May 6, 2012

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Sphynx Breed Information

Sphynx Breed Information and PhotosThis page contains Sphynx breed information and photos. The Sphynx hairless cat is a newer striking breed.


Chill Chaser Shrug Back

Chill Chaser Shrug PatternsThis is a page containing chill chaser shrug patterns. Sometimes the weather does not call for a full jacket or sweater, but a shrug can be just enough to keep the chill away.


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Chicken Curry RecipesChicken curry often served with rice is a delicious main dish. This page contains chicken curry recipes.


Garden arbor

Building a Garden ArborThis is a page about building a garden arbor. An arbor is a beautiful and useful addition to your garden.


Making a Chore Chart for Children

Making a Chore Chart for ChildrenThis is a page about making a chore chart for children. Empowering your children by including them in the family chores is a good step in teaching them responsibility.


Homemade Shave Cream

Homemade Shaving Cream RecipesThis page contains homemade shaving cream recipes. Shaving cream like many beauty and skin care products can be expensive or too harsh for your skin.


Lemon and Baking Soda for Cleaning Microwave - A measuring cup with cut up lemons, water and baking soda.

Cleaning a MicrowaveYour microwave probably gets a lot of use and needs to be cleaned regularly. This is a page about cleaning a microwave.


Duct Tape Backpack

Duct Tape BackpackThis is a page about making a duct tape backpack. Duct tape is currently a popular crafting medium.


Bandana Bonnet

Bandana Bonnets CraftThis is a page about a bandana bonnets craft. Make an old style bonnet using a bandana in your favorite color.


Easy Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo RecipesThis page contains dry shampoo recipes. You can buy dry shampoo products at the store, but you may have all the ingredients you need to make your own in the kitchen.


Storing Olive Oil

Storing Olive OilThis is a page about storing olive oil. Olive oil can go bad or deteriorate if stored improperly.


Milk Jug Birdfeeder

Milk Jug Bird FeederThis is a page about making a milk jug bird feeder. Recycle your gallon milk jugs into useful, fun, bird feeders.


Removing Permanent Marker from Hair

Removing Permanent Marker from HairThis is a page about removing permanent marker from hair. If your or your child accidentally or intentionally got permanent marker in your hair it can be a chore to remove.


A pile of potatoes freshly dug up.

Cooking With PotatoesThis is a page about cooking with potatoes. Potatoes are an important ingredient in a variety of recipes, whether in a strict potato dish or as one of the list of ingredients.


Keeping Cookies Soft

Keeping Cookies SoftThis is a page about keeping cookies soft. Now that you have made a batch of soft chewy cookies, you will want to keep them that way.


Embroidery Hoop Wall Hanging

Embroidery Hoop Wall HangingsThis is a page about embroidery hoop wall hangings. An embroidery hoop makes a quick and simple frame for, or can be an integral part of, your craft project.


Remedies for Static Hair

Remedies for Static HairThis is a page about remedies for static hair. If your hair is staticy or flyaway you are probably seeking a remedy to get it back under control and smooth again.


Substitution for Onion Powder

Substitution for Onion PowderThis is a page about a substitution for onion powder. You are making a recipe calling for onion powder only to discover you have run out.


Crochet Oreo Cookies With Milk

Crochet Oreo CookiesThis is a page about crochet Oreo cookies. If you are looking for a cute, fun crochet project that looks good enough to eat, try making crochet Oreo cookies.


Bran Muffin Recipes

Bran Muffin RecipesDelicious bran muffins, often with fruit added, make part of a nutritious breakfast or snack. This page contains bran muffin recipes.


Simple Ab Workouts

Simple Ab WorkoutsThis is a page about simple ab workouts. Not only do you look better, but having strong well toned abs is good for your body's overall health, including balance and a healthy spine.


Removing Burnt Popcorn Smell and Stains from a Microwave

Removing Burnt Popcorn Smell and Stains from a...This is a page about removing burnt popcorn smell and stains from a microwave. Overcooking popcorn in the microwave can result in a burnt odor and staining.



