August 25, 2011

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Child in Dalmation costume trick or treating.

Safe Trick-or-TreatingThis is a page about safe trick-or-treat practices. The practice of trick-or-treating has been popular in the US for decades. Kids have great fun dressing up in costume and collecting the tasty treats. However, there are some steps parents can take to ensure that this is also a safe activity.


Slug on a Leaf

Getting Rid of SlugsThis is a page about getting rid of slugs. Slugs in the garden mean raggedy, nibbled on leaves. These snails without a shell enjoy the humidity of a garden environment. There are several ways to help reduce the slug population in your garden.


A zipper on a pair of jeans.

Fixing a Zipper on JeansThis is a page about fixing a zipper on a pair of jeans. It is common for a zipper to occasionally become stuck or break in a pair of jeans that is otherwise in perfect condition.


Mole Digging Out of Hole into Open Air

Getting Rid of Moles in Your YardThis is a page about getting rid of moles in your yard. Moles can make your yard look really messy in a very short period of time. They are notoriously difficult to eliminate from your yard and often require professional assistance.


Removing Sharpie from Skin, Closeup of Sharpie Pen

Removing Sharpie from SkinSharpies are great to have around for many reasons but it can be easy to get on yourself. Whether it was from a broken pen or a child got a hold of your Sharpie, it can tough to get Sharpie ink off of skin. This is a page about removing Sharpie from skin.


A photo of rusty pliers.

Removing Rust from Metal ToolsThis is a page about removing rust from metal tools. Tools that are free of rust are much nicer and easier to use. Whether you accidentally left them out overnight or picked up some tools cheap at a garage sale, sometimes you need to clean the rust off of metal tools.


Loose ball of cut up t-shirts for crafting.

Crafts Using Recycled T-ShirtsThis is a page about crafts using recycled t-shirts. Recycling old clothing into new items is not only green, but also, great fun. Making rugs and other craft items from recycled t-shirts is a popular activity.


Man Working on Repairing a Car

Saving Money on Car RepairsThis is a page about saving money on car repairs. If you drive a car you know how inevitable car repairs are. You will be familiar with how expensive they can get. Saving even a small percentage off you car repairs can add up to a lot of money.


Generational family photo at a reunion.

Planning a Family ReunionThis is a page about planning a family reunion. Whether this is the first reunion or an ongoing family tradition, there is much to plan for this fun event.


A pile of yellow tennis balls.

Saving Money on Tennis BallsThis is a page about saving money on tennis balls. Whether you play tennis regularly or just like to have tennis balls for your dog or kids, their cost can really add up. Here are some ways to find tennis balls at discounted prices.


Man Pressure washing his Wood Deck

Cleaning a Wood Deck This is a page about cleaning a wood deck. Your deck is a great place for friends and family to gather in your home. However, the elements and general use means you will need to clean on occasion.


A batch of soft pretzels in letter shapes.

Soft Pretzel RecipesThis page contains recipes for soft pretzels. Homemade soft baked pretzels are a frugal favorite for children and adults alike. Try these recipes or share one of your own.


Three brightly colored bras in a row.

Saving Money on BrasThis is a page about saving money on bras. Bras are a necessary part of any woman's wardrobe but they can be very expensive. Quality, fit, wearability, and price all need to be factored in when shopping for bras and foundation garments.



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Hamburger GooThis is a fun, kid-friendly recipe.


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Moist Yogurt Pound CakeThis is a really good cake with a wonderful, pound cake texture and taste. It is especially good with lemon yogurt, though using vanilla yogurt and omitting the lemon peel is good, too.


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Glazed Meat LoafThere are two recipes to this submission. They go together so well that I just can't offer one without the other. They are both easy and economical as well as great comfort foods.


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Banana BreadMy all-time favorite quick bread!


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Oven Steak with Brown GravyEasy recipe and very hearty! One of my favorites! Love the gravy!


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Greek Bagel SandwichesI love the flavor combination of the ingredients for this sandwich and usually switch up how much of some of the ingredients used and hence why I suggest 'to taste'.


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Smashed Potatoes with Sour Cream and Green OnionsThis recipe is an easy one to prepare, is economical and the perfect partner to the Glazed Meatloaf. The two recipes go together like "Peas and Carrots" ...


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Stuffed Acorn SquashAcorn squash is so versatile and yummy! Love the cheese in this recipe.



Red Fish Planter in Garden

Garden: Fish PlanterThis interesting fish planter adds nice appeal to our open carport. I love to fill it with emerging colorful plants and running greenery! It's fun using annuals so that the look changes a couple times a year!


Base of hummingbird feeder with shipping tape to deter ants.

