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What might be causing an itchy ear?

I get this terrible itching

and tickling going on inside my ear, mostly in my right ear and every now and then in the

other ear as well. It just drives me nuts. I know I should just go see my Dr., but I thought

I'd ask here first. It doesn't appear that I have wax in my ear, although, it could be way

inside. I did try putting some hydrogen peroxide, but that didn't do anything, nothing came


Debbie52 from IL


What might be causing an itchy ear?

I had something similar, I swore there was a bug in my ear, but the Dr. said it was an

infection. I hate the feeling of wetness in my ears after a shower and washing my hair so used

swabs to dry them, a no-no. That caused my infection. Now I use a a liquid dryer made

especially for ears. (04/26/2006)

By Wendee

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I had that, and sometimes with just a little clear watery discharge when sleeping. The Dr.

diagnosed my problem as eczema, probably allergy induced. I was prescribed an anti-
inflammatory and anti-itch ointment that I apply as needed,which is only once or twice a week for

me. (04/27/2006)

By Alex

What might be causing an itchy ear?

An Audiologist once told me that if a person uses Q-tip swabs all the time to clean his ears

(the wax was meant to lubricate the ear canal) and removes all the wax, the canal will dry out

and cause terrible itching. Then, they'll keep using the Q-tips to scratch the ear canal,

which might cause an irritation. The Q-tips will also compact the wax at the end of the canal

against the ear drum. Infection is usually in the inner ear, not the canal, although you can

get "swimmer's ear" which is a fungal problem in the canal. Peroxide will soften wax in the

canal. You'll know if some is there cause it will fizz a lot.

If you continue to have problems, I'd say to see a doctor, but most have few audiology

classes. Do you have a college near-by that has a Speech-Language pathology department? If so,

make an appointment to see their Audiologist. The cost at these schools is minimal since

they're teaching schools. If you need a referral or medication, they can usually take care of

that cheap too. (04/27/2006)

By susanmajp

What might be causing an itchy ear?

Allergies will cause ears to itch. See your doctor. (04/27/2006)

By Robin

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I had the same problem. Went to the Dr. and I had a single strand of hair sitting on my ear

drum. He took it right out and it was instant relief. (04/29/2006)

By Kim H.

What might be causing an itchy ear?

Several years ago, I complained to my doctor about the itchy ear. He said I probably have

swimmer's ear and suggested two things. The first thing was to use a blue syringe (the ones

the hospital gives you to clean out baby's noses after delivering a baby) and fill it with

warm water and spray the water in your ears. I spray each ear twice at the end of my shower.

The second thing is to put rubbing alcohol (75% strength) in my ear to dry up the water or any

liquid in my ear.

I have been doing this for many years regularly, and I have had a minimal number of

problems. I realize that if you have allergies, this idea won't help. But for those who have

swimmer's ear, it will help. (05/23/2006)

By ldsgenemom

What might be causing an itchy ear?

My doctor said that pain or itching in ears is sometimes caused by teeth problems. See a

dentist. (09/23/2006)

By Maggie

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I have lots of allergies and also get a terrible itch inside my ears, on my palate, and behind

my nose. It's definitely allergies in my case, usually caused by stress, exposure to

cats/dogs, and using a Q-tip to clean out the wax. I have found that gargling with Listerine,

full strength (any flavor), a few times a day really helps. Sometimes the relief is instant.

The alcohol must do something to the mucous membranes. (11/07/2006)

By allergictoeverything

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I've always found relief for itchy ears by using one or the other of the following OTC stuff:

1% hydrocortisone cream; tea tree oil (fights fungus but smells bad!);
jojoba oil (a good, natural moisturizer); and a concoction I got off the Internet that

combines hydrocortisone, aloe vera and tea tree oil. I think it's called Ear Itch Relief cream

from (02/19/2007)

By Geo

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I've suffered with itchy ears almost all my life, (since 8). I've been to ENT thinking it was

an allergy. He prescribed a medication that helped, but no real relief. Later I had my primary

care doc give me an allergen test. I tested negative. What a shocker, I'm not allergic to

anything environmental.

