November 6, 2011

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Recipes Using Rotisserie Chicken. Chickens Being Roasted Rotisserie Style

Recipes Using Rotisserie ChickenThis page contains recipes using rotisserie chicken. Whether you are making it at home or picking on up at the supermarket, rotisserie chicken is a great addition to many different types of recipes. They are flavorful, inexpensive and you family will love whatever you make with it.


Cash Tip Left UNder Water Glass at Pizza Restaurant

Getting Good Tips Waiting TablesIf you wait tables, you know that a large portion of your income is from tips. Getting the best tip possible from each customer can have a big impact on how much you take home at the end of the day. This is a page about getting good tips waiting tables.


Cranberry Relish in Yellow Dish at Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Cranberry Relish RecipesCranberry relish is a simple and delicious side dish that is a staple of many households for Thanksgiving dinner. Don't buy your cranberry relish from the store. Make you own and your family will thank you. This page contains cranberry relish recipes.


Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and Ice, Man Cleaning Snow and Ice off of Windshield

Keeping Your Windshield Free of Snow and IceDuring the winter it can be a real chore to get all the snow and ice off your windshield before heading out in the morning. This is a page about keeping your windshield free of snow and ice.


Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Recipes Using Leftover TurkeyThis page contains recipes for using leftover turkey. Don't let that yummy leftover Thanksgiving turkey go to waste. From pot pies to turkey sandwiches, there are a multitude of ways to use up that leftover turkey.


Dog Going out Pet Door

Installing a Pet DoorThis is a page about installing a pet door. Pet doors are a great way to allow your pet access to the outside whenever then need. It's nice for them and you don't have let them in and out all the time.


Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Leftover Turkey Sandwich RecipesThis page contains leftover turkey sandwich recipes. Turkey sandwiches made from leftover Thanksgiving turkey are a tradition for many families. Everyone has their favorite way of making these tasty sandwiches. Share your favorite recipes here.


Prescription Eyeglasses Sitting on Eye Chart

Saving Money on Prescription EyeglassesThis is a page about saving money on prescription eyeglasses. Prescription eyeglasses are necessary for many people. They can be an expensive purchase though, especially if you need to get more than one pair.


Large Baked Ham Sliced on Cutting Board

Cooking a HamThis is a page about cooking a ham. Whether it's for Christmas, Thanksgiving or just dinner in general a ham is a great way to feed the family. Cooking a ham can be very simple but there are many variations.


Large Turkey and Side Dishes at Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Saving Money on Thanksgiving DinnerThis is a page about saving money on Thanksgiving dinner. There are many traditional dishes that get serves for Thanksgiving dinner. Many of them are inexpensive by themselves but all together it can really add up, especially if you are hosting a large dinner.


Large Turkey in Deep Fryer

Deep Frying a Turkey?This is a page about deep frying a turkey. Deep frying is becoming a very popular way to cook your Thanksgiving turkey. Keep a fire extinguisher handy and enjoy this tasty cooking option.


Young Girl with Backpack and Apple Ready for School

Preparing for School the Night BeforeThis is a page about preparing for school the night before. The best way to be ready to go for school in the morning is to prepare the night before. Keep you morning running smooth and stress free with these helpful tips.


Making a Christmas Tree Skirt, Photo of a homemade tree skirt.

Making a Christmas Tree SkirtThis is a page about making a Christmas tree skirt. Whether you have an artificial or a real tree, a festive skirt is a great way to cover the base of your tree. There are many different materials that can to be used or re-purposed to make a unique skirt.



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Blender HorseradishSo easy to make. My sister in-law loves this stuff.


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Egg NoodlesMy husband's grandmother made these better than anyone one I have ever tasted them from! They are SO good, especially with chicken!


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Barbecued Pork on a BunOne of my husband's favorite sandwiches.


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Pumpkin Pie SquaresA great seasonal dessert, made with oatmeal, pumpkin and spices.



Cornelius the Cat on Purple Pet Bed

Cornelius (Tabby)Cornelius is a 1 year old Tabby cat. I got my pet when my grandson and his girlfriend couldn't keep him. He is the deity that keeps me sane. He loves to look out the door for critters and other cats in the yard.


Closeup of a Golden Retriever.

Rubber Gloves To Remove Pet Hair from...Put on a pair of latex gloves. Then "pet" your furniture. You will notice the pet hair rolling up under the gloves, almost into a rope. Really embedded pet hair will loosen, but it will take a little elbow grease!


