August 23, 2011

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Saving Money on Your Electric Bill, Money and Light Bulb on Top of Electric Bill

Over 20 Tips for Saving Money on Your Electric BillThis is a page about saving money on your electric bill. Finding ways to save money on your electric bill can really help the family budget.


Pizza With Slice Cut out on Pizza Stone

Cleaning a Pizza StoneThis is a page to cleaning a pizza stone. Pizza stones are a great way to make tasty pizza with a crisp crust at home. It's easy to make a mess though if you pile your pizza too high.


Celery and Banana Going into Garbage Disposal

Cleaning a Garbage DisposalWith all the food and other waste that gets run through a garbage disposal it definitely needs to be cleaned occasionally. Regular cleaning will help the performance and extend the life of your garbage disposal also. This is a page about cleaning a garbage disposal.


A box of donated household goods.

Fundraising Ideas for a Nonprofit OrganizationThis is a page about fundraising ideas for a nonprofit organization. There are many ways to earn money in your community, such as car washes, yard sales, pancake breakfasts, auctions and other organized events.


Several different types of cut melons.

Freezing Melons (Cantaloupe, Crenshaw,...This is a page about freezing melons, such as cantaloupe, crenshaw, honeydew, and watermelon. Melons all become ripe at once and preserving them is the best way to get that summertime flavor in the cold winter months.


Baking ingredients on a wood bread board.

Saving Money on Baking SuppliesThis is a page about saving money on baking supplies. If you like to bake from scratch you will need a well stocked pantry. All of the necessary ingredients needed for baking can become quite costly.


A bunch of plastic bags to be made into plarn.

Crocheting a Rug Using PlarnThis is a page about crocheting a rug using plarn - plastic yarn. Cutting grocery bags into strips makes a durable and very inexpensive material for making throw rugs for your kitchen, bathroom, and entryways.


New York Yankees cap on white background.

Displaying a Baseball Hat CollectionThis is a page about displaying a baseball hat collection. Collecting baseball caps is a fun pastime for the avid fan. Now that you have a growing collection you may need some ideas for displaying them.


Creating a Family Cookbook, Scattering of handwritten recipes including the occasional food spots.

Creating a Family CookbookThis is a page about creating a family cookbook. Preserving and sharing tried and true family recipes is a fun and sometimes overwhelming activity. There are many considerations even after you have collected together all of the recipes.


A close up of a black house fly.

Fly Repellent RecipesThis page contains fly repellent recipes. With summer comes open doors and windows and more flies. Find recipes and techniques to safely shoo those flies away.


Wrapping a Present, Woman in Green Wrapping a Present

Wrapping a PresentThis is a page about wrapping a present. Whether it's flashy paper and thick coiled ribbon or simple brown paper tied with a string, wrapping a present can be an important part of gift giving.



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Super Easy Sausage and PirogiesThis is so easy, and so good!


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Vegetable Beef SoupThis recipe uses things I usually have on hand at home. It is so wonderful to just watch this recipe come together, let alone to enjoy serving it!


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Lemon Supreme Dessert CakeThis is a cake that satisfies the most fussy of lemon flavored dessert lovers. It is both easy and delicious, cool and refreshing. Great for summer parties and family meals anytime. It's one of our favorite cakes.


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Crunchy Grape SaladFast, easy and can be made the night before. Grapes with a crunch.


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Apple WindsorI love this apple recipe. Also a good one for late summer and early fall when apples are ripening on the trees in our area.


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Honey Dressing for FruitYummy and sweet!



Jalapenos Hanging From Plant Ready to be Picked

Garden: Jalapenos From Blossom To YumMy veggie garden is limited to a few pots on a patio instead of in a yard garden now. No matter where you grow your veggies or herbs of choice it's inspiring, intriguing and beautiful to watch them grow from infancy to maturity.


A close up of a friendly raccoon.

Rocky (Raccoon)Rocky adopted me about 3 years ago and loves to sneak up on the porch and eat my cat's food. She loves to play in my tomato plants and herbs. She always like to turn the water bowl over to let me know she has been there.


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Municipal Health And Fitness FacilitiesThe city pool where I live has a weight room, and offers group exercise classes. While not as fancy as most commercial gyms, the family membership is significantly less than what we'd pay for just one person at a gym.