This year I went to the dermatologist for the severe dandruff problem that I've suffered

with. To make a long story short. The itching in my ears is caused by ear dandruff. (Sounds

crazy I know.) My ears are extremely dry inside and to my surprise, your ears can develop

dandruff just like my scalp. The Dermatologist gave me samples for an ear drop called DermOtic

Oil, it works. It stops the itch almost instantly. I go back on Thursday 10/18/2007, I will

ask for a prescription. If interested, here's the web site for the product (10/16/2007)

By MNikkiB

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I suffer from itchy right ear ans some times in the left ear. Whatever happens you mustn't use

a cotton bud, the wax in your ear is a good thing, when it builds up it actuality stops the

itchiness. If you take out th wax your ear becomes dry and the itchiness will get worse. Let

the wax build up and your itchy will reduce. (01/17/2008)

By Terry T.

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I went to a new dermatologist for the itchy ear problem. I've used Dermotic drops for the past

year, and some other ointment prior to that. The new dermatologist suggested using a dandruff

shampoo on a Q-tip and putting that in the ear canal every couple of days. I have to say

within a couple of days I had a lot of relief. My right ear has been fine and my left ear only

needs the Dermotic oil once in awhile. He did warn that too much use of the Dermotic or other

ointments could thin the membranes in the ear.

He gave me a sample of Loprox shampoo (a prescription), but said that Head and Shoulders or

any other dandruff shampoo may work as well. So far so good. This is the most relief I have

had in probably eight years. Hope this can help someone. My first dermatologist never

mentioned any of this to me. (01/19/2008)

By Becky

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I was having the itching ear as well as sinus infections quite frequently. Was referred to a

product from Now Foods called Candida Clear. Not expensive, one or two capsules a day has made

a world of difference in both problems. (06/11/2008)

By NebraskaNell

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I am so glad I into this website. I live in Denver and has always been healthy. I'm 36. About

a year ago I started having this ear itch. I went to my regular Dr. who told me it was eczema

and he gave me triamcinolone acetonide. It did not cure my problem. I went to a ENT Dr. he was

no help. He said to try vinegar or baby oil. The only way I get relief is to use hydocortison

2.5 lotion mixed with baby oil. (09/03/2008)


What might be causing an itchy ear?

By looking at all the feedback, its seems like this is problem for a lot of

people. I have always had problems with my left ear growing up. I was constantly having ear

aches and had my eardrum rupture a couple of times. Now I am 29 and went to an ENT because of

mild hearing loss and a mild itching sensation. It turns out there was accumulation of fluid

in my inner ear. (This could be a possible reason why some of you have the same itching

sensation). What the ENT conducted to relieve my problems was the Politzer Manuever, pretty

much popping your ears. Doing this every morning helped with the itchiness in my ears and

could help many of you. If you do have problems popping your own ears, there a device out

there called the Earpopper. (09/09/2008)

By Joe

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I use Similisan earache relief drops when my ears itch inside like crazy. It really gives me

relief from the itching. relief.cfm"> (10/12/2008)

By Jane

What might be causing an itchy ear?

You probably have a fungal infection, it's like athlete's foot of the ear. You can go to CVS

and get over the counter anti-fungal drops active ingredient 1% Clotrimazole and put 4 drops

in your itchy ear each day. It may get warm in your ear, this is OK. Fungal infections take a

long time to heal but be patient. Hope this helps you out. (10/23/2008)

By Jill

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I have had numerous ear problems my whole life with chronic ear infections being the root

cause of my problem. Ear and fungal infections can both cause itchiness in the ear. It is

important that you see an ENT to diagnose what you have because treatment is different for ear

infections and fungal infections. Ciprodex can help if you have an ear infection. However, I

had used Ciprodex on a fungal infection and it made my ear very wet and itchy and much worse.