Cooper River Bridge

Travel: Cooper River Bridge (South Carolina)This is a photo of the Cooper River Bridge that connects Mount Pleasant, SC and Charleston, SC on Highway 17. We stayed at a motel in Mount Pleasant near the bridge.


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Plastic Storage Boxes For Organizing ThreadI love to sew and have quite a collection of threads. My previous boss retired after she discovered she had breast cancer. To help her through the loss of hair from chemotherapy, I made her head scarves of various colors and designs.


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Tool Boxes For JewelryI bought two boxes in the tool section of Wal-Mart that hold screws and nails. They come in different sizes, number of drawers they have, and size of drawers. I store all my earrings, rings, anklets, and bracelets in these.


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Orvus For Washing QuiltsI have a friend who is a prize-winning quilter. She has told our group that she uses only Orvus. This can be obtained at most feed stores or online.


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Use Removable Plastic Hooks to Display Baseball HatsI put up the clear plastic hook/hangers (the ones that you can get off without ruining paint) in a neat row on my son's bedroom wall. He proudly displays all his hats, while being able to easily see them, and grab whichever one he is wearing that day.


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Be Sure You Have Adequate DrainageI worked for a landfill. It is some of the worst ground to cover. I learned one important thing about all ground, drainage is important. The cheap effective way to make drainage is filter black cloth for gardens.


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Cook Sweet Potatoes Before FreezingI bake them and mash them prior to freezing. I can use them in a casserole or to make pies. For pies I measure the amount needed and freeze in a Ziploc bag.


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Clean Upholstery with Disposable Wipes While WaitingMost vehicles have a pocket on the back of the front seats and I keep a package of disposable wipes meant for car upholstery there. Whenever I am in my car and waiting for some reason, I grab one and take a wipe at my dash and door.


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Freezing Sweet PotatoesWe raise sweet potatoes in our garden. The smaller ones and the ones we cut while digging, I scrub and drop into a large pot and cover with water and boil until they are done.


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Curtain InstructionsSewing curtains for your home is only as complicated as you want to make the project, and luckily there are several good books available in libraries all over the world to help you.


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Reuse Plastic Bedding Packages For StorageI save the packages from blankets and sheet sets (the nice ones with zippers) and use them to store all kinds of things that need to be kept clean and dry.


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Homemade Laundry DetergentMaking your own powdered detergent is a lot easier, less mess, and doesn't take up all the space. Here is the recipe I found online and now use.


Large Yellow Lilly

Garden: LilyIt was a long wait from bud to flower, but well worth it!



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Reusing Laundry Detergent Caps?What can you do with left over laundry detergent caps?


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Pattern for Making a Purse from One Necktie?I am looking for a pattern for a purse made from one necktie. I'd like to get step by step directions and a photograph.


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Shopping for a Christmas Shower Liner?I am looking for a Christmas shower liner. Please help!


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Leverock's Sauce for Salmon?Does anyone have the recipe for the sauce that Leverock's serves with their onion crusted salmon? It was a light pink color and tasted so good.


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School Lunchroom Tuna Dish?I am looking for the tuna dish that we used to have in school. It doesn't have noodles. I think it had a filling of tuna, cheese, and white sauce which was rolled in dough and cut into circles, but I'm not sure.


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Turkey Grease on Clothes?How do I remove turkey grease from 95% cotton and 5% polyester clothing?


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Removing Cigarette Odor from Yarn?Does anyone have any info on how to get rid of the awful aroma of nicotine from approximately 200 +/- skeins of wool? Both of my parents were heavy smokers, and since Mom crocheted she always bought wool when it was on sale.


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Red Candle Wax on White Carpet?A small votive tipped over and candle wax dripped on a friend's white low-pile carpet. Unfortunately the candle was red. I think she can remove the wax, but she's afraid the red coloring will leave a stain on her carpet. Any tried-and-true remedies?


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Water Not Getting to Ice Maker?I have tried and tested the water valve and it works. I have poured water in the icemaker and it made ice. I do not know how to take the panel off to fix the problem or if the line could be kinked where it comes in the door.


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Dishwasher Gel Stained Stainless Steel Front?The gel dishwasher soap has made marks on the stainless steel front panel. How can I get the marks out?


Green and yellow speckled plant.

What is This Plant?I have newly purchased this plant and it appears to be dying. I would like to identify it and find the proper care for it. It has blade like leaves about 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. They grow thickly from a center stem. They are medium green and are heavily sprinkled with bright yellow.


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