Shipping Tape To Deter AntsI was finding ants getting into my hummingbird feeder that was hung on a shepard's hook. They apparently climbed up the pole and into the food. I took shipping tape and tied it with string around the post (with sticky side out) starting at the bottom.


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Cleaning A Disposal With Baking Soda, Vinegar, and IceI always use the old baking soda I take out of the fridge or freezer and put it down the disposal. I add vinegar to make it bubble up and get to every part inside. This keeps it smelling clean and fresh.


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Ice to Clean DisposalOne of the best ways that I know of is to turn the water on at a trickle and turn your disposal on while empty. Then push about two quarts of ice cubes down into the disposal. That's ice, not fingers!


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Storing Seeds For Next YearEgg shells make good seed saving pots. Simple make a hole in the bottom of half a shell, fill with potting soil, place you seed or seeds in the soil, and then place in an empty egg carton.


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Deodorize With Perfume or CologneWhen I get a bottle of cologne that is not to my liking, I spray the linens with. When company is coming for a special added touch to the bathroom, I spray the sides of the roll of toilet paper.


Closeup of Frank the Siamese Cat on Wood Table

Frank The Shelter Cat (Siamese)This beautiful boy is Frank. He lives in the cat's shelter near where I live, but he's soon off to a new home. I was there with a friend who was looking to adopt a cat. I would have taken Frank in a heartbeat.


A cat toy made out of an old shoe box with holes cut into the top.

Shoebox Cat ToyI had seen photos of similar toys offered in catalogs and wondered if I could just make one! I cut a shoe box down a little so all the cats could reach in easily. I then drew circles on the lid and cut them out.


Deer alone in the Woods

Wildlife: Deer (Canaan Valley, WV)We rented a cabin in Canaan Valley several weeks ago. It was so peaceful and beautiful there. Early one night, while out on the back deck, these deer came up real close to the deck. We could almost touch them.


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Use Your Cell Phone As A Shopping ListI sometimes forget my shopping list when I head out to do my shopping. I discovered my cell phone has a notepad on it. I have started keeping my liist on my phone now. We always have our phone with us so no more forgotten list.


Wildflowers in Garden

Garden: WildflowersI was so happy to find that wildflowers are so easy to grow in our area which is northeastern Tennessee. I received a sample packet from a wildflower nursery online and put them out in the garden in my concrete stones.


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Platform For "Lift" ChairAs I have gotten older, health problems are rampant. I have problems with my hips and it had gotten very hard to get out of the my chair.


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Get Them To Stop At Your Garage SaleUse bright neon contrasting posterboard to make your signs (example: hot pink and hot green or flourescent orange). Have a box labeled FREE near the enterance and put a few toys, socks, etc. in it which is free for the taking.


An old door on a file cabinet to use as a desk.

Old Door As Makeshift DeskI am swapping a smaller craft room for the living/dining room in my apartment. The living room will be in the bedroom, and I am about half done with "The Great Swap of 2011"!


Plants in Greenhouse at Metroparks Zoon in Cleveland

Greenhouse at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo (Ohio)I took this picture in the greenhouse at the Cleveland Metroparks zoo. I plan to blow it up and print it out to hang on my wall. I would love to have a little place in my backyard like this!


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Lemon Juice and SugarI use lemon juice and sugar (try not to lick your face). Mix together and gently rub on your face. Let stay on about 15 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. It will lighten age spots and freckles.


Baby the Guinea Pig Sitting on a Lap

Baby (Guinea Pig)Baby is a 6 month old Guinea Pig. We adopted our pet at the Johnson City Animal Shelter. They had an overabundance of guinea pigs that day. We took three of them.


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Natural Wild Animal Repellents"Spray cider vinegar around the plants to deter raccoons, put moth balls in small hardware cloth cages to deter skunks and put human hair around the garden to deter bunnies and deer."


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Organizing Sewing SuppliesI tend to store my supplies in fun-looking boxes by similarity. So, all the buttons are stored in small jars, by color, in one box that I found at Walmart.


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Freeze Bananas in SkinsFreeze medium ripe, skin-on, bananas in freezer bags. To use, allow bananas to partially thaw at room temperature, 5-10 minutes so skins can be easily removed. These bananas are excellent and handy for baking.


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Use Medical Exam Gloves For Messy TasksI keep a decorated flower pot on my kitchen counter filled with medical exam gloves. Any time I am going to do something messy with my hands, I put on a pair of gloves.


blue zippered earbud cord case with earbuds inside ling on a table

Zippered Earbud CoverPut an end to those tangled earbuds forever!


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Selling the EstateDue to her health, my mother had to leave her home and move in with my family. That left her with a three bedroom home empty, yet full of furniture. My brothers and I decided we would have an estate sale company come in and give us a "one price takes it all" offer on it.


