April 22, 2013

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dog with fleas

Bio Spot Flea and Tick ReviewsThis is a page about Bio Spot Flea and Tick reviews. There are a variety of flea and tick products on the market for use on your pets. Choosing the right one may take some research.


Stove Burner

Removing Melted Plastic from a Stove Burner?It happens, the burner on the stove is still hot and you accidentally put a plastic bowl, spoon, or even a bag on the burner. Too late you get it off, but the damage is done. This is a page about removing melted plastic from a stove burner.


Vintage Quilt

Removing Stains on Antique and Vintage Quilts?This is a page about removing stains on antique and vintage quilts. Removing stains on old quilts should be undertaken carefully so as not to damage the fabric.


Homemade Spackle

Homemade SpackleThis page is about homemade spackle. There are ways to fill small holes in walls without buying plaster.


A house for sale with nice landscaping.

Landscaping to Sell Your HomeThis is a page about landscaping to sell your home. When selling your home it is often recommended that you do some landscaping to add curb appeal.


Draining Fried Foods

Draining Fried FoodsThis is a page about draining fried foods. There are several typical ways to drain the excess oil from your fried foods.


Grilled Prawns

Grilled Prawn RecipesThis page contains grilled prawn recipes. Large succulent prawns are perfect for grilling.


Above Ground Pool

Repairing an Above Ground Swimming PoolThis page is about repairing an above ground pool. In order to repair that leak, you must locate it.


Men's Ties

Making a Centerpiece Using Men's Ties?This page is about making a centerpiece using men's ties. A custom decoration can be created with neckties.


Woman doing medical transcription.

Becoming a Certified Medical Transcriptionist?This page is about becoming a medical transcriptionist. Pursuing additional education and certification can often be accomplished online.


Under Eye Cream

Homemade Under Eye Cream?This page is about homemade under eye cream. Making your own skin care products can save you money.


canning preserves

Substitution for Sugar When Canning?This page is about substitution for sugar when canning. If you need to can your fruit and vegetables without sugar, there are other sweeteners you can use.


Plugin Air Freshener

Saving Money on Glade Plugins RefillsThis is a page about saving money on Glade Plugins. Glade Plugins are a popular and air freshener. However, the refills can be pricey.


Gift Card Holder Crafts

Gift Card Holder CraftsThis is a page about gift card holder crafts. A gift card can be the perfect gift, but it is not as eye appealing as a beautifully wrapped present. You can change that by making a nice gift card holder that can be a gift in itself.


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Storing Fresh Mint?This is a page about storing fresh mint. Keeping you fresh mint fresh is actually quite easy to do.


First Communion

First Communion Speech IdeasThis is a page about first communion speech ideas. Their first communion is a very special day for a child. As a part of the celebration the parents of the child or the child themselves may wish to make a speech.


Baby Shower

Planning a Baby ShowerThis is a page about planning a baby shower. A lot of time and energy goes into planning a fun and memorable baby shower.


Coffee Maker

Other Uses for a Coffee MakerThis page is about other uses for a coffee maker. There are ways to use your drip coffee brewer like making hot water and brewing loose tea.


girl camping

Campout Ideas for Girls?This is a page about campout ideas for girls. Having a campout is great fun, whether it is in the back yard or a campground.


house with nice plants

Choosing Plants for "Curb Appeal"?This page is about choosing plants for "curb appeal". When landscaping around your sidewalk and driveway you want to choose plants that look good.


bee on a flower

The Benefits of Bees in Your GardenThis is a page about the benefits of bees in your garden. Many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to get rid of bees. However, bees are outstanding pollinators and are necessary to the health of your garden.


Chocolate covered strawberry centerpiece.

Chocolate Centerpiece Ideas?This is a page about chocolate centerpiece ideas. A chocolate centerpiece is not only delicious, but can be truly the center of attention at your next party or gathering.



Cooking RhubarbThis is a page about cooking rhubarb. Many of us are familiar with strawberry rhubarb pie, but less so with other ways of cooking rhubarb.


Asian Dipping Sauce

Asian Dipping Sauce RecipesMany Asian meals are complemented by a delicious dipping sauce. This page contains Asian dipping sauce recipes.


Landscaping done by a professional landscaper.

How To Hire a LandscaperThis is a page about how to hire a landscaper. Choosing the right landscaper can provide you with a beautiful yard and garden and few if any problems.


Bottle of hair conditioner.

Alternate Uses for Hair ConditionerThis is a page about alternative uses for hair conditioner. Many of us end up with bottles of left over hair conditioner. Rather than throw it away consider other uses for it.


