November 20, 2011

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Crafts Using Old Jeans, Stack of jeans to use for crafts.

Crafts Using Old JeansWhether you are thinking of remaking them into other clothing items, decorations, rugs, or something completely different, there is a project just for you. This is a page about crafts using old jeans.


Rosemary is a salt tolerant plant.

Salt Tolerant Plants?This is a page about salt tolerant plants. Salt in ocean spray can be very harsh on plants growing nearby. There are varying levels of tolerance to these conditions to be considered when selecting salt tolerant plants. By doing some research you can select the best plants for your environment.


Using Olive Oil
as a Moisturizer

Using Olive Oil as a MoisturizerDry skin is a common ailment that many people experience in the winter. Olive oil is a great natural moisturizer. This is a page about using olive oil as a moisturizer.


Teenage girls having fun by a swimming pool

17th Birthday Party Ideas for GirlsPlanning a birthday party is fun and often challenging. The older the child gets, it seems, the more creativity we need to employ. A 17th birthday is significant as the last one before reaching the milestone 18th birthday. This is a page about 17th birthday party ideas for girls.


Barbie doll with clothes pin furniture.

Making Doll Furniture from Clothes PinsClothes pins can be used to make really cute doll furniture. If you don't have some to recycle they can be purchased at many hobby and craft stores. This is a page about making doll furniture from clothes pins.


red putty egg

Homemade Silly Putty RecipesThis page contains recipes for homemade silly putty. Silly putty is a longtime favorite toy for kids. You can make your own versions using a variety of household products. Try making your own and see how close to the original recipe you can get.


Pink crochet baby sweater.

Patterns for Crocheting Baby Clothing?This is a page about patterns for crocheting baby clothing. Handicrafters who crochet are always on the lookout for new patterns. Whether you are a master of crocheting baby clothing or are new to the craft, you too are probably looking for new project patterns.


Making a Christmas Stocking

Making a Christmas StockingThis is a page about making a Christmas stocking. A homemade Christmas stocking is something you and your children will treasure for years to come.


A plate of cooked brown rice.

Cooking Brown Rice in a Rice CookerBrown rice is a healthy alternative to white rice. However, brown rice not only needs to cook for a longer time that white rice, it requires more liquid for cooking. This is a page about cooking brown rice in a rice cooker.


Pop bottle fish with colorful streamers for its tail.

Making Pop Bottle FishThis is a page about making a pop bottle fish. Pop bottles can be recycled into fun craft projects. Making a fish from an empty pop bottle is just one example of the many possibilities.


Two pop bottle fish hanging in a window.

Making a Pop Bottle Fish Mobile?This is a page about making a pop bottle fish mobile. Pop bottle fish mobiles make a fun decoration for your porch, patio, or even a child's room. When planning your mobile its ultimate home will determine the size bottles you will use, but the rest of the project is up to your imagination.


Decorative cloth banners.

Making a BannerThis is a page about making a banner. Banners are a fun way to decorate for a holiday, party, or other event. They can be made in so many ways, from the computer banner to a crafty fabric display.



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Baked Egg Stuffed Tomato CupsYou can additionally top each tomato with a sprinkling of grated or finely shredded cheese before baking. Yum!


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Mother's Stuffing RecipeThis is the recipe that my late Mother used and I have been using it for years.


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Chicken Livers, Italian StyleI just love chicken livers. I used to make them pretty much the same way all the time, breaded in flour and herbs then fried. I still like them that way, but I've since found several recipes that I like even better.



White flower with a purple throat, maybe a Rose of Sharon.

Ask For Plant CuttingsI usually ask friends and family for starts off their plants. When I go to a nursery or store that sells plants, I look on their floors. A lot of times you can find broken stems that can be rooted in water.


Lady Bug Crawling Away from Camera

Wildlife: Little LadybugThis little lady was on my door the other day and I had to take a picture, I love ladybugs. Love all the spots! Sorry for calling you a lady if you are instead a gentleman, LOL.


Yellow Roses by Garden Wall

Garden: 59th Anniversary Tree RoseDaughter gave us this Yellow Rose Tree for out 59th last Aug. It seems to like it's spot in the front yard. It has had several roses already and now it has gotten up under the roof line of the house.


An earring as a decoration on a sweater

Use Clip-on Earring As Clothing AccessoryIf you have stray clip-on earrings lying around, clip one to the button placket of your shirt or even just the top and you have a little 'brooch' of sorts. Fun for kids' dress-up things! My daughter loves to put jewelry on!


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Better Pet Food Equals Better HealthWe have one cat who stays on a prescription food. Most of our cats are elderly, too. I realized after buying name brand, but less expensive dry food, that my older cats threw up a lot. They did not do this with more expensive food such as Purina One and other more expensive brands.


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Boxed to Motivate Yourself to OrganizeHaving some perfectly sized rectangular, open cardboard boxes with handle holes on either side is motivating me to organize closets and under the bed areas.


Red the Rooster and Chickens in Yard

Red's Girls (Chickens)Here are our chickens, they range from 6 months to 2 years old. We just like to hear the rooster crow and they need girls. They like to eat bread crumbs and I cook biscuits for them.