Save on your Gym Membership

Save on Your Gym MembershipGyms are expensive. If you have a membership, USE IT. Nothing's worse than wasting money, and not using what many people would love having extra for.


Odell Lake, Willamette Pass, OR

Scenery: Odell Lake (Willamette Pass, OR)This was taken in the Willamette Pass, it is Odell Lake. The snowy mountain you see in the distance is Diamond Peak.


pair of finches

Zebra Finch CareIn my opinion, zebra finches are the most enjoyable birds there are! Now that I no longer have a cat, I hope to get some more! They are very easy to take care of. Best of all, the sounds they make are so soothing to listen to.


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Cleaning With A Lint RollerI use a lint roller to clean lamp shades and carpeted steps. The lint roller is great in between my regular vaccuming. I just roll the lint roller over the lamp shade and it works great also.


Purple Beauty Berries on Bush

Garden: Beauty Berry Bush (Callicarpa Americana)My Beauty Berry Bush (Callicarpa Americana) is in full bloom right now and it is gorgeous. I actually dug a few of these out of the woods about 2 years ago and every year they get bigger and fuller.



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Freezing Stewed Tomatoes?Can stewed tomatoes be frozen?


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Encyclopedia Value?How much is a set of the National Encyclopedia published by. P.F. Collier and Son Corporation, with a last copyright date listed of 1937, worth?


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Removing Residue Inside Crystal Pepper Shaker?Ground pepper has left a residue on the inside of my Waterford crystal pepper shaker. Help!


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Getting Rid of Moths Without Pesticides?I have pantry and clothing moths. Please tell me how to inexpensively get rid of and prevent these critters that are eating us out of house and home! I prefer totally organic, if possible. Thanks.


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Green Bugs on Dill?What kind of bugs are on dill? I found some really small almost florescent green beetle type bugs on my dill. How do I get rid of them?


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Growing Figs in the Puget Sound Area?Can anyone suggest the best variety of fig for this area? I am actually out on the peninsula in Bremerton west of Tacoma. I grew up in the south and love fresh figs. I have tried the larger fruited green figs and they are an OK choice.


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Creating an Office Fund?What is the best way to collect money in a large office (200 employees) for things like the deaths, illnesses, etc.? Sometimes we give them the money collected with a card or buy a floral arrangement.


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Circuit Breaker Keeps Tripping?I just moved into a 1950s house. All the electric seemed to be working fine until carpet was installed yesterday. The circuit breaker flipped and flips again immediately after each attempt to turn it back on. There is no power being drawn on the circuit.


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Removing Permanent Marker on a Signed Shirt?Please could you help with some advice. I have a fully signed England shirt (in black permanent marker), which is great. Unfortunately at the top it's signed "to all at XXX", XXX being my work place.


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Freezing Potatoes for Hash Browns?Can you freeze potatoes to make hash browns?


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What is the Source of Fruit Flies?Where do fruit flies come from? Are they in the fruit or your home?


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Making a Crochet Dish Towel Hanger?I would like instructions for crocheting a dish towel hanger. I want to make the one that has a ring you crochet around with a button attached to hang from either a stove or fridge handle. TIA


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Removing Candle Wax from a Couch?How do you get candle wax off a couch?


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Getting Rid of Rats in the Garden?I'm having a problem with rats in my garden trimming my rose bushes to the point of leaving them leafless, also the fruit trees. I have found nests hidden and made of the stems and leaves of my plants outside a patio wall.


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Can People Pick Up Fleas from Their Dogs?I have a question for your readers. Our dog has gotten a few fleas lately. We have treated the carpets and also the dog. Can fleas be passed onto humans in their hair as this is where they love to be on the dog?


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What Are These Bugs?My family likes to collect rocks, such as arrowheads or just old creek rocks. My fiance has several of these rocks laying in our window sill to display. If you pick them up and look "closely" you can see a quick, tiny bug smaller than a flea dart off!


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Remedies for Dog's Itchy Skin?My friend recently got her first dog, Suzy, a rescue dog. Suzy has had to wear a cone most of the time that my friend has had her because she will bite and lick herself raw if she doesn't have the cone on.


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Getting Rid of Fleas Naturally?What can I put on my furniture to rid it of fleas? They are driving me nuts; I have used borax and diatomaceous earth. I need to use all natural because both my dog and I have allergies. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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Paint and Backsplash Color Advice for a Hickory and Brown Kitchen?I have natural hickory cabinets with brown countertops and a brown floor. I need help on colors for backslashes and paint. The room is approximately 14 x16 feet and is a U shaped kitchen. The room does not get much light even though there is one window.


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Threading Instructions for a Juki Serger?Where can I find the threading instructions for a Juki model D816Y325471 serger?


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