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Setting Up Your Garage Sale For SuccessGarage sales are a lot of work to set up and operate. Don't miss out on potential sales because folks can't find you. Follow local ordinances regarding these sales. Prepare carefully. Good luck.


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Swap BooksMy solution to buying or selling books is to swap your books for another book, CD or DVD. This helps to lessen the carbon footprint, and you get an item that you want! There are a few swap sites that you should check into, such as


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My Frugal Life: Frugal Finesse SuccessLiving frugal is very important these days, especially to those with the economic job struggles, two jobs to one household downsizing, etc. I took a good long look at my financial situation, I started to take notes, and most importantly, making a diary of spending.


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Identifying Beneficial Garden InsectsMy general rule of thumb: the ladybug, praying mantis, and spider can stay. Grasshoppers, ants, aphids, beetles, slugs, snails, and any other bug I find on or under the leaves must go.


The start of a latchhook rug on a canvas

Frugal Scrap RugWhile in my local craft store, I found a nice sized latch hook canvas. I started saving my little yarn clippings from knitting and crocheting and now I am using them for my rug!


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Back To School Supply Sales For Home Office NeedsNow is a perfect time to take advantage of some really great sales bargains, not just for back to school supplies for your children, but also for your own home office needs.


Wet Yellow Hummingbird Sitting at Feeder

Wildlife: Hummingbird After a Summer Rain...My daughter loves to take pictures. Her dad bought her an extra nice camera this past Christmas. She caught these shots one evening after a summer rain while sitting on a friend's porch.


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Clear Signs to Promote Your Garage SaleWhen having a garage sale, bright, clear signs are a must. I use neon poster board and paint on it with black paint. You can see them in time to stop at the sale without driving by and having to turn around.


Elway laying on the bed.

Elway (Siamese Mix)Elway is a 4 year old Siamese mix. My son chose Elway as a tiny kitten; he had to be bottle fed! He was a cute little white fuzzball! Elway likes to play in boxes and play with foil balls.


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Store Crayons In Baby Wipe ContainerI run a day care and we put all crayons in an old baby wipe container. We also have one with markers, and one with colored pencils.


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Eat More Protein For SnacksThe best diet snack is protein. It will satisfy your hunger for a lot longer than carbs. A little peanut butter spread in a stalk of celery is great. A hard boiled egg is another great choice.


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Cleaning Window ScreensI buy inexpensive baby wipes and wipe them over window screens. It gets all the dirt off with no inconvenience.


Yellow and white plumeria.

Plumeria in the Summer TimeWhile visiting my sister, she gave me a tour of her backyard. These beautiful flowers are in bloom, what a scent!


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Storing BananasI have posted this in the past, but I will add it to this grouping. If you put your bananas in a brown plastic grocery bag and a clear or white plastic grocery bag in the refrigerator, they stay fresh much longer. They don't discolor either.


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Homemade Ear Cleaning SolutionI am a professional pet groomer, I hated spending so much money on ear cleaning solution. I researched a lot and came up with my own mix and it works great. Not only does it save me a lot of money, but I know all the ingredients it has in it.


Grandfather Kissing Granddaughter on the Forehead

Photo: An Unbroken BondPaPa and his beautiful granddaughter, Irie. My brother has a special bond with his little granddaughter, Irie "Bean". The emotions you feel when you watch them together is amazing.


Wilson Arch Moab, UT

Scenery: Arches National Park (Moab,...These pictures are from our recent motorcycle trip to Arches National Park in Moab, UT. The first picture is the Wilson Arch just outside Moab and the second picture is inside the park.


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Keeping Vegetables and Fruit CrisperI had a problem with my cucumbers going bad faster than I thought they should but I wasn't sure why. They started smelling like they were being pickled, when saved in a container and sliced ready for my next snack.


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Recycled Window TableI saw a "window table" while I was driving by a yard sale. I found it to be interesting. I don't know how useful it would be other than for decoration. The flat part of the table was an old window with multiple panes in it.


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Removing Permanent MarkerI was able to get permanent black marker off of wood logs with Goof Off.


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Decorating Scrapbook Paper And CardstockI love buying scrapbook paper, but some seem a little pricey, especially the glitter paper. I got the idea to add my own touch to the paper with glitter glue and dimensional fabric paint.


close up of a pink gumpaste flower with a rhinestone center on a teal cake siting on a cake stand

Gumpaste FlowersLearn how to make beautiful flowers to decorate a cake, made from store bought gumpaste.


