? They are very easy to make and each person could take them home. The bowls were 2$1.00 at Michaels or .77 at Wal-Mart. I bought the potpourri at the 99 cent store as well as the doilies for the Some of them were 2$1.00 and 3/$1.00. The size I used was 8 inches.

The 12-20 mini light strings were at the Dollar Store. I make them for get wells, friends, and just because you need a smile. The lights make the potpourri warm and releases the fragrance. Here's a picture of mine. Caution! Do not leave unattended! Happy Birthday Sleepover (01/27/2005)


Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I don't think you should think about a theme, just have fun and talk about boys, give each other manicures and pedicures, play truth or dare, and call your secrets crushes! This advice coming from a girl the same age as you. (02/26/2005)

By R.s

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

You could make beaded jewelry and hand them out as goodies or give them out with the invites instead.
Pop out some of your favorite tunes and get some snacks! Play "American Idol", truth or dare, and all those fun sleepover games. You can do those parlor bead thingies! They are pretty fun if you have patience and they are entertaining. Do facials/mani-pedis for all those girlie girls! For invites, you could buy some cheap card stock in your friends' favorite colors and wrap them around a cheap lip gloss or something with a matching ribbon! (03/28/2005)


By Shaina

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

You probably already had your party but you could all get some cheap solid color pillow cases, fabric paint. and fabric markers and decorate your pillow cases and write messages on them and stuff. You could also go to the dollar store and buy photo frames for everyone and decorate them with shells and glitter and beads and stuff. (05/02/2005)

By Jaci

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I love sleepovers and crafts and I am planing to make a royal party with all my princessy sassy friends. I will have a royal dinner and a royal movie it will be royally great. I'm giving out autograph books for favors with a royal rhinestone touch. (08/22/2005)

By Gaby from Mexico who loves yo all

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Maybe you could have a mani-pedi party sleepover! You could do nails and hair and just be like totally girly girls! (12/26/2005)


By jhottie

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

One time we played fear factor and we had "stunts" such as putting ur hands in a huge bucket of ice for as long as you could, bobbing for apples in vinegar, and ffc (five funky cups- one person is blindfolded and has to eat five disgusting "homemade" concoctions made by the other players. (01/07/2006)

movie premiere sleepover

If you are a prissy girl you can do a sleepover for a movie premiere. You have food like popcorn (of course), nachos, french fries, pizza, soda like Sprite, ice cream bars, and chips like classical Lays, Cheetos, and Fritos. You can have an red carpet and some banners with your guests' names on them put them on some doors in your house and on chairs, but put your name on the party door and your fanciest chair. (01/09/2006)


By Jassy

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I'm soon having spring break sleepover with my 3 best friends. We love fashion, designing, dressing up, and so on. We're 14 and totally bored of the same old spa and Hawaiian themes. So I thought of an idea. Model sleepover! I love looking in magazines and seeing the models with crazy fun hair, outfits and makeup! So I thought I'd buy some fun colored new makeup, and hair products and we'd dress each other up in a million of our favorite clothes and dress up outfits. Then use my digital camera to capture fun poses, group as well as single! (03/06/2006)

By Ainslee H.

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Have a dance off but give people only 5 minutes to come up with a dance. It's really fun! (03/12/2006)

By Stacy

fashion party

A make-up party would be good. Get every one to bring make-up and cool clothes, and every one can help put make-up. Then every gets there cloths and you can have a fashion parade. (04/07/2006)

By kate

Sleepover Ideas

Do you like chocolate?
You could have a chocolate party!
Chocolate tasting, making chocolate
and decorating, etc.

Or pamper night like a spa with manicures, pedicures, doing hair, etc. (06/03/2006)

By Laura

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Well, my birthday is coming up and I'm having 6 girlfriends over, and we're gonna sleep in a tent, and watch movies and play games, and my dad's doing a BBQ, but can you give me some more ideas? Thanks! =P


By cad

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I have one idea, you could make homemade bath salts. Here's the recipe:

Bath Salts:

* Epsom salts (no exceptions!)
* food coloring
* decorative containers

First put some Epsom salts in a bowl. Then add a little bit of food coloring to it. Get a spoon (not wooden) and stir it til everything is mixed. Then put them in your decorated containers. Or before you make the salts, decorate a baby food jar or some other type of jar to put your bath salts in.

Hope I helped and I hope you have a lot of fun with the bath salts.

P.S. Only use a little bit of bath salts at a time. They dry out your skin if you use so much! (01/02/2007)

By anonymous

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Why not do a movie theme sleepover? You could print invites on paper that look like film strips, serve popcorn and hot dogs, and drinks in polystyrene cups, etc. Then you can watch some DVDs all night long. You could pin up some posters of all of your favourite movie stars. You could give you and your mates brand new movie star names and then practice writing autographs. You could even tape some red paper together which would make a red carpet. Then you can strut your stuff down it while you pretend to be actresses going to a movie premiere.

If you don't like the idea of a movie styled sleepover you could try doing the whole mad food night thing. Have a go an covering delicious fruits in chocolate, decorate plain digestive biscuits with icing and marshmallows to make mini sombrero cookies. Why not try baking some cakes or using chocolate rolls and icing and a mini flake to make edible roman candles. You can have all your favourite munchies to eat and make ice cream sundaes for desert. If you're stuck for a game, fill a large bowl with cold water and tip in lots of mint polos.