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Saving Money on Salad DressingI've found that creamy dressings are just too thick. They would put great dollups of dressing in one spot and then I would have to try to get it to spread around.


Spicebush Swallowtail

Spicebush Swallowtail (Paris, Ontario)This picture was taken in Paris, Ontario, at a pond that's full of colour and nature's wildlife. I regularly take my walks with my dog on the trails here. This butterfly is a Spicebush Swallowtail, which is just one among many that show up to share their beauty!


Back-lane Lighthouse

Back-lane Lighthouse (Blyth, Northeast England)I am not sure which was first, the lighthouse or the houses! At least the residents won't get hit by a ship during the night!


Recipes tucked inside cabinet door.

Keeping Favorite Recipes HandyI keep my favorite, often-used recipes inside the cabinet doors above my kitchen counter. No more fumbling with pages in a cookbook with cookie dough on my fingers or books taking up space on my counter.


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Paper Training a PuppyI don't train my dogs to use an actual litter tray, but instead teach them to use a pad of newspaper. It is just as effective for small dogs who mainly live inside as it is for a larger dog who might be housebound or "caught short" when inside.


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New Homemade FebrezeMix with 1-2 cups of hot water, enough hot water to fill spray bottle. Shake bottle well and wait till crystals dissolve. This makes your home smell wonderful.


squirrel eating an apple

Squirrel Eating an AppleHere is a darling little furry visitor to the bird feeder area!


Snail on fence

A Snail's Pace (My Garden)I took a break from gardening to follow this snail as it traveled along my fence. Needless to say, it was a long break.


A Visitor In Our Garden

A Visitor In Our Garden (Santa Barbara, CA)This beautiful cat loves our garden. He owns it! It is his anytime he wishes to come over the fence from our neighbors and lounge amongst the plants. I photographed him one day when he had taken up a "statue pose" and we thought it was so cat-like and beautiful.



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Value of Vintage Theater Seats?We have a wood and leather theatre seat that has 4 flip up seats. We could not make out the "Made By" stamp on the bottom of each flipup seat until now after many many months of research. It was made by the Sydney Art Mantel Works Enmore of 1912. We are now trying to get an estimate on what to sell it for. We would love to keep it and turn it into a quirky piece, but don't want to "destroy" it if it could be of historical value to somebody! I would rather sell it to somebody to restore it and continue its history. Anyone have any thoughts?


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How Often to Feed a Six Week Old Puppy?I have a six week old Yorkie. How often do you feed?


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Controlling Garter Snakes?How do I control garter snakes in my flower beds?


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Kitchen Paint Color Advice?My kitchen has a beautiful dark blue counter top and oak cupboards. The ceramic tile floor has greyish tones with a tan grout. I would like to repaint the walls. Any suggestions? I have a window above sink and one in door.


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Getting Rid of Mold on Car's Sunroof Gasket?How do I get rid of mould on window rubbers, around the sun roof on a car?


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Growing Magic Beans from Ikea?How to look after magic beans ((black beans) bought from Ikea?


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Getting Rid of Weeds in the Lawn?I have a huge yard and I would say that 90% of it is weeds of some sort. I have two kids and a dog and I want them to be able to play outside with no shoes and have a thistle free yard for them to do so.


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Having a Root Canal Done?My doctor told me there is no way I can prevent the bacteria from attacking my poor tooth, and I will have to do a root canal with crown. I did the filling, but worry my tooth will ache further.


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Removing Button Hole Fluff on Clothing?How do you keep fluff from forming behind button holes? How do you remove it once it happens?


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Keeping Butter Cream Frosting from Melting?How do bakeries keep butter cream frosting from melting in hot and humid weather when transporting over 250 miles?


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Removing Wood Ticks?Someone had suggested putting some kind of lotion on the tick and it will back out. I can't remember what it was. Help!


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