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Use Weed Cloth Under RocksI have lots of rocks around all my flower beds in my yard. Some are really large, and weeds always found a space to come up in between them. It was difficult to move them each time this happened.


Preparing for Snow Emergencies. A house after a winter snow storm.

Preparing for Snow EmergenciesThe Boy Scouts have it right-always be prepared. After a recent early season snow storm knocked out power for days in the mid-Atlantic, families emerged from the darkness with the realization that they weren't as prepared for a disaster as they thought.


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Take Bulbs to Approved Disposal CenterWhen it comes to disposal and/or cleanup of CFL light bulbs, the most important and thorough information comes from the Environmental Protection Agency.


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Copy Recipes And Store In Protective SheetsYou can take all your recipes and copy them with a scanner to a computer, print, or use copy machine at library and they become the same size page. Some pages will have more than one recipe, so make sure they are in the same category.


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My Frugal Life: I Love Eating Out!I love eating out. NOW WAIT! I can feel all you extreme savers and frugalites throwing stones at me. Please, please, please restrain and let me explain.


View from Mountain Looking Down in Montana

Mountain View Of Town (NW Montana)This is up the mountain, where we were cutting wood this summer (July, 2011). Notice that there is still snow is the tops of the mountains. It was a beautiful day to be cutting wood.


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Magazine Mouse PadWho knew? My pa did; he's 84. If you have an optical mouse and need a fresh mouse pad, all you need is a good magazine. It works like a charm and you can pick the cover page you like.


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Thrifty Dish Liquid ContainerI had a nice pretty hand soap pump container that I had gotten from my niece. When it was empty, I filled it with dish washing liquid soap and I leave that on top of the sink to be used for either hands or dishes.


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Shower Cap Food CoverInstead of using cling wrap to cover food or leftovers in the frig, I use a clear shower cap that has elastic. This can be washed and reused many times and is much easier to remove from containers than the clingwrap.Hope this helps.


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Saving Energy On Hot WaterHere are some tips from the U.S. Department of Energy for making your hot water use more efficient.


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A Personalized Half BirthdayWhereas a birthday celebration might include friends and extended family, as well as a cake and perhaps some special outing, the half birthday could be more personalized.


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Add Carrots to Mashed PotatoesAdd shredded or finely chopped carrots, 1/4 to 1/3 the amount of potatoes. It adds a great color, and extra little sweetness!


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Use Store Receipts to Figure SavingsAn easy way to keep track of how much you are saving is to hold onto your store receipts. Major grocery stores show how much you save by using their customer card, plus you will have all the subtractions from coupon savings.


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Spray Foaming Bleach or CLR for MoldGrout lines in the bathtub/shower stall are notorious for growing mold if not kept in check. I have found that keeping a spray bottle of Clorox foaming bleach or a spray bottle of CLR (or Lime-Away) in the bath area reduces clean up time.



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Cleaning a Cast Iron Frying Pan?How can the crust that develops on a cast iron fry pan be removed?


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Cleaning a Shower Liner?How do I clean a light plastic shower liner without putting it in the washer?


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Color Advice for Kitchen Accessories?My kitchen has white colored appliances, cream walls, and cream cabinets. What color towels and accessories would look nice? Thank you.


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Reddish Brown Bugs in Kitchen?One day I decided to cook some chicken noodle soup because it was cold outside. As I was adding the seasoning I saw that there were a lot of reddish brown bugs with hard shells in the pot.


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Making a Cat Window Perch?I'd like to hear ideas about how to make an inexpensive, yet durable cat window perch. Or if anyone has ever made one, how did you do it? My 7lb. calico loves to sit with me at the window when I am at my computer...


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Cleaning an Old Handmade Kilim Rug?I bought an old Turkish kilim rug with mold and fabric damage. Can I save it?


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Peanut Butter Oatmeal Ball Recipe?Does anyone have this recipe, that calls for oatmeal, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and is coated with chocolate?


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Buying a Cell Phone on Credit?I need some credit to buy a new cellphone. Is there anyone who let me make payments?


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Making Car Air Fresheners?Can someone tell me how to make car perfume?


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Freezing a Cream Cheese Pie?I want to make this pie a few days ahead. It will be a cranberry cream cheese pie. It will not have whipped cream in it. It will have a cranberry topping made with previously frozen cranberries. The topping will be similar to sauce, but thickened with cornstarch.


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McDonald's Creamy Oatmeal?Does anyone have a recipe similar to McDonald's creamy oatmeal?


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Locating Discount Food Stores in Texas?I am looking for a scratch and dent can store around Tomball Texas, without having to drive all the way to Houston. Any help?


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Warming Baby Bottles?What is the quickest way to warm a baby bottle? I have been warming it on the stove which takes forever. I was also wondering, do those portable bottle warmers from Babies R Us ($24.99) work?


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Do Lemon Curd Filled Cookies Need Refrigeration?If I make Linzer cookies can I use lemon curd filling without refrigerating them? Or will it spoil?


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