August 8, 2011

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Young guy moving a white sofa

Furnishing Your First ApartmentThis is a page about furnishing your first apartment. Moving out is an exciting time. Furnishing your new home, can be expensive, but, if you know the right places to look you can get some great deals.


Cleaning Bathroom Mirrors, Reflection in a mirror of boy drying his hair with a blow dryer.

Cleaning Bathroom MirrorsThis is a page about cleaning bathroom mirrors. When wiping with the bath towel doesn't work any more, it is time to get serious. Bathroom mirrors are at the mercy of humidity, toothpaste, hairspray, and more.


Shower Enclosure

Cleaning a Shower EnclosureThis is a page about cleaning a shower enclosure. Shower enclosures can easily get soap scum build up, mold, and grime. Cleaning the shower can take some elbow grease, but with proper techniques you can get your shower enclosure sparkling in no time.


Woman's hand holding blue cloth cleaning the tub spout.

Cleaning My BathtubFrom difficult rings from soap and hard water to rust around the drain, cleaning the bathtub is one of the more difficult household chores. Sometimes more specialized cleaning solutions may be needed to get the desired result. This guide features tips and solutions for cleaning your bathtub.


A boy on a horse taking horseback riding lessons.

Learning to Ride a HorseThis is a page about learning to ride a horse. Whether you want to ride horses competitively or for fun it is important to learn to ride them properly. This will ensure not just your safety but the horse's as well.


Hummingbird flying.

Attracting HummingbirdsThis is a page about attracting hummingbirds. Hummingbirds are colorful little visitors. Whether you want to attract them with feeders or the plants in your yard, attracting them is quite easy.


Girl Getting on the Bus to go Back to School

Preparing Kids for Going Back to SchoolThis is a page about preparing kids for going back to school. When Summer starts coming to an end, it's time to get the kids ready for going back to school. Shopping for clothes, school supplies and getting rid of old items are all on the agenda.


A blue nylon dog leash

Organizing Dog LeashesThis is a page for organizing dog leashes. Leashes are necessary for the health and protection of your dog, but you need to be able to get to them when you need one.


End view of rolled comforter.

Make Your Own Comforter CoverThis is a page about making your own comforter cover. A nice comforter can be quite expensive. A duvet or comforter cover can extend the life of your comforter, as well, as allow you to change the look of your bedroom.


Cleaning Vinyl Siding, A woman scrubbing the siding of her house.

Cleaning Vinyl SidingThis is a page about cleaning vinyl siding. Keeping the outside of your house clean not only extends the life of your siding but also makes it look beautiful for longer.


Compact Fluorescent Lightbulb

Storing LightbulbsThis is a page about storing lightbulbs. It's great to find a good deal on lightbulbs and stock up. However, with their odd shape, it can be difficult to store them without having them take up too much room or getting damaged.


Peeled Green Mango

Peeling a MangoThis is a page about peeling a mango. Mangoes are great green, ripe, and dried. Knowing how to peel a mango will insure that you get the most of this delicious fruit with out wasting one precious bit.


Framing Artwork, Molding frames for framing artwork.

Framing ArtworkThis is a page for framing artwork. Frames and mats are a good way to show off your artwork and protect it, but they can be very expensive and can be difficult to do nicely.


Kiwifruit growing on the vine.

Growing KiwifruitThis is a page about growing kiwifruit. Kiwis grow on a vine and require trellising. If you live in a zone suitable for growing kiwifruit, you can enjoy the opportunity to have fresh kiwis in your own backyard.


Stack of pictures frames.

Storing Framed ArtworkThis is a page about storing framed artwork. Storing framed artwork involves two challenges. Not only do you need to protect the artwork, but also, the frames.


Woman in Green Shirt Cleaning Glass with Squeege

Cleaning Sliding Glass DoorsThis is a page about cleaning sliding glass doors. Whether it's little hands, muddy paws and wet noses or both, cleaning the sliding glass door is a chore that could be done almost everyday. However, with all that grease and dirt and it is easy to leave streaks on the glass.


bulbs in a box

Storing BulbsThis is a page for storing bulbs. Bulbs and rhizomes are one of the easiest ways to have showy spring and summer flowers. Here are tips for storing your bulbs until it is the right time to plant.