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Safety When The Lights Go OutEveryone's electricity goes out now and then. Trying to maneuver through the house with a flashlight in one hand or with a candle can be tricky and/or dangerous.


Boy sowing seeds in garden

Plant Seeds Now for a Second Season CropMid to late summer is a great time to plant seeds for a "second season" crop. After harvesting early maturing crops like salad greens, radishes, peas, and spinach, plant a second wave of your favorite cool-season vegetables for a bountiful fall harvest.



Small area vegetable garden surrounded by gravel.

Plants that Improve the Soil?What can I plant to help my small organic garden soil in the mild CA winter besides peas? I have another veggie garden about twice the size of this one in the photo.


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Hanging a Bird Feeder to Avoid Droppings on the Deck?I would like to have a bird feeder on my back deck, but I am concerning about having "droppings" on the deck. Is there any particular design that would be good to help avoid this aspect of having a bird feeder.


Using Papaya Sap in Glue?Can papaya sap be an additive component of glue?


Large eared dog standing on porch bench.

What Breed is My Dog?I know that she is a German Shepherd, but I do not know what she is mixed with. We got her from the animal shelter.


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Squirrels Digging Up Tulips?Squirrels dug up all my tulips; how can I stop them?


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Recycling Pill Bottles?Where can I recycle medication bottles? I live near Palm Springs, California.


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Protecting Grass from Dogs?Is there anything in the stores, such as a mesh, that I can put down so my grass can grow? I want to protect it from my dogs. It is dying where they run on it.


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Overwintering Geraniums?We live in hardiness zone 6a. My friend gave me some cut geraniums which rooted and are doing well in an outdoor container.What do I have to do to have them survive the coming cold weather?


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Keeping Mice Out of Your Home?Who can seal the perimeter of my home/ I'm having problems with mice. Orkin suggested I get it done so I can keep the mice out.


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Making Braided Rugs?How do you make braided rugs?


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Eliminating a Musty Smell from a Room?I live in a mobile home. This back room is starting to smell so musty. There are no leaks so it isn't the water heater. I can't afford a dehumidifier, but need to get rid of this smell. Any help would be appreciated.


Tool Used to Repair Tents?What is the gadget called that you use to sew something? It is not a sewing machine, but more like a hole punch with thread attached. I think it was created to repair tents.


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When to Harvest Spaghetti Squash?How do you know when your spaghetti squash is ready to harvest?


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Moving to Florida?Need info about relocating to Englewood, Florida. I have not come up with much on the internet. Also, with frugality and simple needs in mind, where is the best place to live in Florida?


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Bugs Eating the Wood Under the Counter?I have bugs that are eating the wood under the kitchen counter. What do I do?


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Getting Rid of Hornets?We seem to have an infestation of hornets and cannot seem to find the nest anywhere. Does anyone have an inexpensive solution to repelling the little pests? My husband is allergic to the bites. Please help, we do not have the finances to call in an exterminator.


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Growing Gladiolus?Do you have to dig out gladiola bulbs after blooming and keep inside til next spring? Or can you leave them in the ground all year?


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Getting Rid of Dust Mites?Can anybody help? Dust mites bother me all the time. I've tried sprays and I keep my home dust free. What else can I do?


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Saving Money on Bras?Bras are so expensive, and a good fit makes such a difference to posture and appearance. I sew tucks in the straps and backs of bras that have stretched, to tighten the fit again.


Chow lying on the beach.

Is Broccoli Good Or Bad For Dogs?I'm wondering about other people's experience with feeding their dog broccoli. I was just preparing dinner and decided to give our dog Honey a couple of pieces. As soon as I gave it to her, I was immediately concerned that I was feeding her something off the toxic list.


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Decorating and Food Ideas for a Talent Show?We are having a church wide talent show for all ages and I need decorating ideas and food ideas on a low budget.


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Bunny Losing His Fur?Our five year old Rex bunny has started to lose his fur in patches from between his ears and on his back. There are no other animals bugging him or causing this hair loss. It is in a location that he can't reach. We don't know what is causing this?


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Sealing Dried Flowers?What type sealer or spray can you use on hydrangea plants after they are dried out?


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Determining the Value of Old Records?I have old 78 records. How do I find out if they are worth any money?


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