Cooking Salt Pork

Cooking Salt PorkThis is a page about cooking salt pork. Salt pork looks a lot like a thick slice of uncooked bacon. It is not as commonly used as it has been in the past.


Baby Shower Cupcakes

Throwing a Baby Shower at Work?This is a page about throwing a baby shower at work. Planning a baby shower for a coworker that will take place at work is quite a bit different than one held at friend or parent's home.


"Affect" vs "Effect"

Grammar Tip: "Affect" vs "Effect"There are many words in the English language the meanings of which are commonly confused. This is a page about the grammar tip: "affect" vs "effect".


work boots

Removing Diesel Fuel from Shoes and Boots?This is a page about removing diesel fuel from shoes and boots. Work boots and shoes, in particular, can have diesel fuel accidentally spilled on them.


Green Carpet

Paint Color to Coordinate With Green Carpet?This is a page about paint color to coordinate with green carpet. Choosing a paint color that works well with your carpet can be tricky.


woman with long gray hair.

Letting Gray Hair Grow Out?Some women, after dying their hair for years decide to go natural. This is a page about letting your gray hair grow out.


gray haired woman

Dyeing My Hair GrayThis is a page about dyeing my hair gray. Looking to finish what nature has started, or seeking a different hair statement; dyeing your hair gray or silver may be the answer.


Eucalyptus Branch

Preserving Eucalyptus Branches?This is a page about preserving eucalyptus branches. Eucalyptus branches are a beautiful and fragrant addition to flower arrangements and many crafts.


Ham With Sauce

Ham Sauce RecipesThis page contains ham sauce recipes. Baked ham is often served with a special sauce.


Light Colored Carpet

Paint Color to Coordinate With Light Colored Carpet?This is a page about choosing a paint color to coordinate with light colored carpet. You have a light colored carpet, now you are planning to paint the room. Should the paint be dark or light, contrast or complement, the options can be overwhelming.



Knitting a Seed Stitch?This page is about knitting a seed stitch. Once you've learned to knit and purl you are ready for the seed stitch.


Coloring Gray Hair

Coloring Gray HairThis is a page about coloring gray hair. Although coloring your hair to hide gray is one of the most common reasons for dyeing hair, it can be difficult. Gray hair often resists dye.


Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Sandwich RecipesThis page contains grilled cheese sandwich recipes. A grilled cheese sandwich can be so much more than two slices of bread and cheddar cheese.


Woman putting on eye cream.

Saving Money on Eye Cream?This page is about saving money on eye cream. Lotions made especially for around the eyes can be expensive.


Duck Dinner

Recipes Using Leftover Duck?This page contains recipes using leftover duck. Leftover duck is great used in a number of delicious recipes.


knitting needles

Using Eyelash YarnThis is a page about using eyelash yarn. Eyelash yarn is one of a number of specialty or novelty yarns. It knits up well either by itself or in combination with another yarn.


Sausage Stew

Sausage Stew RecipesThis page contains sausage stew recipes. Next time you think about making a big pot of stew, try starting with sausage and go from there.


bee on a flower

Attracting Bees to Your GardenThis is a page about attracting bees to your garden. Attracting bees to your garden is easy to do with the right plants and environment.



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Boiled Eggs With Cheese SauceMake a basic white sauce, add Velveeta cheese and chopped eggs. I boil the eggs the day before so it doesn't take so long before breakfast.


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Easy GoulashEasy and fast weeknight meal


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Vegetable Minestrone SoupThis is a soup with pasta, vegetables and broth and it is really best when made with Roma tomatoes which taste better when cooked. It is a wonderful comfort food for anytime.



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Use Left-over Hair Conditioner as Bath 'Oil'If, like me, you somehow accumulate more hair conditioner than you can possibly use for your hair, don't throw it away. It makes a great bath 'oil'. Just rub a dollop between your hands then rub your hands together in the bathwater.


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Preparation H for Minor BurnsKeep this in your fridge for quick treatment of cooking burns, etc. It works really well to provide soothing relief. Purchase a tube of Preparation H with aloe. Cover the box in a piece of paper marked "For Burns" and store in your fridge in the kitchen.


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Healthy Choice Containers For House PlantsI use mine, either with or without the inner steamer tray, under indoor plants to protect the furniture from water drainage. They are sturdier than the flimsy clear plastic ones you can buy from a garden center so they don't crack.