Fresh Vegetables

Keeping Vegetables FreshThis is a page about keeping vegetables fresh. It is always frustrating to buy a bunch of fresh vegetables only to have them go bad before you get to eat them. Keeping them fresh until you need them will save you money.


Colored craft paper.

Organizing Craft PaperThis is a page about organizing craft paper. Keeping your craft paper organized will save time when working on a project. It will also help prevent you from buying paper that you already have.


A person cleaning a flat screen monitor with a cloth.

Cleaning a Flat Screen MonitorThis is a page about cleaning a flat screen monitor. From dust to fingerprints, a dirty flat screen can make it hard to see. It is important to use proper cleaning methods to avoid damaging your monitor.


Glass of stout with hops scattered in foreground and keg in backgroung.

Storing Beer?This is a page about storing beer. Unlike wine most beer is not meant to be stored for extended periods. Some varieties do improve with age, but all types of beer benefit from proper storage.


Horses standing in the snow.

Caring for HorsesThis is a page about caring for horses. Winter and summer, horses can be subjected to all kinds of inclement weather. It is important to care for them properly so that they stay safe and healthy.


Organizing a Home Office, Organized Office Supplies

Organizing a Home OfficeThis is a page about organizing a home office. Home offices can attract clutter, especially mail. Having a well organized home office will make it easier to find your office supplies when you need them and create an conducive work environment.



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California Blend Veggie CasseroleThis is so yummy! I love Velveeta cheese!


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Chicken FajitasOne of my favorites!


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Apple Snickers SaladThis is my favorite apple salad recipe ever!


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Stove-Top Beef RoastThis was one of my mom's old standby recipes when I was a kid. Very yummy and good!


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Italian Chicken CasseroleDelicious flavour, serve with real crusty bread to soak up the juices.


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Pineapple Boiled Fruit CakeDelicious moist cake, a real family favorite.



White Garden Angel Statue

New Path Garden AngelHere is the newest angel left in The Path Garden. Once again someone has left a surprise in the garden. Always a treat to find treasures to delight visitors as they stroll through the garden.


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Mentholatum for Muscle PainI woke up with a bad lower back pain. I had some rubs in the past but couldn't find them. As I was browsing through my medicine box, there stood out a memorable green jar. Great, if I had a stuffy nose, this would be good.


Large Bee on Cactus Flower

Wildlife: Large Bee (Gillette, WY)This bee was VERY large, about the size of a nickel. It paid no attention to me snapping pictures of it. It was far more interested in the cactus flower!


Mule Deer in Bighorn Mountains

Wildlife: Mule Deer (Bighorn Mountains, WY)This beautiful Mule deer walked right by our camping spot in the Bighorn Mountains. His antlers are still in full velvet and he "posed" for a few minutes to allow me to get some gorgeous photos of him.


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Cleaning Fisherman's HandsFishing trips can be messy. How does one eat lunch or snacks after baiting hooks and taking fish off the hook that can leave your hands dirty and smelly? Using scented soap is a No-No, because the fish smell the scent of soap on the bait and won't bite.


Fabric Pumpkin Light with Autumn Leaves.

Fabric Pumpkin LightsMake a pumpkin light decoration for fall using a chenille bedspread and an electric Christmas candle light. This lamp will brighten any fall vignette in your home, or stitch on a face for a whimsical Halloween decoration.


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Is Your US Post Office Designated For Closure?I was surprised by this list because I assumed it would be small town offices that will be affected but that is not the case because there are quite a few closing in big cities as well.


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Finding Free Books for Your KindleMy husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday and I love it. There are many free books available on You will get all kinds of information about paying for the list, but you can easily find them for yourself at no cost.


Storm Line Rolling Overhead

Scenery: Dark Storms CloudsThis was a storm rolling over top of us a week ago. Since there was no touchdown of any danger, the obvious stop of sunshine and start of storm line became a beautiful picture.


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Shopping For School SuppliesHere are several tips for saving money on school supplies.


Lighthouse on Isle of Bute in Scotland With Grey Cloud in Background

Scenery: Toward Lighthouse (Isle of Bute,...Toward Lighthouse located on the Isle of Bute in Scotland. The lightkeepers house is privately owned, however the lighthouse is still owned by the Council and still operates.


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Shaving Cream FingerpaintMix shaving cream and a tablespoon or so of Kool-Aid to make a tinted, scented finger paint material for small children. A cookie sheet makes a good table on which to mix paint colors and serves as a play surface for the kids to swirl the shaving cream.