It was eventually cured with a violet (purple-ish) liquid that an ENT can put in your ear with

a special swab. It requires about 3-4 applications. I suggest you speak to your ENT about

this. It is important to know what you have before treating it. (11/05/2008)

By Guest

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I have just gone to an ENT for that specific problem. He said it is dryness and to "not" use

peroxide, as it is drying. Use a drop or two of sweet oil or olive oil. It works. Do not

use cotton buds or anything in the ear as you can experience an injury very easily. I know.


By Toebeanie

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I've been using Elocon cream once a week for 20 years now. Works like a charm. (02/04/2009)

By Eileen

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I've been suffering from itchy ears for 2 years now. It is worse at night time and once in a

while I have clear discharges. The medications that the doctors prescribed did not work. I am

tired of being awake. I use Q-tips in the morning and at bedtime to scratch my itchy ears

daily. I've been using ear plugs when I take shower and my ears still itches. Then just the

other day, I finally decided to mix 2 tbsp warm vinegar and 2 tbsp isoprophyl alcohol and

pour 10 drops to my ears. My ears felt funny for 12 hrs (imagine the fluid in your ears) then

after 12 hrs my ears got better and haven't touched anymore Q-tips. No more itchy ears for me.

Hooray. (02/21/2009)

By bil45ohb

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I've had the same problems discussed here for about 15 months--itching and irritation of my

left ear. After an MRI, a hearing test, two different ear, nose and throat specialists and a

dermatologist couldn't figure it out to my satisfaction, I finally decided to go to Johns

Hopkins University to see another ENT. He looked in my ears, told me my troublesome ear had

no wax in it, so it had no protections to fight off bacteria, bugs, itching, etc. and that

earwax was not a waste product to be removed or messed with via fingers, oils, Q-tips, creams,

ointments, etc. He said nothing should go in your ear, even water, for 8 weeks til the wax

re-forms. I'm working on week 3 and it occasionally itches bad, but I'm confident this will

finally work. Hope this helps. (04/27/2009)

By mojoct

What might be causing an itchy ear?

My elderly mom uses "Miracell Calm Ear" and so I tried it, and it works great. (06/12/2009)

By macbabe

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I have had this itchy ear problem for almost a year. With allergy season here it it has been

worse than ever. My doctor tells me to take Claritin as it is all related to sinus issues.

That doesn't help this incessant itch that is waking me up at night.

Here is what I have found to help. Mix half Lotrimin cream with half over the counter

hydrocortisone cream and using a Q-tip gently deposit the mixture into the car canal 3-4 times

a day. So far this is the only thing that given me any relief.

Why can't doctors come up with something to rid us of this annoying problem? (09/11/2009)

By Hudsongrl

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I suffered with this kind of thing for years. I would have allergies that started with itchy

ear drums and inner ears. I tried Zyrtec and would keep symptoms down with Benadryl.

But eventually I discovered that my body had changed, and the problem was that I wasn't

getting enough water. I've been fine for a year now; as long as I stay hydrated (Drink even

when I'm not really thirsty) the problems are gone. If I go to bed without a drink though,

you can be sure I'll wake up in the night. (09/12/2009)

By Tarhish

What might be causing an itchy ear?

I also suffer from itchy canals. I just wanted to add that my ears don't develop much wax

since I went through a full course of Acutane for acne. At first my ears itched, so I lubed

them with Vaseline. Then a physician or pharmacist told me it will trap bacteria, so he

recommended Bacitracin ointment USP. RX told me that bacteria will not grow in that

environment. Used it for 20 plus years.

Somehow I picked up the itch and I wore ear plugs for work everyday and rotated out the

dirty plugs. If its fungal, I will find out soon. I've been using benadryl cream and

benadryl tablets because I have some food dye allergies.

One more thing. I found out my ear ringing was from an irritated eliocecal [sp] valve that

connects large and small intestine. I gave up the frito lay chips and in two weeks my ears

stopped ringing. The E valve remains open for too long and will cause the ears to ring. It

can be massaged with hand pressure lower right below the belly button but don't use a lot of

pressure or you could tear the facia lining under your skin. Coffee and other roughage can

cause it too.

Good luck. (09/24/2009)

By Doug54

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