The Path Garden (Spring 2013)

The Path Garden (Spring 2013)These are just a few of the new garden gifts we have found so far this year. An Eagle Scout brought a few friends to help in the garden last week. Some planted and some helped clean and trim.


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Freezing Bulk Ground BeefWhen I buy meat in larger quantities, this is how I package them for the freezer. I patty up my 8 oz. burgers. You can pull them out 2 at a time, for meals that call for a pound.


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Sprouting Seeds with Coffee FilterAn easy way to sprout seeds is to put the seed on a coffee filter and fold it over. Wet it and put it in a baggie. Close the baggie and wait for it to sprout.


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Getting Dough to Rise QuicklyI needed a quick way to get my dough to rise and I thought why not use a heating pad? I plugged it in, turned it on and checked to make sure it was not too hot.


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Use Golf Bag for Fishing PolesPut your fishing poles in your golf bag so you don't have to carry them. It's easy to pull bag around on bag cart.


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Denture Tablet for Stained PorcelainI use a denture tablet in water. Just fill the cup with water and add a denture tablet and let it sit for several hours. Then just pour the water out and wipe the cup with a paper towel or dishcloth.


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Computer Calendar for Tracking Pet's MedicationI put my pet's medication schedule on my computer calendar. I need to give my cat his medication once every three days so I set the reminder to come up every third day. It comes up in my e-mail and I don't erase it until I do it.



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Manual for Pillsbury Bread Maker Model 1016?Where could I get a manual for my Pillsbury bread maker, model 1016? Thanks.


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Removing Mouse Urine Stains on Vintage Quilt?Does anyone know how to get old mouse urine out of a quilt without ruining it? my grandma made it years ago and I stored it in a closet. I don't know how long it's been on there, but I've tried just about everything and its not coming out!


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15th Birthday Ideas?I'm turning 15 on May 9th. My boyfriend is taking me to a concert and dinner, but my parents want me to do something with my friends that weekend. My friends and I aren't very girly, so a spa party won't work.


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Weeds in Iris Bed?What can we use to kill weeds in an iris bed without harming the irises?


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Favorite Asparagus Recipes?Would you be so kind to share your favorite asparagus recipes? We have a new patch and looks like we will be enjoying lots from it. Thank you!


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Getting Frizz Out of Build-A-Bear Pinkie Pie's Hair?I recently purchased a Build-a-Bear Pinkie Pie plush pony that I adore! One issue is that her hair is already frizzing some. I tried to brush it, but it made the frizz worse. Is there a way to de-frizz and clean her hair safely?


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Harvesting Georgia Hybrid Collards?My husband planted Georgia hybrid collards last October. They are about 3 1/2 feet tall. Can I still prepare the leaves and which ones? I have not harvested any of it yet. We live in central Florida. They are nice looking. Thank you.


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Flowers for Attracting Bees?I heard that I could find the above on your website. How do I do that?


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Identifying a Porcelain Doll?I received a porcelain doll from a friend from California. She is approximately 3 feet high with her stand. She is blonde with synthetic hair and greyish blue glass eyes.


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Polyester Cloth Melted on Smooth Top Stove?When a pot overbooked on my electric smooth top stove, I wiped it quickly with what I thought was a cotton dishcloth. It had some polyester in it, which I did not realize until it melted as I swiped.


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Getting a Job as a Longshoreman?How do I go about filling out application for employment?


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Plastic Bag Melted on Stove Burner?Well, I have a slightly different problem. I had a plastic bag melt on my stove burner because of the heat from the oven. I thought I could get it off while it was warm, but didn't work. Any suggestions?


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Cats Using Shed as Litter Box?I am looking for solutions to stop outdoor cats from using my outdoor plastic shed as their litter box.


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Removing Oily Residue from Fire on Dishes?I had a house fire and cleaned all my dishes with a Magic Eraser which did a great job of getting all the smoke off of them. I still find that there is an oily residue left on the dishes. What is the best solution for removing this?


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Recipe for Lawn Fertilizer?I used to have one with beer, some kind of dog shampoo, a golf ball to keep it shaking, Weed and Feed, and maybe something else. It was safe for kids and animals to go on it right away. Any suggestions. Thanks!


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17th Birthday Ideas?My 17th is in a few months and I don't know what to do. I will probably only have about 3 other girls coming so I was thinking of like staying in a hotel. I would really like a cool theme though, not something boring and overdone. Any ideas on themes, decorations, or activities to do?


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Selling Crafts?I have a variety of craft items to sell, but not necessarily a large quantity and want to sell them as best as I can. Please advise. Thank you.


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