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Removing Scented Oil Type Odor from House?My wife and I just moved into a new house. It is a great house, but it smells. Now here is the "strange" part; it doesn't smell like dog or skunk. It smells like we're living in a candle store. It's not the best of scent choices and it's overpowering.


Proper Food Amounts for Homemade Dog Food?How much should each meal contain for my German Shepherd and my Cocker Spaniel? They have two meals a day and I make their food myself. I am just not sure of the correct amounts. Many thanks.


Bathroom sink and cabinet.

Removing Musty Smell in Bathroom Cabinets?It's very damp where I live. How can I keep the moldy smell out of my bathroom cabinets? And is there a way to prevent mold from growing on my walls, behind dressers, in closets, etc.?


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Cat Litter For Drying Flowers?Does anyone know if you can use silica gel cat litter for drying flowers? It seems like it would be a lot cheaper than special flower drying silica gel.


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Getting Fabric Donations for a Non Profit Organization?I have a non-profit organization and I have recently started a new project. We are making blankets for animal shelters, as well as getting donations of animal supplies from places like PetSmart.


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Growing Truffles?How do I grow truffles?


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2nd Birthday Party Ideas?I need ideas on a birthday party for a 2 year old. Please? Thanks.


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Removing Discoloration on Vinyl Floor?I have some "rust" colored spots that are on my vinyl that I can't mop, scrub, or bleach out. They almost look like burn spots, but they are not. So my floor never looks clean. My husband says it may be something coming through from the subfloor.


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Reviews of Purity and North Star Joint Pain Relief Remedies?How do Purity products compare with North Star (joint help)?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?My countertops are granite with black, taupe, and rust specks, the appliances are stainless steel and black, and my cabinets are red mahogany. What color should I paint my walls?


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Blanching Vegetables Before Freezing?Why is it necessary to blanch vegetables prior to freezing? Why can't I just wash, drain, cut, and freeze the raw green beans?


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Putting Composting Bins Next to Vegetable Garden?Is it OK to have a composting box next to a vegetable garden? I'm having problems with insects eating my spinach and chard. I'm thinking that they are coming from the composting box.


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Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip Muffin Recipe?I'm looking for a good chocolate, chocolate chip muffin recipe. I would like it more like a muffin and not a cupcake. Does anyone have a good one to share? Arnie's Restaurant has a good one, so a copy cat recipe for that one would be great.


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Repairing a Mirror Damaged by Condensation?How can I cover the edge of an arched bathroom mirror that has been damaged by condensation?


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Cat Sucking on Owner's Ear?How do I stop my cat sucking my ear?


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Cross-stitch Pattern of "Children of the Heavenly Father" Hymn?I'm looking for a cross-stitch pattern of a Swedish hymn "Children of the Heavenly Father" in Swedish with the musical notes. Any suggestions?


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Treating a Finch with a Deformed Beak?I have a Zebra Finch with a deformity of her beak. What can I do to fix it? Can her beak heal and become normal? What kind of treatment does she need? She is a year old. Is she going to be like this always?


Light burgundy pattern on dark burgundy background.

Discontinued Village Wallpaper #5810665 -...Help! I am diligently seeking at least one double roll (2 double and more preferred) of a Village wallpaper entitled - Calico Mini Vine, #5810665. The colors are a burgundy background with a slightly lighter shade of burgundy flowers and vines.


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Preserving Onions?What is the best way to preserve onions?


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Cleaning a Canvas Coach Bag?How would you clean a white/pink canvas Coach bag? It is brand new and supposed to be stain resistant, but now I have dark markings, most likely from rubbing on clothing, that are in the creases of the bag.


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Attaching Wheels to a Dog Kennel?How can I attach wheels to an extra large wire dog kennel? It's too heavy to keep moving around. I am looking for a inexpensive way to do this so I can move it around so I can clean under it. I am not as strong as I used to be.


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Shopping for Comfortable Scrubs?I need scrubs that are comfy, stretchy, lightweight, breathable, and 1X or XL in size. Evidently this involves cotton, spandex, lycra and who knows what else. I bought some by Peaches that are beautifully made, but they keep me too warm for these record breaking summer months.


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Georgia Bulldogs Cross Stitch Pattern?I am looking for cross stitch patterns for the Georgia bulldogs.


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