Ask someone general knowledge questions. If they get it right they get a polo from the pack and if not they must put their head in the water to get a polo. You can use this with teddy bears and sugar too. For invites you can write the details out onto a large ice cream shaped piece of paper. Hope you like my ideas - they all worked well for me - enjoy your sleepover! Love angelica xxxx (01/28/2007)

By Angelica

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Try this game called 'spoons'. It's loads of fun. Here's how to play: you need:

1 deck of cards
spoons- the number of people playing minus 1...(eg if there's 5 people only get 4 spoons)
icky but good stuff- melted chocolate, baby food, etc.

How to play

how ever many people are playing, get that many sets of numbers out of the deck (eg if 5 people are playing get
5 sets - eg. kings, queens, aces, twos, and 5s)
spread the spoons out in the middle
shuffle the cards
give each player 4

when a player gets 4 of the same number- the person has to pick up a spoon. To pass the cards around- simply pass and pickup- lay down a card to the person on your right and pick up the card the person has put on your left.
Once one person has picked up a spoon, everyone 1 else can pick 1 up too. Even if they don't have a set of 4. The person without a spoon gets an 'S' then a 'P' if they loose again. It keeps going until someone ends up with 'spoons' then the rest of the group has to make them something to eat. There's no refusing unless it's absolutely poisonous...have fun! (02/23/2007)

By Nessie

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

You could do like a foreign country-themed party. Like, if you did Italy, you could serve spaghetti, and watch a movie themed in France. Oh, and always have at least five different movies to watch. Then have the guests vote which one would go first, second, third, etc. Hope this helps! (03/05/2007)

By Diana

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Have a school sleepover. (03/21/2007)

By Tia

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I know exactly how you feel but I did a Hollywood theme and it totally rocked! We made virgin margaritas, autographed pics of each other, did karaoke, and we stayed up til 2 in the morning doing makeovers and watching movies! (06/10/2007)

By Shelby, 14

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

My two cousins and I are having a scientifically theme party. First we are making stress balls which is when you take a balloon that is not blown up and in one you fill it up with kitchen flour fill it up and just leave a little room to tie it at the end then take another balloon and to the same thing only using salt. Another thing we're going to do is take a cup and put lots of sweets and chocolate stuff in it and eat it at the end! I'll let you come up with other cool things. (08/03/2007)

By Jojo

Sleepover themes and ideas

chocolate theme
teddy theme
sleepover theme
movie night theme
pj party
all mixed together is called chocolate dreams night

lava lamps
magazine making
sleeping bag race
design or decorate a t-shirt or pillowcase
scavenger hunts (I don't particularly like them)
ghost stories with ice cream
pillow fight
juice bar
brownie making
roasted marshmallows if your video is broken
board games
hair dye
nail polish
homemade ice cream
dressing gowns
bring portable stereo
slipper fights

Ok now for the games.
(go on for heaps and heaps!)

And as my friends said "it was the best b-day eva". (09/17/2007)

By Sammi M.

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Hey girls/boys. I have the perfect themes:
Hotel survivor: Have you ever seen fear factor, survivor. Well it is pretty much the same thing, it they can't do it they are out/eliminated. If your friends can be soft then play easy games like, Down BY The Bank, red light green light, and other stuff. If there not soft, then do stuff that looks gross, or stuff that is tough. Make food in critter shapes, mix it up with nasty stuff like peanut butter mayo cookies, pickle flavored Popsicles, do stuff like Twister.

or Pick a decade: pick, either, 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s.
Game show gala: come on down, and be the first young host. Host a game show of your choice.
Fortune globe: either you, or an older relative becomes a fortune teller. Play mine reading games, and give the magic 8 ball a work out.

Fashion dinner party. Set out a lovely decor, on the table, and yummy food, have everybody take a seat, but before they take a seat give them a couple of minutes to make a outfit. Have one person be the designer and 2 judges including you. Have everybody sit down and have them take turn on there fashion show. (11/24/2007)

By Brittany

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

My cousin and I did facial masks and they really work!

serves 1:

blemished skin mask
1 tomato, ripe, chopped
1 tsp lemon juice
1 T instant style oatmeal or old-fashioned rolled oats
Blend everything until just combined. Apply to skin, making sure the mixture is thick enough to stay on blemished areas: cheeks, forehead, or chin. If necessary, add a bit more oatmeal to thicken the mask. Leave it on for 10 minutes, then scrub it off with a clean washcloth dipped in warm water.

By Janice

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

What about pirates? You could watch all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Make pirate hats and tell ghost stories about pirates. What do you think? (04/02/2008)

By Good Advice

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

How about a luau party? (05/29/2008)

By Andrea

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

Do a dance party. (06/24/2008)

By Kaitie

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I think maybe a pop star party would be fun. You do karaoke, autograph pictures for the "fans" (each other) and you could make a red carpet in the living room and like walk across it and then watch a new movie that's on DVD and pretend it's a movie premiere.I think that would be very fun! (07/20/2008)

By Hannah

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I have a theme. Clue, the game! Have everyone dress up as a character and solve a mystery life size! It would be so much fun! Use duct tape to make squares on the floor or go out side. You could make different rooms and dress up in old costumes!
funx10 (07/22/2008)

By Massie

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I think you should have like a pajama fashion show! (08/14/2008)

By Nikki

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

You can paint each others nails, do hair, pillow fights, truth or dare, eat, dress up, listen to music, movies with popcorn, share deepest darkest secrets, makeup without mirror, fashion show, face mask, all of the classic sleepover stuff! (11/10/2008)

By Mallory and Kelsey

Sleepover Themes and Crafts

I'm having a sleepover and it's Hawaiian themed. It's winter so I want it to feel like summer. (12/22/2008)

By cassandra

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