August 8, 2012

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Photo fo the finished craft apron.

Making a Craft ApronThis page is about making a craft apron. Having tools and supplies handy can be facilitated by wearing an apron.


Removing a Yellow Jackets Nest

Removing a Yellow Jacket Nest?This page is about removing a yellow jacket nest. A wasp's nest on or around your home can be a challenge to remove.


Preventing Algae in Pet Water Bowls

Preventing Algae in Pet Water BowlsThis page is about preventing algae in pet water bowls. Keeping your pet's water fresh and their bowl clean is your first defense against algae growth.


Ham tortilla pinwheels

Using Leftover TortillasThis page is about using leftover tortillas. There are a number of delicious ways to use up those extra tortillas.


Keeping Hair Dye Off Skin

Keeping Hair Dye Off Your SkinThis page is about keeping hair dye off skin. When dyeing hair at home, it's important to take some precautions to avoid getting the color on your skin.


A layered green Jello salad

Layered Jello Salad RecipesThis page contains layered jello salad recipes. A fun, colorful salad can be created by layering jello.


Sugar Free Jam Recipes

Sugar Free Jam Recipes?This page contains sugar free jam recipes. Reducing the amount of sugar consumed is on everyone's mind who is striving for a healthier diet.


A paper bag full of groceries

Storing GroceriesThis page is about storing groceries. Once you get your groceries home, it is important to preserve their freshness by storing them properly.


Serving tray with pasta bowl of bean dip, chips, sour cream, and a side of salsa.

Chili Con Queso Dip RecipesA wonderful Mexican style appetizer or meal can be created with the addition of a great dip. This page contains chili con queso dip recipes.


Homemade Parrot Food Recipes

Homemade Parrot Food RecipesThis page contains homemade parrot food recipes. Making your own parrot food can help save money and provide excellent nutrition.


Causes of Dry Hands and Feet

Causes of Dry Hands and Feet?This page is about causes of dry hands and feet. Determining the cause of dryness is the first step in treating your dry hands or feet.


A textured popcorn ceiling

Cleaning a Textured (Popcorn) CeilingWhen cleaning a popcorn ceiling, it is important to determine what the texture is composed of. This page is about cleaning a textured (popcorn) ceiling.


Rubber band on jeans button.

Adjusting WaistbandsThis page is about adjusting waistbands. Whether it's a growth or weight issue, often times clothes need adjustment at the waist.


Removing Mold Stains from Clothing

Cleaning Mold Stains from ClothingThis page is about cleaning mold stains from clothing. Stubborn stains to remove are from mold and mildew.



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Pre-shrinking and Setting DyeI grew up in a house where Mama made all my clothes and I remember her explanations of why the dye had to be "set" in cold salt water. She also told me about pre-shrinking new fabric so that the garment wouldn't shrink after it was made and washed.


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Shucking and Removing Silk from CornYou can shuck corn quickly and easily without silk strings. Microwave corn cobs for 8 minutes. Cut off the stem end at the widest part. Grab the cob at the top end with an oven mitt and squeeze hard. You may have to shake it a bit, until the cob slides down and out.


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Avon's Original Bath Oil for FleasFor years Avon's Original Bath Oil has been used as a great remedy for preventing fleas on your pets. Horse ranches also use this. It has a variety of uses and is cheaper than the commercial flea pills.


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Using Buttons for ToysI use buttons for eyes, etc. for toys for my grand people. I affix them with clear nail polish. I also use the larger pretty ones for closures on my purses, totes, and beach bags.


Baked cookies in a box covered with Saran Wrap.

Moravian CookiesThis is one of my favorite cookie recipes. You will love it too if you love the taste of ginger cookies or ginger bread. It was a big hit with my co-workers at the office and a hot item at our bake sales.


Sewing on Buttons for Crafts with a needle threader

Sewing on Buttons for CraftsI haven't tried this on a garment yet, but it works great for my purses made with double sided quilting. As an old person I have a ready supply of the little Dritz needle threaders on hand.


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Leave Straw In Place When RefillingWhen I refilled my drinks, it seems like the ice always clumped up and the straw wouldn't go in my glass. I started putting the ice in, then the straw and then the drink. When refilling, I just keep the straw in the glass.


plywood chair mat

Replace Office Chair Mat With PlywoodMy plastic chair mat was cracked and broken in several places and after a while, even duct tape didn't work. My husband had a great idea about using quarter inch plywood instead.


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Conserving WaterInstead of letting your tap run for a cooler drink of water, save the water that runs as you wait for warmer or cooler water in a clean milk jug or pitcher (glass will keep it even colder). Put the jug into the fridge.


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Fixing Chair Caster WheelsThe casters on my office chair were really starting to bug me. They were seeming to get stuck or have a hard time rotating, etc. We had just replaced the old ones which were worn out.


The homemade cat scratching post in action.

Making a Cat Scratching PostThis project gives you step by step instructions for making your own scratching post. The post costs under $10 to make, which be reduced even more by using more recycled materials.


Pigs eating at the trough.

Daisy May and Petunia (Pigs)Farm animals Daisy May and Petunia love to eat at any time. Here I found them making "pigs" out of themselves. And they have a "sweet tooth" and love Twinkies.



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Black Sharpie on Walls?How do you get black Sharpie off of white walls?


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Replacements for Glass Center of Coffee Table?I was given a solid wood coffee table, on Freecycle, today! Problem is, it is missing its center piece of glass; therefore, there's little "table" in the table. There's a frame and legs, though no innards.


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Trying to Sell Live Bamboo?I have a large amount of live bamboo on my property and am trying to sell it cheap. I live in York Pennsylvania. Any answers or contacts would be great!


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Nail Polish Remover on Leather Chair?If you get nail polish remover on a leather chair then wash it with a hand soap will it still remove the color? I recently was removing nail polish at my desk while sitting in my leather chair, as I was putting the nail polish on my cloth I dropped the nail polish remover bottle on my chair.


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Troy Bilt Pony Won't Start?I have a Troy Bilt Pony 42 inch mower that won't start. I was operating the machine and it began to run out of gas. I inadvertently shoved the throttle into choke, the engine killed and then I refueled.


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Pool Vac Bag Leaks Fine Dirt Back into Pool?The water hose attachment vacuum lets the fine dirt settle at the bottom of the pool cloud back out through the attached bag. How can I fix his?


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Making a Cake with Half a Box of Mix?How do I use 1/2 cake mix to make a whole cake?


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